Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area News

Area News

Spring is here. The migration continues. We estimate 70,000 ducks, mostly blue-winged teal are here. A good variety of species can still be seen with not much time spent in doing so.  We estimate goose numbers to be below 500. 

We have pelicans, great blue herons, snowy egrets, great egrets and cormorants on the Area as spring migration continues.  Pied-billed and eared grebes have arrived, as well as a few yellowlegs.  A few Baird's sandpipers are on the area and we have also noted our first avocets, black-necked stilts and barn swallows this past week.

  Current water levels in the Pools are: 1A near 25 inches, 1B and 1C each have about 31 inches; Pool 2 is about 17 inches; Pools 3A is about 10 inches, 3B is about 8 inches, 4A, and 4B about 15 inches each and Pool 5 is about 12 inches.

 The roads are in good condition.

We have done some maintenance work at the Arkansas River diversion dam and have started placing rip-rap on the 2007 flood damaged dike between Pools 1B and 2.

We were able to plant more than 400 acres of millet in many of the hunting pools.The down side to the rain is that some of this millet is now drowned out.

Work on improving the efficiency of the inlet system is complete. Contractors are done and the final inspection is past. This project converted the open canal from Dundee to Dry Creek into buried pipe. This conduit carries the water we divert from the Arkansas River to Dry Creek. Tubing this stretch of the inlet will eliminate seepage of water from the canal, reduce illegal dumping. eliminate the loss of water to trees and reduce overall maintenance demands on that stretch of the inlet.

Visit the Kansas Wetlands Education Center at Cheyenne Bottoms. They have educational exhibits directed at describing the role wetlands play in the natural world with a focus on Cheyenne Bottoms. Find out the wide variety of wetlands found in Kansas, you may be surprised at the diversity in this grassland state. Their location is in the southeast portion of Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area along Kansas Highway 156. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday 8 to 5, Sunday 1 to 5. The phone number is 620-566-1456.