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Bluffton Area (North Side) and Page Creek Area's (South Side) water system has been shut down for the winter. Electricity will still be available to the campsites all year. All Shower houses in the Page Creek area are currently closed. We do have a freeze hydrant available year around in front of the office and the North bathhouse in the Bluffton Area (located by the rental cabins) is available all year round.  All the rental Cabins have water available.

Burn Ban in Affect:

Due to recent dry conditions a Burn Ban has been put into place.  No open Fires Allowed.  Above ground charcoal and Gas Grills are allowed for cooking.  Grills must have a lid.  Nothing is allowed to be burned in the in-ground fire pit.

Wildfire Hazard:

Hot, dry weather across much of Kansas has increased the risk of wildfires. The most vulnerable regions are in the western half of the state where rainfall has been minimal. Campers should contact the state park office to learn about local conditions and burn restrictions.

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Join us Saturday April 25th for the Cedar Bluff Open House there will be refreshments, Cabin Tours, , and come plan for your summer at Cedar Bluff State Park.  Free entrance to the park all day!  See you there!
Reservations for the summer are filling up fast, make sure you get yours today! Call our office or go online to www.reserveamerica.com  Make sure you take advantage of our discounted prices on 14 Day and Annual Camping Permits only good until March 31!


Fall Foliage

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Come and see what Cedar Bluff State Park has to offer!!!

For Campsite or Cabin Reservations... Visit www.reserveamerica.com

Annual Vehicle Permits (Park Passports) are available for purchase when you register your vehicle for just $15.50 per vehicle. If you purchase your permit through an outside vendor or through your local Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism office the price will be $25.00, so be sure and take advantage of this savings. If you purchase you annual vehicle permit when you register your vehicle, it will be valid along with your registration. For example, if your vehicle is up for renewal in July, and you purchase the Parks Passport at the time of registration, your Park Passport will be valid until you register your vehicle the following July! Be sure to ask when you visit your County Treasurers Office!



What's New...

 Prices for 2015:

 Below is a listing of common park issuances for the 2015 year:

Annual vehicle permit (Upon vehicle registration renewal) $15.50

Annual vehicle permit (Through a vendor) $25.00

Annual camping permit (Oct.-Mar.) $152.50

Annual camping permit (Apr.-Sep.) $202.50

Daily Camping Permit $7.00 per night (Oct 1st- Mar 31st); $8.00 per night (Apr 1st- Sept 31st)

1 utility campsite $9.00 per night, in addition to the daily camping permit.

2 utility campsite $11.00 per night, in addition to the daily camping permit.

3 utility campsite $12.00 per night, in addition to the daily camping permit.

Daily vehicle permit $5.00 per day


 New Boat Piers:With Summer behind us, this is the time when staff takes advantage of the slower season.  The staff uses this time to make improvements to the park.  They also are taking advantage of the lower water levels, because many projects can't happen after the water is up.  That is one reason why Cedar Bluff Reservoir has great water access, boat ramps have been placed at all water levels.  Here are a few new boat piers that we installed this year, ready for action when mother nature blesses us!


Hoonii Campground:  Last year the park staff developed five new full-hookup, long-term campsites.  These will replace the five long-term campsites which were spread throughout the Bluffton Area's campgrounds

Each campsite has 50 amp electrical service, water and sewer, and each includes a fire ring, an evening deck and a concrete pad for the camper.  When these campsites are not reserved on a long-term basis they will be available on a walk-in, first come- first serve basis.  For more information or to check on availability please contact the park office.  (Hoonii is from the Arapaho language, meaning long stay, it is pronounced Hawnee.) The Staff want to give a special thank you to Joby Henning for her WildTrust Donation; her donation made the development of the evening decks possible.

Pa's POND receives another improvement...

This winter the park staff developed and constructed a one of a kind area light for this extremely popular youth and disabled fishing pond.  The area light was designed as a large fishing pole, outfitted with a 


bait casting reel and rigged with a bobber and worm hook; the bobber houses the actual light.  This will be a great improvement for those enjoying the cool, summer breezes while fishing after dark!

Another special thank you is extended to Shane, Zack and Michel Knoll for their donation to the Greg Knoll, WildTrust memorial.  Their generosity has greatly enhanced the opportunities available for the youth and disabled who visit Cedar Bluff State Park.

If you have questions pertaining to the park please call the park office at 785-726-3212.

Chris Smith

Park Manager