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Bluffton Area (North Side) and Page Creek Area's (South Side) water system has been shut down for the winter. Electricity will still be available to the campsites all year. All Shower houses in the Page Creek area are currently closed. We do have a freeze hydrant available year around in front of the office and the North bathhouse in the Bluffton Area (located by the rental cabins) is available all year round.  All the rental Cabins have water available.

Burn Ban in Affect:

Due to recent dry conditions a Burn Ban has been put into place.  No open Fires Allowed.  Above ground charcoal and Gas Grills are allowed for cooking.  Grills must have a lid.  Nothing is allowed to be burned in the in-ground fire pit.

Wildfire Hazard:

Hot, dry weather across much of Kansas has increased the risk of wildfires. The most vulnerable regions are in the western half of the state where rainfall has been minimal. Campers should contact the state park office to learn about local conditions and burn restrictions.

Here are some helpful downloadable documents for your trip to Cedar Bluff State Park.