Cheney Reservoir

Cheney Reservoir Map
This Location does have Boat Access Fishing Forecast State Park Wildlife Area

GPS Location: N37 43.154 W97 49.538

Wichita, KS

Impoundment Type: Reservoir

Surface Acres: 9,550 acres

Maximum Depth: 42 feet

Normal Lake Level: 1421.6 ft above msl

Current Lake Level: 0 feet high releasing 0 cfs

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Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Channel Catfish 10
Crappie 50 10"
Flathead Catfish 5
Largemouth Bass 5 15"
Striped Bass 2 21"
Walleye 2 21"
Wiper 2 21"
Blue Catfish 5 35"
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination

Fishing Report - Last Update: 9/26/2014

Fishing Newsletter     All KDWPT fisheries districts are offering a fishing newsletter that can be sent out to all that want it. The newsletters are aimed at keeping anglers informed about fishing opportunities and information in their areas of interest. The first few editions of the Cheney Fisheries District have been completed and are ready for distribution.
Zebra Mussels    

Zebra mussels can be found attached to rocks lakewide. Zebra mussel veligers are too small to be seen with the unaided eye and they can be found in boat livewells, minnow buckets, boat bilges, water toys, and anything else that is capable of holding even a small amount of water. Be sure to drain all equipment before leaving the lake to avoid moving veligers to other waters. THIS INCLUDES MINNOW BUCKETS, BOAT LIVEWELLS, AND BILGES!!!

Zebra mussel numbers have decreased at Cheney; however, anglers and boaters should still use caution to avoid moving adults and veligers from the lake.

Click HERE to learn how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels.

White Bass and Wiper Fair Various Anglers had some luck this week trolling on shallow humps in 7-12 feet of water.  Look for surface action on small shad in the evenings.  Shad are currently about 3" long, so throw small jigs when you see schooling fish.  Good areas include M&M point, around the west toadstools, and Wichita Point.  Nice sized white perch are in the schools of white bass and wipers. 
Walleye Fair Up to 28" Fishing for walleyes has been pretty slow and most have been caught by wiper anglers.  Best bets for walleye are trolling crankbaits from 10-15 feet in the mornings and evenings.  A few nice fish have been caught using jigging spoons and blade baits.
Crappie Fair Up to 15" No reports, but fish are likely on deep structure.
Channel Catfish Good Up to 10 lb Lakewide on cutbait.  More blue catfish are also showing up in angler catches in the last couple years.  Be sure of your fish identification as the minimum length limit on blue catfish is 35".
White Perch    

Netting results in 2013 were encouraging again as there are many catchable-size white perch (10+") in the lake. Netting results indicate that white perch numbers continue to decrease and average size is far larger than in previous years. We still have a long way to go in controlling this invasive species, but it looks like we're on the right track.

White perch cannot be used as live bait, but they do make good cut bait. For tips on identifying a white perch from a white bass, wiper or striped bass click HERE.

All white perch in your possession must be dead. It is illegal to posses live white perch.