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List of Live Animals on display in the Park Office

List of Live Animals on display in the Park Office

Live / Office Animals

Come and visit our State Park Office to see a collection of common animals found in Kansas.

Have you ever touched a snake? Do you want to? Well, here's your chance. We have several "nice", friendly snakes that don't mind being held. Daily, we have kids of all ages (8-80 year olds) who come into the Park Office that just can't wait to see one up close and personal. We've even changed a few people's minds when it comes to snakes. Whether you want to identify a snake or just want to know what to look out for, this is the perfect place to do it. Our office display started over 10 years ago with just a Copperhead and a Timber Rattlesnake. Now we have a total of 11 different types of snakes native to Kansas, 4 different types of turles, 2 types of lizards, a toad & several kinds of fish.

Contact us today for a FREE Show & Tell! Gather your group, be it Scouts, School, Church Group or you'd like to bring your whole family. We can schedule a "Show & Tell". Get a private tour and a hands on experience for all to enjoy! (Minimum of 10 per group.)


The Three Venomous Snakes found in Kansas - Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, Massasauga Rattlesnake

Black Rat Snake, Milk Snake, Prairie Kingsnake, Northern Water Snake, Plain Bellied Water Snake, Small Brown Snake & Coachwhip Snake,

Turtles - Red-Eared Slider, Aligator Snapping Turtle, Musk Turtle (Also known as Stink Pot Turtle)

Toads - American Toad

Lizards - Western Slender Glass Lizard & Six-Lined Racerunner

Fish – 99 Gallon Fish Aquarium it has - Our 99 Gallon Fish Aquarium has Fish from local Lakes and Streams.

Displays - Bobcat,White Faced Hornets Nests, Deer Antlers, Quail, Several itmes found on old homestead foundations through out the park and Skulls of all kinds!