Smoky Hill/Kanopolis Waterfowl Report Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers

2200+ mallards; 1800+ divers; 2000 Canada geese; 1500 Snows

Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season: Oct. 26-Dec. 29, 2013 AND Jan. 18-Jan. 26, 2014

Water level 1.5 ft above conservation pool; 1464.45
Mallard Migration Rank

Current rank is 8.

This Mallard Migration Rank is subjective and ranges from 0 (no mallards) to 10 (Peak mallard numbers).

Click here to learn more about the Mallard Migration Rank.

Hunting conditions 70% of Reservoir is frozen over. Fair opportunities along shoreline; Birds flying NNW and E off property to feed
Expected hunting success Fair

Remember the refuge area on the northwest part of the lake is closed to hunting except by Special Hunt permit Oct 1-March 1.

To track this year's waterfowl migration and post your hunting results visit Ducks Unlimited's Waterfowl Migration Map by clicking the link below:

DU Migration Map