Location: Statewide

Type: Season

Dates: 11/12/14 - 02/15/15

Contact: Licensing Agent

Phone No: 620-672-5911

Other Information:

Limit: Two otters per trapper. Each individual who has trapped an otter shall contact KDWPT within 24 hours of take at (855) 778-6887 (RPT-OTTR). The pelt and skinned carcass shall be presented to KDWPT for tagging within four days of harvest. The skinned carcass, including skull, shall be surrendered to KDWPT at that time. It is the trapper’s responsibility to stay aware of the season status. Updates on progress toward the 100-otter quota can be obtained by calling (855) 778-6887. Otters incidentally taken after the season closes should also be reported to this number