Perry Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers

10000+ Canada Geese, Several Hundred Light geese and 5,000+ ducks mainly composing of Mallards, with some other big ducks, and several species of divers. 500+ mergansers as well were observed. All ducks and geese were observed on the main lake or in the air around the lake.

Mallard Migration Rank = 8 (0 = no mallards 10 = peak migration)

Lake level 0.5 feet above conservation pool.
Habitat conditions

With the wind and warmer temperatures the lake and marshes are slowly opening up.

Overall the marshes are looking really good vegetation wise. All marsh complexes are dependent on natural runoff to fill the complex except West River North & South and Kyle East.

We are currently in the process of working with Ducks Unlimited to apply for a grant to build a Marsh Pump to pump NorthWest and Reichart marshes. We have put some money together from local donors to aid in this project. If you are interested in helping with this project call the Wildlife Area office at (785) 945-6615.

Expected hunting success Poor to Fair.
Habitat Condition Rating (HCR): 1-10; 1-Poor habitat, 5-quality habitat, 10-Exceptional habitat

Reminder: All marshes closed to motorized boats except Kyle East and West.

Kyle: Kyle Marsh East was drained this spring and Kyle West was empty until the flood in June. Quality vegetation growth is primarily in the east pool. The West pool is 50% full. East- HCR-9 with the marsh being 100% water. Some areas in the East pool were disced this summer and spread to Jap Millet. We stopped pumping water into East Kyle at this time due to the river fluctuation, but it is running over the spillway into the West Unit still. West - HCR-3 with invertebrates being the main food source.

Launching boats in Kyle West maybe a little tricky and there is good success at getting boats into Kyle East.

West River: An abundance of moist soil plants are growing and areas of mud flats were sown to Jap Millet. We are pumping this week to fill the lower unit which will be running through the upper unit. North- HCR-6 with 30% water. South- HCR-9 with 100% water.

Upper Ferguson: The vegetation is in excellent quality. HCR-8 with 10% water.

Lassister: Both East and West Lassiter wetlands pool have been trying to collect water all summer. The main vegetation is wild sunflowers. East- HCR-8 with 3% water, will fill if we get enough rain. West- HCR-7 with 0% water

Northwest: Northwest complex dike was topped by our june flood and damage was done to the West end. 20 acres of corn was planted in the west half but the June flood wiped it out. Vegetation growth since the flood is great. HCR-8 with 15% water.

Headquarters: With very little runnoff this spring the marsh has stayed relatively dry all summer. Quality vegetation growth has been good with some cocklebur control efforts. HCR-8 with 0% water

Mitigation: Mitigation marsh was dry this summer and reed canary grass was controlled. Vegetation growth has been fair. HCR-6 with 0% water

Hayward: Hayward has been drained all summer and we removed the upper dike and reshaped and raised the lower dike. The vegetation growth has been excellent this summer. HCR-9 with 0% water

Reichert: Reichart Marsh removation was competed last fall and the wetland is back to functioning fully again. The vegetation growth has been exceptional this summer. The upper West unit had corn planted in it early this spring but the flood in June wiped it out as well. Pig weed grew back fiercely. HCR-9 with 15% water.

Zebra Mussels have been confirmed in the lake. Be sure to dry boats and equipment before moving to other waters.