Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 11.17.14

Short week, participated in career day activities at High School on Monday. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday with GWC -- we met with district Wardens at the County Jail and were briefed on jail and booking procedures. Later we met with district Wardens for a District meeting.  On Wednesday we attended drug recognition training provided by County SO. The afternoon was spent at the Counties Court Houses, met with some court house personnel and discussed protocol etc.  Took a day of annual leave and had weekend off.

Assisted Highway Patrol with suspect that fled from scene of an injury accident on Hwy. in County.  County K-9 Unit and I teamed up and ran a track that was about a mile long.  Suspect was hiding in cedar trees in pasture and was located by K-9. Suspect had a $25,000 warrant and is facing multiple charges from injury accident he caused.  Started looking for new dogs for K-9 program.  Attended district meeting.  Attended some really good drug recognition training at County S.O.  Truck to the shop for repairs.  Had the weekend off.

Off road vehicles at wildlife area, more baiting activity suspected.  Attended district meeting, made a pitch to management team to support hunter ed. program field days. Great training from local S.O.  Attended class room portion of hunter ed. with new game warden, big class of over 40, marathon field day on Saturday with Americorps assisting.  Met with manager for purchase of pass it on firearms.  Training on training forms from new game warden.

This week I made arrangements and scheduled the K9 handler interviews.  I completed the normal office tasks.  Checked on a deer caught in the fence and a dumped deer.  I worked a couple of nights, I had some high school kids decide to "park" in my field one night.  Scheduled a few night flights with KHP.

Worked the counties for deer hunting activity...not finding much.  Started seeing an increase of NR vehicles moving into/through the area at week’s end. And helped teach H.E.

Patrolled the county and WA, checking a few bow hunters. Processed a deer poaching incident and spent some time doing surveillance in the area. Shuttled Game Warden to the dealership so he could pick up his truck.  Answered a few questions over the phone. Met with SO's and a PD officer regarding a case. Assisted an elderly woman with a critter issue. Investigated a couple trespass complaints.

Sunday patrolled.   Wednesday helped managers plant trees.  Went to a poached deer in SW tip of county, washed truck and patrolled.  Thursday went to SO to pick up paper work, interviewed a gentleman that hasn't learned his lesson yet and worked in office.  Friday worked in office and sat for shiners.  Saturday received a phone call of someone baiting on WHIA, found bait, left business card waiting a phone call and sat for shiners. 

Sunday and Monday I was off.  Tuesday helped the fisheries biologist run nets.  Wednesday took down a deer stand that was not tagged, CRP grass had been mysteriously mowed directly to the stand, we also made a trip to drop off reports.  Thursday spent the day helping the S.O. with a search warrant on a residence, located a dead owl while helping with the search warrant.  Friday and Saturday patrolled around Counties.  Managed to locate one vehicle and check one bow hunter in two days of patrolling.  Did manage to check several boats and several anglers on Saturday catching good numbers of crappie and catfish.

This week I worked some in my office getting MOCIC up and running and checking and responding to emails. I used sick leave the rest of the week.

General office and patrol. Investigated a coon caught in a leg hold trap. Located suspect, got admission. Subject stated he was trapping coons because they were getting into the corn on his deer feeder. Citations to follow. Took truck into mechanic for brakes etc. $1235 dollars later, maybe time to get rid of the 2007 Ford. Got Flu shot from the State. FOP leave time.

Took truck into dealership for electrical problem. Picked up projector from Office. Patrolled area for hunters/anglers. Assisted with hunter education at the CO FOP Lodge -- 100 students certified. Assisted CO SO with signal 4 "Suicidal" subject, subject decided to come outside without incident after 4+hrs.

Completed two lifetime hunting license investigations.  Received two separate calls of spot-light activity and shots fired at night.  Patrolled for spot-light activity during the evenings.  Checked a lot of anglers in Counties this week and weekend taking advantage of the nice weather.

Last week on Monday I went to Regional Office for my annual review then went out to remove some tree stands from a landowner's property. Off Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I had my last sheriff crew to teach wildlife laws to.  Friday I picked up my boat and patrolled for hunters.

Returned some phone calls and answered some questions.  Worked around the county still not finding many hunters, but did happen to run into an outfitter who had a client kill a large deer during muzzleloader.  Attended yearly review at office.  Did visit with another outfitter and one of his clients, but they said things were still pretty slow in the woods.  Worked on time sheets and other paperwork.

This week I helped the public lands manager with a baiting case.  Worked on Kler and filed tickets.  I worked some night hours looking for illegal night hunters.  Spent some time in the office working on paperwork.  Made a trip taking hunter education materials to instructor and washed truck. Patrolled area checking hunters and fisherman.

Weekdays: Performance Management Annual Reviews; assisted GW with deer stands and a trail camera in CO; processed KLER reports; prepared for District Meeting; worked on Performance Management Tasks Objectives; and worked in the Regional Office a couple days. Saturday worked on big game investigation. Sunday patrolled for hunters in CO. 

This Monday, I assisted S.O. and KBI in searching for some “backwoods” meth labs, came up empty.  Tuesday general patrol.  Wednesday patrolled in the morning then attended a first responders training for railroad accidents at Fire Station.  Thursday general office duties and Hunter Ed class.  Friday patrolled the lakes finding numerous people fishing and investigated a “they’re cutting my fence” trespassing call. Saturday morning patrolled south east part of County, with the neighboring state muzzle loading season opening that day, then helped with the testing at the Hunter Ed. class.

Tuesday assisted the county with a subject that was threatening to hurt himself on the railroad tracks. Picked up the pellet range from a hunter education class. Wednesday assisted public lands staff plant over 400 trees at the Wildlife Area. Thursday patrolled some and got ready for hunter education class on Friday. Friday helped with HE all day. Saturday checked hunters and anglers. Sunday worked around Reservoir and worked on paperwork. Got called out Sunday night on trespass complaint.

Contacted by a landowner with complaints of possible trespassing. Met Warden to help transfer deer to the evidence freezer. Oil change on patrol truck. Patrol finding quite a few out fishing while the weather is still nice. Responded to a officer in need of assistance request from the county. Patrol for spotlighters. Called to a single rifle shot after dark. Happened to be nearby and was there within minutes but was unable to locate anything.

Started week on Wednesday investigating a dead pelican at State Park.  Still waiting for Vet to get back with me. Then worked in the evening hours for spot lighters. Thursday met to return a background display then worked my way back for Hunter Education. Friday looked into a couple of landowner/tenant permit issues in county but couldn't get a hold of the individuals until Sunday. One got issued citations for misrepresenting and the other individual qualified for the permit. Friday night and all morning Saturday had hunter Education and then spent the rest of the time looking for Non-residents trying to sneak north during neighboring state’s muzzleloader season.

 I spent the first of this week getting caught up on emails and returning calls.  Worked a selective with Warden, checking a few coon hunters. Checked several fishermen. Received a call from a local outfitter, wanting me to come see a buck that was taken that evening. When I arrived the hunter was cited for not having a hunting license. Nice deer though! Found a 14 year old kid running barefoot down the highway one night then assisted local PD on interviewing the father of the child on why they were fighting.

This week after making many contacts I identified 3 individuals in a baiting case on the WA. Follow up this week with serving the suspects their NTA's. Called by RP about suspected poaching in the SE area of the county. While at the Sheriff's office I was dispatched to an active spotlight working the state border.  Suspects beat us out of the location before we arrived. Our response was noted by a few locals in the area on Facebook. Called with a report of headless deer in the North part of the county. Assisted SO with a suicidal female that had sent a text/pic with a firearm pointed at her head. Did not locate her in the county. Worked areas of reported poaching. Submitted another case to the county attorney.

This week I worked on having some deer tested for CWD, worked the same investigation, and organized the files. Handled the return of evidence in a few different cases. I worked with Warden  on the county Line looking for shiners. Had a couple suspicious vehicles, but no violations. I completed administrative paperwork Sunday night and went out looking for shiners after that.

Checking some deer hunters out and several nonresidents. Checked several fishermen with the very nice weather and the fish that were just stocked are biting very well. Helped the fisheries bio with nets at creek. Did some cooking for the eco-meet. Patrolled the area over the weekend.

Returned from vacation and spent time returning calls from a full voicemail box, responding to emails and citizen requests. Contacted surrounding officers and got caught up with calls while I was away. Seems that mountain lions are everywhere around here, or so people think. Went to CO to look at poached deer with Warden. Assisted CO SO with an arrest of a man who was hiding on the nature trail chasing people. He had heavy duty zip ties, gloves and a knife with him. Put down injured deer. Patrolled all over trying to make my presence. Worked nights patrolling areas where I had received calls about while I was gone. Studied for K9 interview.

People out fishing picked up this week due to the warm weather. Patrolled for shiners this week. While patrol for shiners one night I could hear coon dogs. I was able to make contact with them and one hunter forgot his license at home. KOALS was accessed and there must have been a glitch in KOALS because he said he had a license. NTA issued to him and he was advised to take his license to the courthouse and show the clerk he had a license at the time. He said he would be there the next day and it was a surprise to find out he did not show up at the courthouse this week. General office duties and KLER.

General office work, visited GW in Hospital, assisted GW with Investigation in County, K-9 Deployment around midnight finding broken up antlers thrown out over 1 1/2 miles along roadway, Attended night shoot, had remote start put on, mailed off Nta's, pulled SD cards on plotwatcher's, worked on investigation, tried to find time to patrol, took K-9 to Vet to have right paw looked at.

Received OGT email Monday concerning two poached mule deer bucks. Deputy and I went to where suspects were living that afternoon, no one was around. That evening made contact with approximately 14 individuals. Written statements were taken from everyone. Suspect was back in TN however. Evidence (two sets of antlers) was attempted to be destroyed and hid along a nearby road. K9 was deployed and found several pieces of antlers. TN GWs were contacted and interviewed suspect. Suspect admitted to about 1/3 of what he actually did. I interviewed that same suspect over the phone Friday morning, admitting to what appears to be everything at this point. Also, a second shooter was identified and he "modified" his written statement when I re-interviewed him. Citations have been issued to individuals in this same group for shooting doves with no hunting license or HIP. Filling with this CA later this week on the deer charges. Also pending is a subject who appears to be suspended under the compact who harvested small game and wanton waste of that game. Seized one rifle and one shotgun. While seizing the shotgun however, the individual expressed interest in becoming a Game Warden and I informed him I would probably not be the best reference but we are hiring!!! Also, hauled dead Golden Eagle and received Deer heads that were shipped back to KS from seasons 12 and 13 because individual did not have a hunting license. Deer harvested as part of Team Kentucky from the TV series Bloodline. Score one for Team Kansas I guess??? Citations issued were no hunting license and invalid deer tags.

Last week was busy with Firearms Training with several officers from Parks and LE Divisions and worked on some maintenance issues at the RO for Firearms stuff, Filed tickets, worked on paperwork, Assisted PD and SO with a man with a gun call that ended up resulting the person that they were looking ended up as a suicide upon the time that officers arrived on scene, dealt with dead deer x 3, dealt with calls about squirrels and skunks, and attended a State FOP Meeting. 

Visited game warden in the hospital prior to his release; calls with personnel and workman's comp about accident; met with game warden to deliver game warden's firearms for armoring and inspection to make sure they weren't damaged in the wreck.

Glad to return to work from my long weekend spent moving.  Spent some time in the office this week on investigations and case file updates.  Made a quick trip for our night shoot given the short notice.  Thought it went well and had great weather.  Met with a city administrator regarding a nuisance animal complaint and options available to the city.   Did put in some night hours looking for lights, only to get discouraged with the large amount of harvest activity.

Worked a possible buck deer poached but turned out to only be a misunderstanding. Trophy pics taken in road ditch near someone else's deer property because a more scenic location? Attended night shoot. Oil change for truck.  Worked fishermen over the weekend with the warm temps. A decent number of bass and catfish caught. Checked around 50 fishing licenses on Sunday with no violations located.   

Spent time patrolling. Looked into report of 4 wheeler on wildlife area from days off. I'll be gosh darn if someone didn't squeeze one through the walk in gate.  Saturday spent most of day assisting 4h and PF youth shoot.  Sunday patrol and office.

With crops getting cut, seeing a few more deer out. Visited with several archery hunters (most of them non-resident) most having little success. Seeing some feeders being put out and other work being done on leases for the upcoming firearms season. Seeing a few geese show up also. General office.

Work on investigations.  Phone calls for deer, pheasant and quail.  HE Ed. calls. Used some leave time.  White-fronts and cranes are sure migrating, GREAT!!!

Busy week in the marsh still allot of people chasing ducks. Received information about upcoming seasons and possible violations that had happened last year in the same area. Had a deer that supposed to be poached was hit by a car. Assisted with an owl that was hung in a barbed wire fence. Meet w/ CI on waterfowl info. in Nov.. Received info. that someone had opened Goose Season early in Co., passed info on.

Reviewed some KLER reports and worked on various office tasks. Looked for hunters in County and Reservoir and found a few fishermen out in the warm weather. Responded to a complaint at SL and found several limits of squirrels instead of illegal deer. Assisted with a " Trunk or Treat" event sponsored by the PD. Had approximately 1,100 kids and 900 adults pick up fish cards, PFD tattoos and candy.

Checked fishermen this week catching wiper.  Picked up another trespass case and hunter harassment case.  K9 training with S.O. and other city k9 officers. Found 8 Louisiana guys bow hunting in county on Saturday, and followed up on property line dispute.  Sunday checked hunters at wetlands and shuffled atv.

Had two does shot and left lay in county in the last week.  Both have been within 5 miles of city and both have been shot either right off the blacktop or withing 100 yds of a highway.  Worked late Wednesday night trying to catch someone over there with no luck, thanks to GW for coming over and helping.  Worked in the office on some paperwork and firearms related items.  Saturday night had a knock on the door about 1 in the morning by the neighbors having a skunk issue, that had already stunk up my house in the process.  After convincing them we should probably find a solution that was a little quieter than a 12 gauge in the middle of town at 1 in the morning we were able to get the issue resolved.  Patrolled over the weekend without seeing much in the way of wildlife or hunters.  Had a phone call from a hunter from Texas complaining that he had cameras up for a couple of months now and had not seen a horn yet.  He then told me that we should shut the non resident hunting off for a while, because the heard was in really bad shape.  Kind of sad when the non residents even see the problem but we can’t.

KLETC:  Monday: Exam 1, KS Criminal Justice System, Test Review, Hate/Bias Crimes, Field Notes.  Tuesday: Criminal Law III, Admissions and Confessions.  Wednesday: Warrants, Prisoner Booking, Building Search, First Aid/CPR

Thursday: Use of Force (Legal), Use of Force (Continuum)

Friday: Report Writing, Defensive Tactics

With crops getting cut, seeing a few more deer out. Visited with several archery hunters (most of them non-resident) most having little success. Seeing some feeders being put out and other work being done on leases for the upcoming firearms season. Seeing a few geese show up also. General office.

Work on investigations.  Phone calls for deer, pheasant and quail.  HE Ed. calls. Used some leave time.  White-fronts and cranes are sure migrating, GREAT!!!

Night surveillance checking for spot lighters.  Completed a couple training tasks involved with FTO program.  Making progress.  Pulled patrol boat and had it winterized.  Dealt with a live trap that had a raccoon in it.  Landowner was trying to catch his house cat that had ran off and not come back.  Instructed him in proper way to handle the trap if he was going to continue to use it.  The search still continues.  Worked Big Duck opener.  Pretty good number of hunters with good success.  One NTA for hunting without KS hunting license.

Traveled to assist with K-9 interviews.  Finally was able to meet the family that donated my K-9.  They missed her and wanted to see her.  It was a really nice reunion.  Got caught up on some paperwork.  Assisted County S.O. with a stolen vehicle and suspect that hid in a vacant house.  Suspect was located and arrested.  Worked a couple of nights with little activity.  Worked duck opener with good success at marshes for the hunters, no problems found.  

Had the weekend off, activated a replacement phone, picked up and took the rescue airboat to Reservoir, and put my whaler in the boat house. Spent a little time in the office, picked up the archery trailer, pulled an untagged tree stand from some WIHA making contact with the owner the next day, took a tree stand theft report from same area, and had a call on an injured hawk. Calls from multiple landowners on poaching activity over three counties including headless deer and multiple deer carcasses under a kids pool on a farm road, dispatched an injured buck on the highway, and managed to check a few legal hunters. Took a day of leave.

Transferred notes to updated law and regulations.  Assisted to remove patrol boat from slip.  Checked areas that had reported to have had suspicious activity over the weekend, dropped fish habitat materials off.  Used discretionary day.  Duck hunters had much more water than usual, and had success for the opening day.  Assisted with a Pheasants 4 Ever youth day on Sunday.

Completed the normal administrative tasks.  Conducted K9 handler interviews.  Spend time working trying to get the new handler up and running.  I went and looked at some dogs.  I worked a couple of evenings. I had one light working, but lost them after they blacked out on me..I responded to a  subject who  had fallen from his tree stand, they finally started looking for him around 8 pm and he was located after 10 pm.  73 year old fell 18 ft, admitted to hospital. 

Seeing more and more activity with the rut gaining momentum. Hotels started filling up this week with NR deer hunters. Worked a night selective with new warden from neighboring lights seen. Decent number of participants for duck opener....ducks must not have gotten the memo.

Spent the week looking for hunters and anglers.  Managed to find more anglers than hunters.  Still not seeing many deer hunters, really strange for this time of year.  Made my rounds trying to cover as much area as I can.  Spent a night looking for shiners and worked duck opener.  One phone call in a week.  Ended up being a archery killed/gut shot deer that a hunter had lost and another person found.

Sunday worked in the office, helped guy with a flat on I-35 and patrolled.  Monday worked in office and went to Hornady dem.  Quite an eye opener what oue ammo we carry lacks.  Tuesday went to SO for paperwork and patrolled.  Wednesday talked to some probation officers about kids and interviewed three kids on a trespassing issue.  One admission and two denials even after they had been caught on camera.  Patrolled seeing most crops are been harvested.  Thursday went and spoke to Co CA about some boys that just don't learn, dealt with two individuals hunting by dam with no hunting license and no turkey permits.  Was told they were trying to feed themselves.    Gave them cheaper options to do besides what they were doing! 

Helped fish biologist a couple of days this week run nets on area lakes.  Met with CA about a case.  Worked late Friday night looking for shiners in county.  Saturday morning went to wildlife area for duck opener.  Checked several hunters seeing mostly gw teal harvested. 

Testified at a court trial in  County.  Followed up and completed a deer investigation that resulted in a legal possession of wildlife.  Took radios for reprogramming.  Been watching areas at night for spot light activity and listening for gun shots.  Checked several duck hunters.  Issue one citation for no hunting license.  Investigated a dead deer found by a landowner and discovered it died from an arrow wound.  Issued a salvage tag for a buck killed by a vehicle.

General office and patrol. Gave two Law programs to CO Deputies. Assisted KHP with a pursuit where the passenger bailed and I gave chase. Subject threw a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag with the serial numbers defaced. I held subject at gunpoint until I had to go hands on. The subject was non-compliant. I took him down with a leg sweep and cuffed him. I located the gun. He had numerous warrants and a major criminal record including Murder, Kidnapping, Felon with Firearm. He's done major time before and will eventually do more. ATF I believe is going to take the case for Felon with a Firearm. Completed report for KHP on this case. I was called by CO Sheriff's Park patrol about a subject in a field with his lights on and a bow and arrow in the vehicle. I followed up and completed the case. Attempting to locate a subject for Major on an abandoned boat on the Missouri River. On my way to CO for duck opener, I received a call from a friend hunting in Co for deer about shots fired. I contacted GW and we both investigated. I had a complaint about sausage maker -- currently investigating.

Responded to stranded boat on Lake, person waited until after dark to call in, thanks to Ranger for going out on the water with me. While towing boat back to shore sheriff's dept responded to disturbance in State Park Campground. Responded to campground with Ranger. Traveled for K9 interview, Congratulations Officer Harold. Completed monthly stat report. Took radios into KDOT to be reprogrammed. Worked Wildlife area for duck hunters, found one that claimed to be plugged and only 2 shells fit in the tube, I was able to put three of his shells in the tube. Picked up CO truck and boat radios for programming.

First thing Monday morning responded to area reference a buck with large antlers dead along the highway.   Finished up time documents Monday morning.  Worked on KLER.   Removed radios out of trucks and boats for re-programming.   Re-installed the same.  Worked fish nets at Lake.  Traveled for 800 radio programming.   Picked up new transmittals.   Checked hunters around the wildlife areas, and responded to a trespass Saturday night.   It was a hunter that got permission TWO years ago and had the landowner card.  Hopefully lesson learned. 

Monday I worked in the office, patrolled, and assisted sheriff’s department with a cow out call.  Tuesday I attended the district meeting at RO, performed a falconry inspection and patrolled. Wednesday I had my radios reprogrammed and worked in the office.  I was off Thursday and Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I patrolled for duck hunters in the west half of the county and found little to no ducks or hunters.  I did manage to find a few deer hunters out with the onset of colder weather.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; prepared for and conducted District Meeting/Performance Management Planning Discussion; worked on big game case; picked-up uniform items from Basinger's; worked in the Regional Office; retrieved 800 radio from patrol boat for programming; delivered uniform items; KDOT programming of 800 radios with new templates and frequency alignment check; and picked-up uniform items from Basinger's for GWC's at KLETC. Saturday worked waterfowl hunters with few waterfowl numbers seen; someone put rocks in the valve stem caps on two vehicles parked together to flatten the tires (must have been mad that they got to the hunting spot first). Assisted GW with a Trapper's Retreat program. Reinstalled 800 radio back into patrol boat. Sunday worked waterfowl hunters again with few waterfowl numbers seen, checked a hunter looking for a deer he shot the night before. Sunday evening assisted Police Department with the arrest of a shop lifter while en route to meet up with GWC at the Regional Officer to deliver uniforms and other items. 

Monday patrolled during the day and attended range after dark, cleaning my Glock that night.  Tuesday general patrol and helped get the range set up for that nights shot.  Off Wednesday. Thursday general patrol, cleaned truck and duty rifle.  That afternoon, responded to a 911 call of a driver driving ditch to ditch on a highway, deputy was able to get them stopped, driver and passenger had both overdosed on K2 and were trying to drive to the hospital, deputy, KHP and myself got them loaded into an ambulance and highway cleared. Friday, had my truck serviced and general patrol, while out responded to a call of a man that cut his leg with a chainsaw, got on scene,  got him bandaged up , loaded him into my truck and drove him to an ambulance, because it had got lost on the way.  Loaded him into the ambulance then talked a second ambulance in to our location because the first ambulance was having mechanical issues, luckily the wound wasn't life threatening. Finished Friday up doing my vehicle log and going through emails.  Saturday worked night flight, came across a kid driving out into a field to retrieve a SD card from his game camera, after the flight patrolled but was unable to find anyone up to any shenanigans.  

Monday attended Hornady ammo demo and night shoot. Tuesday looked at a deer carcass that had a nylon cord tied around it's neck. The cord had grown into the deer's neck and caused it's death. Pretty sure someone had placed the cord on the deer's neck as it had a square knot tied with no loose ends. The deer also had notch cut out of one ear. Looked like someone had tried to make a pet out of it. Also helped with night shoot. Wednesday helped fisheries test net at Reservoir and dealt with injured red-tailed hawk. Thursday andFriday were days off. Then helped with night flight on Saturday.Sunday off.

Monday up early and presented a National Archery in the Schools Workshop to educators from schools.  That evening I attended the night shoot. Tuesday worked on putting NASP equipment away, cleaned firearms, coordinated with county attorney reference several cases, coordinated with a landowner about trespassing, filed NTA.  Met GW and a pet gator at the research office. Handled a call about an injured deer. Met a property owner and returned untagged deer stands that were taken off public ground. Saturday worked on getting the truck more organized for the night flight. Then helped with the flight.Sunday patrolled through prime area in the early morning hours seeing lots of deer but no people activity. Made a match with another game camera seized from the convicted felon licensed guide and with a hunter who had it stolen.This theft occurred in a different county than any of the others, so this will be the licensed guides 5th county to experience the criminal justice system at work in Kansas. It is also the convicted felon licensed guides 7th opportunity to go before a court for theft and wildlife crimes. The hunter was ecstatic to get his game cam recovered and that the "dirty poaching thief" got caught.

28 day stats. Contacted by a local PD officer who has been called to two separate dead hawks in a local dumpster. No information to go on. General patrol. Washed and waxed patrol truck before the colder weather sets in. Attended the night shoot. Called to pick up a wounded hawk. American Kestrel appeared alert and eager to get out of the bag it had been placed in. Opened up the bag and kestrel was last seen several hundred yards away and flying strong. Easy rehabilitation. Worked the night flight this weekend.

I attended the firearms night shoot. Helped the fisheries biologist two days with gill netting seeing some good fish in the local lakes. I worked on general office stuff and attended the practical drill for technical rope rescue. This team is made up of EMS, Fire and LE from 3 counties. We tied off and hung from the water tower. It was exciting and some good pics were taken. Rescue 360 put on this class for us. Saturday night was the 4 corners flight which was less productive than last year, but still had a few in the area, unfortunately no violations were cited. Thanks to everyone who helped out on this one.

This week attended night shoot at range. Patrolled late night hours for spot lighters. Helped conduct a Hunter Education field day for High School.  Called out to shiners at north end of county. They were GOA. Picked up an injured owl and took it to rehabilitation. Worked the night flight seeing very little vehicle movement in the area. Assisted Officer with a case that was triggered by Wardens in Oklahoma. They had contacted an individual who admitted to poaching some deer in  County. We traveled after the night flight to pick up evidence and interview the suspect.

Interviewed for the K9 position. Attended night range. After night range called to shots fired along county line.  County Deputies and I located subjects spotlighting with a loaded 30-06 in the front seat of the vehicle. NO deputy tried to catch up to them when they turned right in front of me and the vehicle stop commenced.  Two happy community college kids. I will be speaking with them again in reference to some other illegal hunting activities. Meeting with Investigations unit. Removed a Barn Owl from a fireplace. Owl was fine and flew off. Dropped off tickets at  district courts. Attended night flight. On way from night flight and spotlighting patrol Oklahoma Game and Fish called with two seized bucks, evidence and confessions. Two guys we planned on interviewing with the Warden there next week. They just happened to get a break on some illegal deer there that night. Two does seized and two bucks. Bucks shot in the south end of County. One meets trophy. Between OK, KS and the Feds this may get expensive. Will be spending some time in the office next week.

This week found a few more deer hunters in the field and getting several calls from nonresidents looking for the big deer. Attended the night shoot.  Helped with the catfish rearing pond harvest. Helped with a hunter ed field day in County. Found some fishermen out fishing for catfish. Helped with a night selective.

The week started off good attending the night shoot for Region. I taught a hunter education class at high school. After leaving the hunter education class I received a phone call from Detective that he had an alligator at the sheriff’s office that I needed to come pick up. After asking several times to make sure that he said alligator, I drove to the sheriff’s office to pick up an alligator. Luckily it was in a box, and it stayed the night in my living room. The next morning there wasn't a hole chewed in the box so all was well. Not knowing where it came from, I made contact with Zoo and they said that they would take it. After driving to Zoo, the owner of the gator called and requested to have it back. He said that his nephew was showing off the gator at a party and got distracted by the pretty women and forgot to shut the cage properly. I returned "ZILLA" to his happy home. Why anyone would own such an animal is beyond me? I also received a call from a guy requesting a salvage tag. The man stated that he was trying to sell the antlers to Cabela's but they wouldn't take it because he didn't have a salvage tag with it. HIs stories of how he found the deer were not matching up, and he has yet to return my phone calls. Salvage tag was not issued nor was the deer seized. Then I attended the night flight in County. Stopped one minivan with three sleepy kids in car seats for spotlighting, but no gun found.

Last week was busy with the Night Shoot at the RO, the meeting at the Regional Office, cleaning and armoring some guns, paperwork for investigations and cases from the week before, preparing for the HE Class that was held on Saturday, phone calls about the lack of Pheasants and deer that will be available to hunt this year. On Saturday night I got called out for Spotlighting call not far from the County Wildlife Area, that lead to a case(s) that has and will be made from, Spotlighting Deer and Fur-Bearers x 4, No License x 4, No Permits x 4, Pursue Game with Motor Vehicle x 4, Hunt Out of Season x 4 (on Big Game),  Hunt Out of Season (on Fur-Bearers) x 4, Trespass x 4, Felony Criminal Damage x 4, Burglary x 4, Felony Theft x 4, Poss. of Drug Para x 4 and this is just the starters,.... I believe Three other Counties might be interested in this case, ATF Might get a piece of the pie, and then picked up a Duel Residency Case on top of that.

Got a call from landowner about 3 dead does shot and left in a field. Was able to recover a few bullet fragments. Patrolled the area the next night and didn't see any vehicles. Landowner found another doe killed a day or two after the 3 were found. Patrolled for deer and youth pheasant hunters. Intercepted a bowhunter following a couple big mule deer... I told him he can't harvest a mule deer with his whitetail tag. I think the wind kept a lot of the youth hunters out of the field Saturday. Checked a few on Sunday.

Worked on deer case. Assisted Biologist and Tech with deer survey two nights. Went to district meeting in RO. Pulled over an individual with a 10 pt buck on his tailgate with no tag. Took the deer and cited him. Next day, dropped off deer to family in need. Shot ducks on 4day.

Monday I checked on an injured falcon on the north edge of Salina and prepped for hunter ed.  On Tuesday I met with the SACO SO investigator on a poaching report the SO received as well as contacting an individual about the possible sightings of spotted skunks.  I picked up an injured Grebe that was the meanest bird I have ever dealt with.  Did you know they can draw blood?  I taught hunter ed on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday I participated in a night shoot at Hays and answered not one but two mountain lion sighting reports.  One newspaper article and these reports really pile up.  Remainder of the week was spent on routine patrol.  I found a grand total of one youth upland game hunter.  I also assisted with the live fire/field test for hunter ed on Saturday morning.

Went to RO to assist with night shoot, checked to see how busy the local college bar was on the way home and found they were having their Halloween extravaganza. Sat in a likely area to watch for spotlighters after the bar closed. Didn't have anybody run spotlights, but did have a truck decide to deliberately push over a road sign in front of me. Had tires put on my truck.  Home with sick kid one day. Patrol to round out the rest of the time.

Met with landowner and worked on investigations. Assisted biologist with spotlight survey midweek. Checked several duck hunterson Saturday morning at reservoir with moderate success.

Visited with refuge personnel with Warden about coordinating a couple of flights. Got with the KHP pilot and finalized two dates for flights. Just waiting on others to find out for sure how many wardens and others we will have on the ground to see what total area we will fly. Worked goose and youth hunters. Worked on evaluations General office.

Checked deer, duck and pheasant hunters with some luck.  Had youth pheasant hunt with 22 kids showing up so good turnout, and most limited out and were very happy!!!!  A few fishermen still out catching stripers with most being skinny.  Had 27 for Hunter Ed that all past and were excited that they took it.  Investigations. Go thru insurance.

Finished up Hunter Ed class. Had K-9 interview.  Helped out with Hunter Ed in the school. Worked on reports. Patrolled my areas seeing a bunch of non-residents coming to the area for the rut. Worked nights looking for spotlighters. Helped deputy with DUI stop. Helped one individual with a flat tire that had no jack or lug nut wrench, only to get her spare tire on and realize it was flat as well. General office work.

Long never ending week of ducks, drugs and rock n roll.  Had approx. 200 plus in the marsh this week allot of ducks showed up, but with all the pressure stayed In the refuge. This year I've seen more pressure on the waterfowl than in any other time here as a Game Warden. All week, all day there are hunters here. Any one that wishes to come here and work are more than welcome. Talked to some of the hunters asking why ducks!   Replies are that no pheasants, deer areas leased to outfitters, ect... Received information that an individual killed 6 deer. Interviewed suspects uncle, convicted felon, child sex offender, habitual meth habit ect. Need less to say that went nowhere.  Hard to interview when he is vibrating from left to right scratching the scabs on his face. Hour later assisted Co. with an individual that thought someone was going to kill him,so he sliced his wrists. Was able to get him to the hospital and on to treatment. Received a call in Co. on trespass complaint ended up being an outfitter that dropped a client off. Assisted CO. Sat. at 8:00 pm on a person that was lost in the Ark river with injuries. Sunk his 4-wheeler and was wet from the waist down.... I went 1.5 miles down the river and packed him back to my truck and onto the ambulance where he was treated and released.   

Worked on various office tasks. Helped with a man hunt and evidence recovery in County. Had new tires installed and service done on truck. Started making arrangements for a couple of upcoming night flights.

Worked urban area for deer poachers. Went to office to turn in fuel receipts. Checked Co Park prior to trout opener. Worked WetlandsSaturday and Sunday a lot of hunters shooting a lot of teal. We checked 101 hunters Saturday. Assisted in looking for K9 at Humane society found a prospect we will see how it goes at K9 in-service. 

Interviews, travel to meet with officers reference active case, meet with local outfitters to see big deer that was shot, get truck serviced, office work and gear, pick up new truck and start clean up and switch over of gear, radios and equipment, pick up dog to try out, check hunters, and look for lights in problem areas.

Assisted GW track a copper thief-meth addict in County Monday only to find out he was already in jail, we are efficient. Acted as tow service for S.O. hauling atv out of field.   Rest of week patrol and worked very busy wetlands on opening weekend.

Working on atv and trailer.  Checked duck hunters opening day most of daily bag limits were green wing teal and a few big ducks. Sunday wind so strong a few hunters out but not many ducks taken.  Checked  a NR archery hunter that paid a Broker big money and hasn't seen anything.

Checked a few duck hunters opening day with some birds, picked up evidence to be returned to owner, relocated a raccoon that was caught by a homeowner, helped PD when they had a report of a dead deer with no tag in the back of a truck on a car lot, made contact with the owner of the lot and found out who had harvested the deer and forgot about the tag, dropped off deer for hunters feeding the hungry, checked on a deer that was caught in a snare by an individual trapping coyotes.