Sand Hills State Park News

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Rapid change is going on at Sand Hills new campground.  Road paving will begin in the next week or so.  The horse pens are in and the campsites done.  Trees and grass have been planted and fish have been stocked in the pond.  A new facebook page for Sand Hills State Park is being created and will be updated here when it is done.  We will also post here when the Grand Opening will be.  Finally!!  Progress!! 

Trail permits are no longer required at Sand Hills State Park. It is now like other state parks in Kansas where a vehicle permit is required on vehicles entering the park or parking in the lots.

Another future endeaver will be cabins. We are looking forward to having 3 cabins available for use some time soon. Plans are under way at this time. Be sure to check out the cabin at the State Fair to see what the cabins will resemble.