Council Grove Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Approximately 1,950 ducks (primarily mallard with some goldeneye), 460 Canada geese, and 125 mergansers on 11/19.        
Water levels 2.6 feet below conservation elevation (1,274') on 11/19.
Hunting conditions Difficult.  Ice is beginning to form in shallows and wind protected areas.  Lake approximately 1% ice covered.  Declining lake levels have pulled water away from cover edges.  Hunters may find it challenging to conceal themselves.  A thin fringe of food producing vegetation exists along some lake edges, but will not be available to feeding waterfowl without precipitation and increases in lake levels.
Expected hunting success Fair/Good.  
Comments Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season - Nov. 1 - Jan. 4, 2015 AND Jan. 17-25, 2015