Hunter Ed FAQ

Answers to some common questions

If I have Hunter Education certification from another state do I have to take the Kansas course?

Answer: No, all state, provincial and some foreign countries’ certifications are acceptable for meeting the requirements of Kansas law.

I was grandfathered in my home state and did not need to take Hunter Education. Do I still need Hunter Education to hunt in Kansas?

Answer: Yes. Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957, except as exempted by law, must have taken an approved Hunter Education course before hunting in Kansas.

Who is exempt?

Answer: Anyone, resident or non-resident, under age 16 may hunt without Hunter Education provided they are under the direct supervision of an adult age 18 or older.

Anyone, resident or non-resident, 16 or older may purchase a one time exemption under the Apprentice hunting license provisions. The Apprentice hunting license is valid for the remainder of the license year in which it is purchased. It may not be renewed. Hunter Education is required for the purchase of subsequent Kansas hunting licenses.

Is an Apprentice license or other purchased exemption from another state valid in Kansas?

Answer: No.

If I have served or are serving in the armed forces, am I required to have Hunter Education certification?

Answer: Yes.

  1. The law (K. S. A. 32-920) grants only two exceptions: for those under 16 years old hunting under the supervision of an adult; and for those 16 or older under the provisions of the Apprentice hunting license.
  2. Military training and experience are only related to Hunter Education training as they both pertain to safe gun handling. The Hunter Education Course covers much more than just safe gun handling and meets the national standards and objectives necessary for reciprocity with other states.

I took a National Rifle Association hunter safety course. Is that acceptable for meeting the Kansas Hunter Education requirement?

Answer: Yes BUT you must have the original card issued by the NRA. There are no records existing for NRA courses so there is no way to issue a duplicate. If you have an original NRA card we will issue a numbered Kansas duplicate at no charge.

Must I have Hunter Education to bowhunt in Kansas?

Answer: Anyone required to have Hunter Education by law, must have it regardless of the tool of the hunt used.

Is bowhunter education required to bowhunt in Kansas?

Answer: No.

I have a concealed carry permit. Do I still need Hunter Education?

Answer: Yes, if you meet the requirements of law.

I am an experienced hunter with many years of experience. Do I need Hunter Education?

Answer: Yes, if you meet the requirements of law.