Marine Toilets and Kansas Clean Vessel Pumpout Sites

Marine Toilets and Kansas Clean Vessel Pumpout Sites


Human sewage from boats is a source of pollution that poses environmental and health problems. It is important that you dispose of your sewage properly while boating.

It is unlawful to place, leave, or discharge sewage into waters of this state. All boats with a marine sanitation device shall be in compliance with all state and federal requirements and registration.
Pumpout Sites

The primary goal of the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) is to reduce overboard sewage discharges from recreational boats. The CVA provides funds to states for the construction renovation/operation and maintenance of pumpout stations for portable toilets. Congress passed the CVA after finding an inadequate number of sewage disposal facilities in waters frequented by recreational boats and determining that these vessels may be substantial contributors to localized degradation of water quality.

Kansas has adopted similar laws to address sewage discharge from boats on Kansas waters.

As a result of the CVA, boaters have seen more convenient and reasonably priced pumpout out and dumpstations, and cleaner waters, resulting in a more healthy fish population.


Region 1

  • Lake Wilson Marina ( Wilson Reservoir.)
    RR2 Box 163, Sylvan Grove, KS 67841 (785)685-2392

Region 2

  • Lake Perry Marina ( Perry reservoir)
    10770 Perry Park Drive, Perry, KS 66073 (785)597-5555
  • DJ's Rock Creek Marina ( Perry Reservoir)
    6049 west Lake Road, Ozawkie, KS 660707 (785)4842656
  • Thunderbird Marina ( Milford reservoir)
    P.O. Box 548, Junction City, KS 66441 (785)238-5864
  • Milford Lake ( Milford reservoir)
    8811 State Park Road, Milford, KS 66514 (785)238-3014

Region 4

  • Cheney Lake ( Cheney reservoir)
    16000 NE 50TH ST , Cheney, KS 67025 (316)542-3664
  • Cheney Marina ( Cheney reservoir)
    9912 South Titan Road, Cheney, KS (316)542-0163
  • Shady Creek Marina ( El Dorado Reservoir)
    1000 NE Marina Rd. P.O. Box 287, El Dorado, KS (316)321-0943

Region 5

  • Lighthouse Bay Marina ( Pomona reservoir)
    4009 Marina Road, P.O.Box 60, Vassar, KS 66543 (785)828-4777