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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.


Called out early Sunday morning for a completely submerged vehicle in Lake found by a fisherman in a cove.  Assisted with removal of a Dodge truck that was stolen the night before and dumped in the lake.  Attended firearms training.  Worked on KLER reports etc.  Issued NTA for No License X 2.  Completed some boat inspections. Prepared for upcoming Hunter Ed. Class.

Enjoyed the range qualification course on Monday, traveled on day off to KLETC for some days of training the trainers.  Not much time left for Saturday, enough miles to get that "gypsy" feeling.

This last week I attended Firearms training, checked fishermen and worked in my office.

Water patrol on Reservoir checking many fishermen, and only one with too many poles.  Report received about a truck in the lake. Completed monthly reports.  Attended a day at the range, and then met up with my hand-fisherman to issue another NTA, for no fish license.  Checked PBT at Regional office, picked up new/used cell phone as mine was shot, filed NTA's in County, and headed to KLETC on my day off.  Attended FTO training rest of the week.  

Complied and submitted weekly reports, approved timesheets, drove to PD to pick up their reports on PCWA drowning and then completed agency drowning report, provided a landowner a propane canon for deer depredation and then began my scheduled days with firearms qualifications and in-service.  Had one hour to work Saturday so I checked on patrol boat and went home.

Attended range qualification.  Completed normal administrative tasks. Went to KLETC for FTO training.

Floated/drug kayaks on about 5 miles of the very low river with neighboring warden. Attended firearms qualification. Worked in office on reports, admin tasks. Obtained evidence disposal orders from C.A.'s. Checked a few anglers and boaters through the week.

Completed admin reports. Patrolled around Lake and WA. Assisted USACE Rangers with a traffic issue in their boat ramp parking lot. Attended the weapons qualification. Picked up a microphone for the video camera at the Regional office. Took a USACE Ranger around Lake to assess some buoy issues. Checked a few anglers and boaters on the lake. Worked on KLER reports. Filed NTA's. Arrested a subject for battery LEO in the SP boat ramp parking lot. Arrested another subject who jumped off a PWC and swam away from me after I observed him cross the restricted area near the swim beach. Tested and arrested the subject for BUI; he blew .078 on intox and was cited for restricted area and released. A big thanks to neighboring warden for volunteering to come up and help on a busy Saturday evening.

Sunday worked my local lakes checking several boats and issuing more paperwork.  Monday and Tuesday I was supposed to be off but spent considerable time completing reports from the previous weekend activities.  Wednesday continued to work in the office and then attended firearms training.  Thursday attended the sheriff's office kids camp.  Thanks goes out to officer for bringing the air boat up for the event.  Friday recorded the radio show and worked on reports.  Saturday finished all my reports and put them in the mail.  Then worked around the county for a few hours since the selective was cancelled due to the rain.

Sunday worked in the office, put whaler back on the slip and filed police report of stolen property.  Have lots of friends in my town.  Monday went to range and went to Regional office for supplies.  Thursday worked in the office and went to Cabelas for new side scan.  Friday patrolled counties.  Saturday worked in the office and went to boating program with jet ski simulator.

This week I helped with firearms training for three days.  Took the air boat for a boat program on Thursday.  Received a call regarding three individuals shooting deer.  It's starting early this year.  Took the air boat back and had another boat program using the PWC Simulator on Sat.

Sunday I went to Co. and kayaked the river with neighboring warden.  Tuesday I went to qualify with firearms. Went to FTO training the rest of the week.

Attended firearms training.  Attended the Field Training Officer training at KLETC.  Checked anglers at local area lakes and at reservoir.  Cited one angler for using more fishing lines than required.

General office and patrol. Made up new bond sheets. Went to Range and cleaned guns. Hunter Ed -- 40 students. Filed NTA's.

Attended 1st quarter firearms training. Attended FTO training at KLETC. Attended Swiftwater Rescue training.

Completed KLER and BUI reports from weekend selective.  Responded to OGT report of illegal fishing activities on the River.  Filed tickets and reports with county courts . Patrolled reservoir by patrol boat. Assisted Officer with evening activity at reservoir due to Boat Party, transported and intoxed one for BUI just under the limit. Responded to assist KHP Trooper with 10-32.

Worked on Stat reports at the district Office.   Attended Firearms and attended FTO Training. 

Last week I worked on a jet ski accident and information on a stolen boat.  On Saturday I taught 2 Hunter Ed classes and worked reservoir with NRO for awhile not finding much activity.  Sunday worked reservoir with even slower activity and got ready for 3 days of training.

Worked in the office on equipment and paperwork items.  Worked around the county finding very little.  Assisted an individual with a problem finding the HIN on his pwc. That turned into a possible stolen pwc, but have not been able to really confirm anything.  See what turns up.  Removed camera from river with no real help.  Assisted GW at reservoir with a slower crowd.  Travel to KLETC for 3 days of training.

Did a game breeder inspection this week.  Worked on hunter education and taught class over the weekend.  Worked in office on monthly paper work.  Packed towel, blankets, pillow, hand soap, TP, and other personal items for training next week at the KLETC training.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; worked in the Regional Office; processed and submitted vehicle reports; processed KLER reports; processed statistical reports; and attended FTO training at KLETC.

Worked in the RO on Monday, had a booth at the PD sponsored "National Night Out" at the swimming pool parking, annual leave the rest of the week. Preparing to attend FTO training at KLETC.

Monday off. Tues off but worked on NASP program and other upcoming programs.Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at in-service. Saturday began mandatory service training. Sunday completed service training. Patrolled to the state lake and found an infant watching two very drunk adults. Called a sober person to come get the infants and adults. Citation issued. Checked licenses. Patrolled to the reservoir and cited one for a registration that expired in March. Worked on the KLER.

This week, went to FTO training at KLETC.  Patrolled for anglers in Counties. And spent some time in the office doing the usual paper work.

Tuesday had truck serviced and traveled to Training (FTO) the rest of week. Saturday worked with warden at reservoir. The activity was slow. Sunday worked around reservoir checking a few anglers and boater.

Came back to an almost full voice mailbox and tons of emails to respond to, look at, etc. Spent time doing that. Arranged to get a Trimble unit so that I could complete the Brood Surveys. Completed 2 runs of the Brood Survey. Got oil changed in the truck. Went to regional office to drop off paperwork and pick up office supplies. Went to Cabelas with Officer to purchase new side scan after the one on the Whaler was stolen along with the GPS unit. Installed that. Patrolled Counties, not finding anyone really out. Worked a selective with Officer on reservoir on Saturday and checked the boats that were on the water. Responded to a deer depredation complaint in Co and now trying to work that thing out. The hunting calls/contacts have really started rolling in now. When are the seasons? What are the new limits? Where can I shoot a big one on public ground? I need "extra" patrol around my area. etc. Fun. 

This week I worked a selective with USFWS Warden floating the River. Found very few illegal set lines. Did however find a boat that looked to be dumped in the river. Checked a CSA for signs. Assisted SO working traffic at a barn fire. Caught up on KLER reports. Turned in NTAs. Phone is starting to ring with deer hunting questions from non-residents and residents alike.

General office duties before training. Attended FTO training at KLETC. Off for the weekend.

Tis week finished monthly stats, vehicle log, BPC. Patrolled spring river, empire lake and shoal creek areas. Rest of week attended FTO in service training at KLETC. It will be interesting to see where this process goes.

I worked on reports, and prepared for the Swiftwater Class that I helped teach. Thurs-Sun I worked on the training. About 20 participants made it through the class. Only one injury which was relatively minor. Sunday night I rode with warden to Hutch.

Attended the field training officer training at KLETC.  Helped with a hunter ed class and getting materials gathered up for the another class. Helped fisheries bio get stuff for a fishing clinic. Checked some fisherman and getting several calls from nonresidents about deer hunting and deer permits. Had two calls about illegal bird trapping. It was our dove traps.

Attended the 3 day Training Officer Class at KLETC. Patrolled area lakes for a few hours on Sunday finding almost no one out. Loaded the new KELR forms and then started approving about 30 KLER reports. Completed the mandatory Tourism online certification class.

Last week was busy with working on a background investigation and the travel that occurred with that, worked on the paperwork of the investigation , animal complaint calls, taught / spoke with a class on being a Game Warden at the local North West Tech College,  and spent time helping out at the Outdoor Youth Skills Day regards to Fur-Harvesting.  Got to assist a local Bee Keeper with the collection of a swarm of bees that was a concern to public safety of being a possible problem for a couple of hours one afternoon, (that was interesting).

Office work.  Rawlins Brood Survey.  Met with LT. Hunter ED Friday and Youth Outdoor Skills day Saturday. 

Patrolled in County and looked for good dove spots, met LT in RO. Found some untagged set lines. Took the boat to reservoir to get worked on and got flat tire on the way, GW just happened to be driving by and helped change it out. Patrolled around lake with LT.

Went to regional office, disposed of more evidence from past cases.  Met with CA in County. ran brood route, K-9 demo's at youth Outdoor Skills Day. Completed KLER reports, general office work, program for rotary club, oil change, and installed new toolbox.

Spent the early part of the week on paper work and office work, finished preparations for a hunter safety class locations and dates, completed a brood survey in county, looked for doves in counties for areas likely for activity, attempted to look into a mountain lion report but was rained out. Patrolled reservoir, checked a few fishing licenses, boat activity low, high winds likely the reduced lake use.

Checked Kirwin fishermen, worked on Hunter Ed equipment, qualified retired officer and other officers with C-Post and Patrol Rifle, office and reports, visit with Refuge personnel, CO S.O. , and county attn., check lake fishermen, prepare for upcoming qualifications for officers who can't make the September shoot and visit with land owners.

Completed the mandatory online training course; office work including several kler and vouchers; delivered equipment and transported evidence to freezer; met with game wardens; worked a couple days with new game warden.

Returned from long weekend.  Spent time catching up in the office and completing paperwork.  Completed mandatory training.  Responded to Co to call of deer shot and left lay.  Completed necropsy and collected evidence.   Patrolled fishermen and not finding many people out due to recent intense heat.

Worked on getting HE prepped. Went on an injured owl call, the owl flew off as the RP and I were standing there looking at it. Took care of some paperwork. Took a day of vacation. Off over the weekend.

Fishing patrol. Used some leave. Worked Saturday andSunday covering reservoir.  Conducted boat patrol both days, with Corp Ranger riding with me on Sunday.  Dealt with numerous violations in a friendly manner. I waved and smiled a lot also.... 

Tuesday I caught up with office work and completed the mandatory on line tourism training.  Remainder of the week I patrolled district, prepped for the upcoming hunter ed class on Saturday, and handled a bird complaint.

On Monday I retrieved plotwatcher for the summer and reviewed photos taken, filed NTA's from the weekend in County, and Inspected CSA. Tuesday was a long day for this Warden. The day began by hauling my flat bottom to the Region office, picking up Captain and shuttling him to pick up his new Patrol Unit. Once arrived at the regional office I dropped off the old boat and picked up Investigator for a day of investigating.  From regional office we drove to MO stopping to make arrangements for picking up a new flat bottom on the return trip. When we made our way to city, we looked up the suspect and found that he was at work in neighboring city so we went and met with him once he got off. Following the interview we issued a citation for Illegal Transfer of Tag for a Turkey and started the long journey back home. Along the trip back to my assigned area we picked up the new flat-bottom boat (which is awesome). Wednesday I started the day by taking the new boat out and got 1/2 of the engine break-in completed before I headed to issue another suspect in the same case NTA's for No Hunting License, Take W/O Valid Tag/Permit (Turkey), and Illegal Transfer of Tag. This suspect wasn't as nice as the first suspect. He liked to use the words "Hear-say" and "Intent" while discussing his NTA's.  After our brief meeting I returned to my office and completed paperwork for said investigation. On Friday I went to for FOP negotiations.

Annual leave. General office. Found multiple locations on Friday of shotgun shell casings on the roads. Looks as though dove season might have opened early. Worked reservoir over the weekend. Low water levels (soon to be historically lowest) making things difficult and slow.

Met with judge, county attorney, clerks and Rs. S.O. officers.  Worked on 2 boating accident investigations.  One where I was told the area needed to be marked and nothing was done, totaled boat and luckily no one was killed, boat rudders and prop came through the bottom of the boat. Checked fishermen and boaters.  Stripers slow, down rigging in deep depths.  White perch good at times but when you get over a school, they disperse rather quickly, which makes them hard to catch.  No hand fishermen this week.

Patrolled my areas looking for potential dove hunting areas for the upcoming season. Looked for a boat cover and seats for the patrol boat. Worked fishermen and boaters with a fair amount of activity this weekend. Plenty of catfish fishermen at night with limited success. Worked potential spotlighters at buckner park. Ended up being individuals frog hunting but one failed to obtain her fishing license. General office work. Violations dealt with x1 no fishing license x1 no boat registration.

Worked area water at Lake, catching a few catfish. More activity on the river off road vehicles than anything else. Complaint on raccoons. Received a call on crippled deer hit on Hwy. Worked river in Co. and also lake. activity dropping off today use not many camping or using the lake. Water is the lowest that I can remember. Finishing up paper work on Boating. Set up Hunt Ed. in Co. for the 6th and 7th.

Patrolled and discussed upcoming seasons and regulations with officers.  Took injured kite call.  Fielded questions about muzzleloader seasons, the shooting of deer from combines, and mountain lions.

Reviewed reports and worked on various office tasks trying to catch up from vacation. Worked on some inventory issues and tried to complete the tourism training. Had some technical issues with the training and wasn't able to complete it. Worked reservoir over the weekend with game wardens. Activity was slow due to wind, heat, and school. Issued a NTA  to a boater that park ranger found for an infant w/o a PFD. Called out Sun. night for a sail boater who couldn't make it in. Yacht club manager went out and got them before I got there. Helped SO and PD with an injured subject on the River on the way home.

Returned from vacation. Cleaned out and organized truck. Activity slow due to heat and school starting. Ready for change of season.

Worked in the office, picked up a live trap, dealt with an upset individual over his deer problem and got him referred to the local biologist, checked out areas for upcoming dove and duck seasons, completed online tourist training, swung over and checked out a very slow reservoir and looked for people on the river finding a few mainly just sitting under shade trees trying not to fry in the heat.

Monday picked up 5 deer hides from freezer and took them to RO Evidence. Replaced pistol mag springs and calibrated PBT's.  Rest of week office time and bunt comp. time with my weekend off.

Long weekend off.  Will take pwc to OK this week for repairs.  Work on 2 Hin insp. that applied for home made pwc which are not new just old pwc worked over and no hin numbers on vessels.  Finshed up on life time license insp.

Took Hunter ed supplies.  Worked in the office a little bit on some paperwork.  Worked on some firearms items.  Worked reservoir on Saturday and area lakes on Sunday. 

Wichita office for equipment, completed mandatory training, caught up on office work and phone calls, took patrol boat in to the shop, located a missing jet ski rider who was lost and swimming in the lake for about an hour with help from ranger a deputies, used a little comp time and off on 4 day.

Office.  District meeting.  Nuisance animals.

Scheduled Hunter Ed. for Sept. Patrolled lakes. Assisted County S.O. with Country Fest.  Broke up fights. Dealt with intoxicated subject that lit his arm on fire while trying to light charcoal grill.  DUI arrest.

Fishing patrol.  District meeting. Went to RO for equipment.  Helped with Country Fest on Friday night.  Hunter Ed in city on Saturday.  Ran our Intoxilizer for PD DUI check lane late Saturday night and early Sunday.  Netted 4 DUI's and several other alcohol and drug charges.

Attended district meeting.  Completed Kansas at Your Service Training, not really sure what to say about that.  Taught Hunter Ed over the weekend.  

This last week I completed the online training, worked in my office, checked fishermen, attended district meeting and taught hunter education.

Finished putting up supplies from assisted hunt site in event, met with youth hunter and parent, moved wheel chair access blind to site.  Placed two pop up blinds.  Attended a district meeting and tour of county SO, class room hunter ed presentation, survived hunter ed field day of heat.  Fishing special selective targeted enforcement.  Required training to understand, respect and help violators like a non-resident senior pass holder.

Had the weekend off. Worked in the office on a few items. Attended our district meeting and jail tour. Ran the airboat on the River with the Ft. Game Wardens for some training and familiarization. Gave a talk to some sportsman and checked a few fishing licenses at reservoirs. High temps and algae keeping most at home.

Timesheets, weekly rpts, KLER, new schedule, etc. Held district meeting at County LE Center. Finally got hot enough to stay home and complete service training 2 hrs?  Took some annual leave.  Worked boaters on reservoir Saturday afternoon and evening and worked Sunday with Warden on reservoir checking fishermen with a few issues and also had issues with a couple vessels. 

This week I checked a few anglers.  I worked in the office several days.  I helped officers set up their new phones.  I met with officer in reference to a case.  I also met with attorney and later that day with Colonel about the same case.  Normal administrative tasks.

Helped with the Youth/Assisted hunt "sight-in" process at range. Patrolled for non-existent anglers and boaters. Trip to city for a dept. phone swap and start building inventory for the next auction of seized items.

Dropped off a report at the DA's office. Worked on a recruitment website template. Attended a meeting in regional office regarding the website. Turned in my jet pack and picked up a new smartphone. Patrolled the WA, checking a couple bowfishermen. Worked a selective on reservoir with Officer. After it was over, we patrolled around Lake and the WA.

Sunday and Monday I was off.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent looking for boaters and anglers with very little luck.  I did make a trip to city and picked up my new smart phone, looks to be a very useful tool.  Saturday worked reservoir with warden, we managed to find a few violations and scratch some paperwork for the serious ones.

Sunday worked in the office and worked reservoir.  Monday patrolled which was very slow and did the online training.  Tuesday had tires put on the truck, picked up boat from Reg office, paper work to SO and took boat to state park.  Wednesday patrolled, took picture of low head dam on county line, picked up new phone and worked on old case.  Thursday worked in the office, met with officers on a case and met with LT. 

This week I finished up HE in SN Co., gave a boat safety program to Westar in Topeka, picked up new smart phone and worked on getting it figured out, and got HE trailer ready to be used in AT Co.

Routine patrol checking a few anglers.  I  picked up the hunter ed trailer for my upcoming class.  I picked up my new phone.

Returned equipment and picked up antlers to be scored for a restitution value in a case.  Completed two lifetime license investigations. Assisted in teaching hunter education.  Performed boat patrol on Lake.

Office work. Spent some weekday evenings at reservoir watching for light violations coming in off the water. Patrolled area for anglers. Patrolled Friday night. Conducted selective on Saturday, overall good selective, no BUI's and few NTA's issued for the number of boats on the water with 100 degree day. Thanks to Officers, and Lt for their help. Rode with Officer around Wildlife area Saturday night early Sunday morning. Responded and towed in disabled vessel on lake.

General office and patrol. Attended Basic Death and Officer Involved Shooting class . Good class. Attended the 1st Meet and Confer meeting.

Worked on Time Sheets.   Updated Officer Evaluations.  Took a day of A. Leave.  Responded to calls and E-Mails on day off.  Saturday was a long day with a lot of travel time, washed and fueled Whaler and ended up working a Selective at Res.   

Monday the 18th, worked in the office during the morning doing KLERs, KADR. In the afternoon filed NTA and KADR in County and visited with Sheriff and Undersheriff then patrolled River and State Lake. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday patrolled for anglers and looked at Dove Management Fields on Wildlife Areas. Days off Friday to Monday with the exception of working a few hours on Saturday to attend County Attorney’s funeral as he passed away last Saturday.

Last week on Monday and Tuesday I spent several hours in the office completing reports.  Wednesday I attended Intoxilyzer training. Off Thursday and Friday.  Saturday worked a slow day at reservoir with Lt. Saturday evening worked information booth at the Whitetail Weekend event. Sunday worked a slow day with game warden.  Sunday evening I got called back to the lake to tow in a boat.  While towing in the boat received a report of a missing swimmer at Lake which turned into a drowning.

Worked on a HIN inspection and sent all paperwork back to operation office.  Completed required mandatory training (I have no words). Sent all necessary info on cell phone and JetPack to Lt.  Worked around the county checking a few fishing and a couple boats.  Fewer out with the heat really settling in.  Worked in the office a little.  Weekend off.

This week I completed a Controlled Shooting Area inspection in Co.  I tried to do a second Controlled Shooting Area inspection but could not get the owner to return my phone calls.  I returned a rifle after the suspect paid off all of his fines.  Had a night selective with Game Warden and checked several fisherman. I completed the mandatory Kansas At Your Service training and can't wait to try out some of the one liners I learned.  Took a day off to attend a funeral.  Sunday I work a BUI selective on Res. with Game Warden.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties, met with the County Sheriff; processed KLER reports; sent Capt. the District's cell phone and JetPack information; worked in the Regional Office one day; submitted 28-day schedule; met with the County Attorney; and picked-up the District's SMART phones from Capt. Saturday worked boaters at reservoir with Game Warden with low activity. Saturday evening worked an information booth at the Whitetail Weekend event with NRO at the County Community College. Sunday early morning checked on a fish trespassing complaint on the River just inside County. Sunday late morning and afternoon worked boaters and anglers at County Lake. Sunday evening called-out to assist Game Warden  with a drowning at the designated swim area at Lake in County; victim was recovered by relatives shortly after reported being missing.

This week, I completed a HIN inspection.  I patrolled for anglers throughout the week, not a lot out due to the hot weather.  NRO and I worked a night/fishing selective, actually finding a few out after the sun went down.  Prepared and delivered a case report for DA for upcoming trial.  I had my fall hunter ed class Friday evening and Saturday, all 35 students passed.  Thanks to Lt. and game wardens for all the help.  

Tuesday worked on getting caught up from being off over the weekend and had eye doctors appointment. Wednesday worked the river above the city dam from a complaint from the weekend before. I cut out a few lines and made contact with lady that was trespassing and explained River Law to her. Purchased a new kill-switch for jet-ski. Thursday worked around reservoir and met with officers on a case. Friday picked up new phone and yes it is Smarter than I am. Saturday was hunter education. Way to hot for trail-walk and live fire, but we survived.Sunday started with helping the county a signal 4 person. Then a call about an injured owl someone had dropped off at the service plaza (Turnpike). Then took a call about set lines being run by unauthorized people on the River.

Monday finished affidavit and KLER on BUI. Took the PWC to the car wash and washed it then took it to the marina compound, so officers could take a picture of it. Took the affidavit to the CA's office and had it notarized and filed. Went to the boat and spent an hour scrubbing and rinsing the bugs and bird poop out, so that officers could come the next day and take a photograph. Patrolled through the state lake and found an individual passed out with alcohol. Woke him up, did a welfare check and then cited him. Then went to the office and did the KLER. Tuesday worked on convicted felon KDWPT licensed guide affidavits and then went to the marina to retrieve the pwc. Wednesday worked all day on affidavits and putting lots of photos, statements and other evidence together to file with the case. As well as recommendations. Also worked on inventory, upcoming programs and C&C training. Thursday met with the three wise men to discuss three affidavits and photographic and other evidence and case recommendations. Also reviewed some video of a re-enactment hunt filmed with poached deer. Patrolled home and added info to affidavits and recommendations from the meeting.  All this in a short week. Off for 4 day. 

Patrolled county lakes and wildlife areas. Completed online Kansas At Your Service training. Cut illegal set lines at SFL. Assisted KHP with a chase after trooper called for assistance on gravel county roads near my location. I was able to catch up with the trooper and followed the chase until all units disregarded as suspect crossed into Missouri. Cleaned and returned county positional equipment. Moved into new duty assignment location in counties.

Worked in the RO with weekly paperwork, completed mandatory “At Your Service” training, completed another CO brood survey, washed and wiped down my truck inside and out, helped with hunter education, checked some fishermen at area lakes, 4-day weekend.

I worked on getting the office ready for the paperwork coming during the dove season. Wednesday night I chased a shiner over 10 miles. He shined 4 different areas but I never caught up to him.  Found a trespassing side by side. A night flight will be needed here again this year. Friday was the FOP meeting and off the weekend on my modified 4 day.  Deer poachers are out and rolling strong.

New brakes and tires installed on truck. Patrolled Lake in response to a few guys possibly setting lines. Was not able to find the subjects but received the license plate number from a person who thought he saw them checking lines. Attended Elkstock and the turnout was very low. Four kids shot in four hours. Checked boats at reservoir. 

This week took day of leave. Patrolled late hours due to heat. Caught a couple nonresident fisherman no fishing license. Called to spot lighters shining cut corn fields. Deputies chased them back to state line. Checked boaters at Lake.

Worked in the office when it was warm. Activity has slowed down since it got hot. Getting more calls about deer hunting. Helped with two hunter Ed classes this week.

Finished the MiFi inventory. Set up another Hunter Education class for Oct. Wrote up and gave another mid-year evaluation. Finished the photo inventory of vessels. Now building the Microsoft Access program and entering the data. Took a layer of grasshoppers off my truck and put Rain-x on the windshield. Maybe they will hit and slide rather than splat and stick! On a 4-day.

Normal office duties.  I attended a meeting of district in the area and toured a new Jail facility that took the officers of district through the process of delivering a client to be incarcerated.  Had some work done on my state vehicle.  Began the process of putting together evaluation structures.  I picked up new smartphones and have been attempting to learn how to work the %$#* thing, which is not easy for someone that has used a telephone that required you to dial One long and two short handle twists for a connect to the operator.  I guess I have survived worse, so will keep making attempts to get the new one set up and functional.