Cherryvale City Lake (Tanko)

Cherryvale, KS

City of Cherryvale 620-336-2776

1.5 miles south of Cherryvale

GPS Location: 37.25833 -95.5533

Cherryvale, KS

Impoundment Type: Community Lake

Surface Acres: 11 acres

Maximum Depth: N/A

Normal Lake Level: N/A

Current Lake Level: N/A

Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Channel Catfish 5 15
Crappie 50
Largemouth Bass 5 18
Redear Sunfish
Trout 5
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination