Shelter #1

Shelter #1

Here at the State Park we have 6 Shelters for reservation.  

Our state park sites atop an 80ft bluff so our shelters are not near the water. 

(Call Sherri @ 785/842-8562 – or email:
(Shelter 1 & 2 in Picnic Area, Shelter 3 & 4 in Campground #1 and Shelter 5 & 6 in Campground #3.)

The Special Event fee will be $30.00 for EVEN numbered Shelter's (they have electricity) and $25.00 for ODD numbered Shelters.  All shelters are located across the street from a Shower House with flush toilets and have shaded areas with open field for any activities that you have planed.

Shelter #1 - $25.00

Located in the Picnic Area (East Side) Has a free standing grill and a swing set near it and is across the street from a flush toilet. Day Use ONLY!