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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 1.22.15

Finally tagged a few bobcats.  Spent most of the week getting K-9 equipment picked up and distributed to new handlers and traveling around trying to locate new dogs.  Assisted County S.O. with vehicle stop on I-70 which resulted in drugs and a large amount of cash.  Transported one to jail for the deputies.  

Snow cover for the last of the deer season and all areas accessible.  Some tracks of vehicles on wildlife area, others just cruisin' the roads.  Antlered deer taken in closed season traded for a NTA, carcass dropped at locker for safe keeping, reports written and filed.  Some issues opening previous reports, error of needed template not available.  Weekend off.

Checked a few last minute waterfowl hunters with some success.  Completed KLER and other reports.  Filed NTA's in CO, met with SO, followed up on a trapping complaint with trap seized.  Had truck serviced, shuffled around some supplies, and took a call from the SO about illegal hunting.  Followed up on that with an NTA issued for Hunt w/o written permission.  Patrol of WA finding a few last day deer hunters with not seeing an animal moving.  No real issues found.

Spent Sunday looking for the last of the deer hunters in my unit.  Very few out.  Found more duck hunters than deer hunters.  Got the patrol vehicle serviced and made contact with some individuals regarding some decoys that came up missing from private property.  Met with GW in County to go over trapping enforcement protocol.  Met an individual at his residence where he had suspected a mountain lion had went through his front yard and wanted me to take a look at the tracks in the snow.  The very large dog that left the tracks just so happened to go through the yard minutes before me arriving and home owner was disappointed to see that it was the exact same track he had seen previously.  

Compiled and submitted weekly reports, approved timesheets, approved KLERs, finished 1


quarterly reports, met with and tutored officer on KLER reporting, met with GW for 2014 evaluation andFTO program, submitted next schedule.  Surprised on Tuesday, after finding so few doe hunters out during season, to find an orange clad hunter in Unit 9 headed across a pasture.  Got the hunters attention and ask “ What are you hunting” – “deer” was the response – “No your not – come here”. Why do we even print regs if people don’t’ bother to read? Interesting experience on Wed. when a huge flock of snow geese flew into power lines just east of city knocking out power to 100 + customers.  Fifteen geese d.o.a. on arrival with another 10 crippled.  Before I left the area 9 eagles were present to run down 3 cripples.  Not much happened the rest of the week.

Checked a few late season firearms deer hunters; one hadn't purchased his 2015 license and blamed it on Walmart. Interviewed a subject regarding a couple photos. Performed a security sweep at an elderly woman's residence after her pup found a couple baby king snakes in her bedroom. Attended the Commission meeting in Bonner Springs. Met with USACE staff regarding a tree stand and feeder found on their property. Worked in the office, catching up on admin stuff and reviewing digital evidence. Completed the Hospitality training course. Spoke with the Emergency Management Director regarding ice rescue training. Spent some time doing surveillance in an area where a deer was poached last year and ended up making contact with a subject that had an untagged doe at his residence. 

Worked in the office and got caught up on reports and investigations. Also checked ice fisherman at local lakes. Biologist rode with me one day to look at some areas. Checked coyote wagons.

Worked in the region 2 office on administrative tasks, ordered smart phones, monster buck classic, permits, schedule, etc. and met with Colonel.  Completed an interview for the newspaper on Body cameras.  Getting officers ready to leave for Indiana shortly.

Cited an angler for snagging numerous crappie at the Lake outlet. Spoke with the County assistant district attorney on a couple different cases. Took some evidence and found property to the district office.  Received a report of some headless deer carcasses at the northwest corner of County.  Checked several deer hunters at wildlife area.  Worked on a wildlife investigative report.  Received a report and took some photos of severe damage done to the bathroom at State Fishing Lake.  Met with County Sheriff about a stolen vehicle found on the ice at the boat ramp at State Fishing Lake.  Ask if they would assist in providing extra patrol of the lake in light of the recent criminal activity.  Received a report of a headless deer found in the ditch. 

Patrolled area for antlerless deer hunters, anglers and goose hunters. Goose hunting has been slow with geese only flying after shooting hours. Attended commission meeting in Bonner Springs. Had new tires put onto patrol truck. Assisted KHP with traffic stop where he had an 18 almost 19 yo male traveling at high speed with three female juveniles aged 13, 15 and 16 unrelated to him. Juveniles were given a ride back home per parents request. Checked more anglers on the ice trying luck, observed one subject snagging below the Spillway. After making contact I was told he was doing a public service by snagging the Asian carp and that was the only way to catch them, after a license/equipment check he was using a 2014 license, 3 hooks on his snagging rig and was in possession of a carp that had been foul hooked. Logged snagging rig into evidence at District office. Hunting activities have slowed to almost non-existent.

General office and patrol. Slow with the very cold weather. Filed charges in Counties on past cases. Completed several KLER reports. Stopped a Rolling Domestic for CO. Held till the SO arrived. Investigated a dumped deer on property. Met and had lunch with past Officer who was in town. Attended the Commission Meeting in Bonner Springs. Attempted to contact subject about a falconry permit, office had wrong phone number on inspection form. Assisted KHP, COSO along with PD on a pursuit that came my way. Male and female taken out at gun point Felony stop. Numerous charges, ID theft, ect.

Monday time sheets, and retrieved thermo device from Trail Mgr. Worked on Inventory.  Worked on a BPC Purchase.   Packed up inventory and transported to RO.  Finished up snagging KLER report and submitted to County Attorney.   Patrolled around WA before my weekend off. 

Checked a couple of deer hunters and 4 birders on Wildlife Area. In the afternoon checked WIHA's and private ground looking for deer hunters and waterfowlers but found none.  Met Lt. and patrolled for hunters in Counties. Found only a couple of last day Unit 14 deer hunters trying their luck. Received a call on a hunter who shot an antlered deer and Game Warden and myself met him and looked over the area and interviewed the man. Issued a warning and let him tag the deer with his WES permit. In the late afternoon received a call about an eagle that was found dead on a county road. Found the eagle and will have SA send it in to determine cause of death.

Last week on Monday I worked on tracking down some information for the CA and patrolled.  Tuesday and Wednesday patrolled in the evening and did some office work.  Thursday I attended the district meeting at RO and then patrolled and returned some evidence to someone who was done with their diversion.  Only finding a few dedicated goose hunters out this week in the bitter cold but unbelievably have already filled out a page and a half on the January deer survey.  Off on 4 day.

Worked on KLER reports.  Turned in tickets to CA's office.  Worked around the county, finding few.  Attended District Meeting at RO.  Turned in a report to CA for upcoming case.  Worked in the office on paperwork and equipment. Called to a deer hunter who had a deer fall dead near his stand that had been shot by someone else.  Couldn't locate responsible party.  Checked a few duck hunters at iced over City Lake.  Called to locker to deal with a deer tag issue.  Answered a few questions and issues by phone.  Deer season MOSTLY over.

I traveled to KLETC on Sunday night. On Monday I took test number 7, I made a 90% on the test. We then went over EVOC procedures and the components of a collision (8 hours). On Tuesday we went over more collision components and the components of the EVOC course (8 hours). On Wednesday (8 hours), Thursday (8 hours), and Friday morning (4 hours) we went over collision investigating and diagramming. Friday evening we went over prisoner transport and car/person searches (4 hours).

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; prepared for and conducted a District Meeting; worked in the Regional Office one day; and submitted the agenda and notes from the District Meeting.  Saturday worked with GW in Counties checking a few hunters and conducted a coaching session. Sunday worked in Counties investigating an antlered deer that was shot and reported by the deer hunter, checked a couple trap sets, investigated a Golden Eagle carcass (unable to determine cause of death), and conducted a coaching session.  Received a call from County Dispatch on Sunday afternoon advising rescue was called-out due to a trucker traveling down the KTA and reported seeing two people walking on the ice at reservoir (not falling through, just walking on the ice); they were ice fishing. 

This week I patrolled finding little activity, except after dark there still seems to be pretty good traffic out.  Assisted SO’s with a house alarm in the county and escorting a “mental” person to the hospital.  Helped K9 Officer remove his back seat from his patrol vehicle.  And the usual office work throughout the week. 

This week I took the truck in for service and had to get brake pads put on the rear. A lot of waterfowl using the river with a couple trespass calls to go along with that. Both were the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing and permission had been given. I didn't find many deer hunters out this week. The majority of the activity was around waterfowl. I helped the county with an ATV accident. It was a roll over in which a 14 year old was killed. 

Tuesday gave an interview to radio about a swan killing.  Returned rifle to spotlighting suspects. Worked on reports and office work. Wednesday took plot watcher to Warden.  Patrolled to a road shooters residence in another attempt to interview him.  Got a low tire indication but it was bitter cold so I figured that was the issue, however took it in to check anyway and have it serviced. Thursday called out by game warden for a report of a deer with injured leg. Found it very emaciated and full of infection and euthanized it. Friday investigations, affidavits attended funeral of local outfitter. Gave euthanized deer to a photographer to photograph eagles coming to the carcass. Saturday patrolled problem areas. Contacted several landowners reference problems. Checked several antler less deer taken. Sunday checked quail, deer and duck hunters. One with no license cited. Worked problem area again and saw lots of deer at prime time. Had one come down the road "not hunting", but had two rifles ready go in the seat beside him. Signed him up for the open containers and had his wife come pick him up because he was too close to impaired to safely operate a vehicle or ride down the road with loaded rifles and "not hunt". Worked a shot gunned otter case and finally made contact with the suspect. 

I spent a lot of time looking for the few late season hunters that were out there. I ended up checking more coyote wagons this week than deer hunters. I think that this is the after effect of a poor deer season and terrible hunter success. Sunday was a banner day of calls and being busy with no paper to show for it. At least the season is over.

Took part in a coyote selective. Issued NTA for raccoon that was shot in MO, but he had no licensing in either state to take a raccoon. Court postponed again. Went over new priority outcomes. Checked some Outdoor Channel personalities. Went in search of a dog and unfortunately she was a little timid. Tagged bobcats.  River busy with waterfowl, but not too many hunters. General office duties.

This week finished case for upcoming court.  Met with county attorney on case.  Patrolled finding very few out.  Ran decoy with officer we did not even have a vehicle go by.  Checked a few people pushing deer on the WA.  Ran decoy on WA only to get called to someone shooting a rifle at a group of hunters decoys. Will interview suspect this upcoming week. Met with Oklahoma warden on a few cases.  Called to individuals shooting pheasants from a vehicle.  I got vehicle stopped.  Numerous violations, NTA's issued.  Assisted SO with a stolen vehicle.

Worked a coyote wagon selective on Sunday. Officer and I found several groups, all in compliance. Worked a couple of days in the office when it was frigid outside with wind chills between -20 and -30. Located some interesting social media posts during some of that time. Will follow up on those. Did respond to an injured pelican call. Checked a few goose hunters, fishermen, and 1 trapper. Responded to County for a turkey hung in a tree in a neighborhood. The turkey was tagged and legally placed there. Don't know if the person is bragging or what. It sure does not look good for the hunter's image. Overall pretty slow with temperatures and wind keeping most at home. I did record some deer for the January survey and observed numerous bald eagles. Responded to numerous calls regarding the error in the whitetail antlerless units 10 and 11 that was in the hunting regs available to the public. Clarified what I could and then forwarded the complaints and angry individuals to the biologists. Tagged some bobcats. 

Attended court for the first time this week on a case that occurred back in November. General patrol around the county finding little to no activity anywhere, seems the cold kept everyone inside. Worked around the Office organizing paperwork, and getting files set up for 2015. Off on 4 day.

The weather this week kept them all in. All activity was very slow. I checked a trapper that was fighting to keep his sets open. A few quail hunters and some duck hunters. Worked in the office and cleaning out my truck.

Caught up with computer work, approved KLER reports. Helped out at the office, mail runs, bank deposits, approving NADC Permits, Field trial permits, lots of phone calls with deer season questions. Patrolled counties looking for deer hunters. Found almost none. Working on programming radios. Checked a few field goose hunters. No duck hunters found as all the lakes and ponds are frozen over.

Completed KLER Reports, completed general office work, tagged cats, worked ice fisherman at area reservoirs, patrolled for goose hunters and antlerless hunters, answered questions from sportsmen, met with CA, worked on investigation, worked with GW to complete fur harvester training task, located some traps and left some business cards, looked for dogs for K-9 program.

Met with County Attorney to get charges filed on a criminal hunt case from firearms deer season. Patrolled and checked deer, pheasant, and coyote hunters. Checked some people ice fishing at reservoir with very few catching fish. Went and looked at a dead doe that a farmers dog drug up into his front yard. Worked on finding traps and furharvester training task with GW.

Started the week checking an individual from Colorado with resident tags and no lifetime license.  Owns a home in KS and claiming residency in both CO and KS.  Individual also failed to tag his two deer with his invalid deer tags or possess a current hunting license. Citations coming.  Worked Ice Fishermen finding few with fish and on investigations from hunting season.

Early part of the week was spent preparing for court and checking ice conditions.  Reservoir has moderate ice coverage but limited fishing.  Court was cancelled, caught up on office work and worked on organizing all of the equipment from old truck. Performed TV interview for eagle communication about game wardens with body cameras.

Last week was busy with follow-up on investigations, paperwork, reports, phone calls, covering miles checking very few hunters.  I believe that the bitter cold at the time of typical hunting hours with quick thaw that hinders travel has dampened the hunt, right along with LOW NUMBERS of Pheasants and Deer.  Visited with Investigator on a case involving Colorado, and got several things of interest done at the RO. followed up on an OGT Call from a case that stemmed in Dec.  Violations dealt with, Ill. Display of a Coyote.

Checked fishermen and hunters.  Catching stripers and white bass at the west end and at creek, had one that caught a 35lbs, 40" striper and released it, told him good job cause that could be another state record in a couple years!!!  Goose hunters doing fair.  Took a handicapped and disabled guy deer hunting.  Work on investigations.  Trespass calls.  Coyote hunting calls and coon hunting calls.

Office. Patrol. Court. 300 day sentence plus fines made for 1 unhappy individual. Sunday became a fantastic 13 hour day with people scrambling to fill a tag.

Met with county attorney about upcoming cases. Picked up subpoena. Followed up on emails and calls after being gone. Tagged cats.

Tried to catch up from being off. When I came back i had 40+ missed calls, 17 voicemails, and 105 emails to sort through. Somehow I was able to plow through most of it and check some deer hunters and ice fishermen.

Tagging cats, looking for deer hunters, and following up on a couple of deer investigations and OGT card.

Patrolled district finding a few deer hunters throughout the week. Checked several pheasant hunters over the weekend who harvested both pheasants and quail. Responded to report of road hunters who did not have permission like they thought. Looked into report of a Bobcat being sent to Arkansas to be breed, ended up they had been given permission to transport the cat because the rehabilitator had become too attached to release it. Helped with maintaining the perimeter of a section while sheriffs searched for subject that fled.

Monday fielded phone calls. Tuesday arrested 1 for stolen vehicle, checked goose hunters and met with Sheriff.  Wednesday tagged 20 cats in county. Thursday picked up K9 uniforms for new Officers and took my k9 to vet. Friday truck serviced, tagged more cats. Saturday checked pheasant and coyote hunters and tagged cats. Sunday slow, checked few goose hunters then worked on truck/k9 kennel modifications/maintenance.

Worked on couple of cases last week.  Met up with another boating officer last week and worked on different boating material for conference.   Did couple of interviews on old turtle case due to youth getting sick from one of the turtles she was given from grandmother. Getting a lot of phone calls covering many different areas.

Worked on reports and other paperwork.  Went through my office and found my desk again.  Worked on a couple of trapping complaints.  Patrolled this weekend found very few hunters out and even less wildlife. 

General office and patrol.  Checked very few hunters during antlerless season; cold temperatures and overall population likely contributors.  Took a call about two bucks locked together.  Separated them, but had to put down the loser.  Salvage tag issued.  Addressed calls about a dead hen pheasant found on WIHA property and possible clay target shooting on another WIHA property.

Filed ticket and did KLER report. Worked on reports and investigations from this deer season. Talked with CA about cases. Patrolled finding few birds and even fewer hunters. General office work.

Spent the first part of the week finishing up on a few cases from deer season.  The rest of the week was spent trying to locate goose and coyote hunters with little success.  Did talk to quite a few local residents with the same problem.  What are you and your agency going to do about the decreased number of wildlife in Southwest Kansas.  This is a problem we must try and resolve.

Patrolled for antlerless hunters, not finding any, or any deer to kill for that matter.  Finally saw my first deer of the new year after around 1000 miles of travel and 9 counties.  Very few hunters out.  Geese are around, but everything other than the water treatment plant is froze over.  Worked on presentation.

This last week I checked hunters, tagged bobcats, traveled to Columbia Missouri to evaluate and pickup a dog, installed new handlers dog kennel, assisted the new handler in collecting equipment, completed paperwork.

Called to County for possible road hunters on Sunday.  Finally located vehicle in the middle of a pasture.  Both subjects issued paperwork for No Hunting License.  Later learned that one subject is a convicted felon. Paperwork started to get him charged with felon in possession of a firearm. Had truck serviced.  Traveled to Missouri with Game Warden to evaluate dogs and we located a good one named Anna so we are finally done with that process.  Assisted getting new kennel installed in Game Warden truck and got him the rest of his equipment and supplies.  Ordered dog food.  Updated KLER and completed KLER reports.  Worked Fur Auction with Game Warden.  We tagged a few cats but turnout was low and prices weren't any better.  Took a tongue lashing or two about the poor deer population.  All I can do is agree with them and tell them I have no say in the matter. 

Off Sunday Monday.  Checked goose hunters throughout the week.  Spent some time in Northern  part of County and Southern County assisting other agencies in search of the individual who has been impersonating an officer.  Attended The Bulletproof Mind seminar on Friday which was given by Retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  Very good seminar and I recommend it for future training for anybody who has not had the opportunity to go and hear him speak.  Worked the Abilene fur action with GW tagging a few bobcats but definitely not quite the amount of furs I had hoped to see there.

Patrol checking a few goose hunters.  Discouraged a target shooter on WIHA that was shooting towards a residence in the distance.  Home on sick leave, filed NTAs in Co., checked on some NTA dispositions, and picked up some Smart phone accessories for a few guys.  Called after dark to Co for a locked set of deer still alive.  Had to borrow a shotgun/shells from the reporting party to shoot apart the antlers because we don't carry shotguns anymore.  Ended up putting down one of the bucks as he was too far gone.  Traveled for a boating meeting, and met with SO.

Many hours with report from end of deer season.  Reporting forms updated with help of Major. Assisted Public Lands division with illegal traps.  Prepared for river special selective enforcement called off due to ice conditions, checked crow, goose and one dove hunter instead.  Complaint of waterfowl hunter at Corps no hunting area.

Began the week in an icing ditch with a deer caught up in a fence.  Completed the usual computer work.  Picked up my new phone and with good and patient instruction by GW.  I’ve entered the world of the smart phone. ??  Attended a Lt.s’ meeting in Chanute and delivered phones to the SE.  Attended arraignments in County with spotlighting suspects admitting guilt. Attended a couple meetings the past two weeks following the drowning in the State Park.  Looked for waterfowl hunters over the weekend but with very little open water only a few found anywhere to hunt and success was limited.

Closed another deer season by issuing paper for the illegal take of an antlered deer during antlerless season. Checking some furharvesters and tagging a few cats. Assisted Co. S.O. with man-hunt for L.E. impersonator.  Carcass tagged two dead bucks this week...one had to be freed from a very much alive buck.  Third rut??????

Checked waterfowl and firearms deer hunters.  Patrolled around the WA and Lake, checking a few anglers.  Spent time reviewing videos and organizing computer files.  Met with the ADA to discuss a deer decoy case.  Assisted SO's with a 10-48 rollover accident. 

Tuesday worked in the office.  Wednesday worked in the office, went to Reg office and patrolled.  Thursday met with landowners about illegal trapping, went to look at headless deer on lake.  Still there, was not going to walk across the ice to get a better look and patrolled.  Friday tagged a cat, wash truck and patrolled.  Finished the day helping KHP on a man hunt for two individuals that were ditching their meth lab as they went down the highway.  Saturday rotated tires on truck, tried to track down illegal trapper, tried to track down trespassers and patrolled.

This week I completed and turned in a boat theft investigation report.  Looked for people still deer hunting in Unit 19.  Went to Ka Comm to have radio re-banded and flashlight charger installed in work truck,  Checked on complaint of a red tailed hawk that was found dead and suspected shot and a pet turkey as well.  Turkey was likely shot but couldn't determine if hawk was shot.  Worked in my office some completing hospitality training, of which I wasn't able to print out a certificate when I finished the test.  I checked on the KS River a few times to see if the ice was breaking up so a waterfowl selective could still take place on Sat. or Sun. but the ice didn't break up so the selective was canceled.  I went to the Sec. Office to secure items for the Monster Buck Program next weekend and I made some phone calls regarding Honor Guard recruitment. KDWPT Honor Guard is looking for three new members, details will likely be sent out next week.

This week I worked in the office on Administrative tasks.  I met and selected a dog for K9 training.  I attend a meeting on Wednesday and Thursday.  I took my truck into the shop for some tire issues and fixed the air boat trailer.  Helped some officers get their new smart phones up and running.  Did a couple of interviews for the media on body cams.  

Worked on a wildlife investigation.  Checked some anglers at WA.  Checked some duck and quail hunters.  Checked for some illegally set traps.  Met with a boat owner on how to register his boat.

Helped deliver OtterBox cases to district officers. Responded to assist County with armed disturbance regarding trespassers, subjects admitted to being on property but said they were just shooting. Suspects were testing out new gun - Stevens Tactical Pump Shotgun. People no longer buy hunting specific guns anymore.  Checked waterfowl hunters along Kansas River. Sat on some die-hards using atv to get boat to river, then checked some using one of the Boat Ramps finding one without state waterfowl fees.  Anglers were having luck through what ice CLTR had, catching nice crappie with about 11ins being the smallest kept, nice mess of crappie when you ask to double check the smallest and that's it.

General office and patrol.  Got caught up on KLER reports. Picked up new phone. Filed a juvenile complaint in CO.  Denied a Falconry permit inspection.  Total Filth.  Got computers to snyc to new printer at the district office as well as the new Hotspot on the phone.

Last Monday shorted hours due to long day on Sunday worked in office.  Tuesday loaded up ATV and took it to the Polaris dealer to have work done before it goes to Warden. Then drove to Reg Office and turned in MIFI jet pack and old cell phone and picked up new smart phone. Wednesday tagged cats and patrolled reservoir. Visited with manager. Days off Thursday and Friday. Saturday found only two quail hunters while patrolling. Sunday found no one out hunting, just people out enjoying warmer weather.

On Tuesday I patrolled, delivered salvage tags to the sheriff's office, and worked in the office.  Wednesday I worked around reservoir only finding a few people trying to ice fish.  Thursday and Friday were more of the same with patrol and office.  Saturday patrolled finding some people still trying to get their deer.  Sunday worked a selective in County with GW for waterfowl hunters only finding a couple of groups out with no issues.  Saw plenty of ducks and geese out and found two more people on their last ditch effort to get the elusive deer.

Worked in the office catching up on paperwork.  Checked some waterfowl hunters at city lake.  Received a couple calls about a hawk in the median of HW.  Turned out it was fine and flew away when I got near it.  Assisted a landowner with some animal problems.  Washed and cleaned up truck.  Checked waterfowl hunters, quail hunters and coyote hunters over the weekend.  Assisted KHP with a traffic stop.  Assisted GW with a waterfowl selective in SW county, checking a couple groups having some luck.

Arrived at the academy on Sunday. On Monday we went over rules of the road and domestic violence intervention, 10 hours. On Tuesday we went over mechanics of the arrest and I successfully qualified with my firearm, 8 hours. On Wednesday we went over baton tactics and physical training,  8 hours. On Thursday we went over cuffing from a prone position and oc training, which was not fun, 8 hours. On Friday we went over cuffing, pressure points and baton training. 8 hours.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; transferred carcass of Golden Eagle to USFWS SA for necropsy;  processed KLER reports; attended a Lieutenant's Meeting; and worked on a big game investigation. Saturday worked hunters in CO and attempted to conduct an interview for an investigation. Sunday worked hunters in CO and conducted an interview for a investigation.

This week I patrolled finding some duck and coyote hunters out and a few anglers.  I did a lot of office work, trying to get things wrapped up from 2014 and the usual paperwork that piles up on my desk.  I assisted local SO’s on a person with a warrant and assisted on a domestic stand-by at a house next to a state lake.  I helped out at Wildlife Area in getting ready for some new fence being put up.  Went down to the Mined Lands and did an interview for KOAM with Warden about our new body cam’s.  Picked up new phone and went and found a case for it.  Completed evidence seizure info for Col.

This week had court on one case and a prelim on another case. I used a day of vacation to attend a funeral. Fishing activity was good over the weekend at County Lake. Still a lot of waterfowl in the area.

Monday office work. Investigations. KLER. Worked on Body Cam software and printer giving me carriage jam message. Tuesday & Wednesday off. Thursday returned calls on dumped deer, eagles and possible deer poaching. Completed Wildlife Seizure Report, logged in deer info on Jan Deer Survey, updated KLER software, worked on affidavit, case recommendations and KLER on road poacher. Worked on printer some more with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. Got it working enough to print affidavits and reports, then ran out of ink. Friday took affidavit to County Attorney and met with her about the case. Patrolled to RO to pick up more printer ink, but they were out too. Patrolled through an area with 17 Bald Eagles at RP request. Found a couple parked in the middle of a county road sitting in the back seat with no clothes on enjoying Kansas. Kindly asked them to move their car and find a better place to enjoy rural Kansas so the county rock trucks and other traffic could get past. Patrolled to a bridge that is a carcass dump site and photographed six new additions. Saturday met Warden and got an extra printer cartridge from him. Patrolled to heated dock and checked 8 anglers and about 15 crappie. Followed a convoy of four vehicles on the wildlife area and checked 12 hunters hunting together for quail and turkey. Sunday worked with Game Warden in his area checking anglers that came out for the warm weather. In the afternoon, Game Wardens helped me with a selective at the docks on the reservoir. We checked about a dozen anglers fishing through the ice. Activity slow with no limits observed but saw several nice fish taken. 

Monday I patrolled for bird hunters and worked in the evening for spotlighters with the deer still having their headgear. Off on Tuesday and Wednesday but had a kidney stone so it was a thrilling two days off. Thursday went to and got my new smartphone, checked a group of rabbit hunters with 16 beagles (it was a sight), and then responded to the Ranch for a report of men hunting from horseback. Made contact and gave them a warning. The rest of the week was patrolling checking goose and duck hunters having good luck except the one that had no hunting license. Finished up with KLER, Timesheet, Minutes, and Stats.

Updated KLER. Set up career day presentation for next week at the community college. Patrol. Assisted a landowner with getting his cattle off the road and back inside the fence. Received new smartphone and bought case for it. Met with a landowner about past and probably future spotlighting issues. Helped out with the county coyote drive. Quite the experience watching well over 100 hunters surround 4 square miles at a time to thin out coyotes.  

Worked in the RO usual weekly paperwork and reports, completed KLER reports, met with the county attorney about juveniles I caught shooting geese out of the back of a pickup, answered a complaint of trespassing, subject had permission, subject that was driving off the established roadway at SL had a warrant out of County so he got a ride to the CO SO made me late to the Lt’s meeting, took a day of annual leave looked for duck and coyote hunters Sunday got a report of subject shooting raptors.

Removed backseat in order to install kennel for new K9. Installed Kennel and shopped at Petsmart for K9 items. Picked up two K9's and had one neutered. Did a lot of running around this week for K9's, which included transferring K9's back and forth.

This week I patrolled areas known for coyote hunters and some poaching complaints still going. No violators were found. I picked up my new phone from the Office. I prepped for the County Coyote Beatdown. Had several people talking about how big it was going to be...it was the biggest group yet. 2013 was about 120 hunters, 2014 about 140, this year was at least 160. I think there were a total of almost 200 participating in some way in this hunt. Wives were cooking, "English" were driving vehicles to transport hunters, some coyote wagons to chase the ones that tried to get away and some women walked with their significant other's. In total they killed 49 coyotes, 2 bobcats, AND NO INJURIES!!!! It was a good day. Thanks to all the Wardens who came to see what all the buzz was about.

Met up with landowner to get written statement on a case. Turned in case report to CA. Attended court on day off and waited until they told me it had been continued. Did an interview with KOAM TV on the new body cameras. Thanks to Game Warden for his assistance. Met with Game Warden on a case. Patrolled with Game Warden and helped him setup his new phone to his tablet. Captured an injured Pelican and took it to the rehabilitator.

Returned Phone calls from being gone on 4 day. Worked on investigations. Traveled to RO to help the other Officers with their new smart phones. Checked a few duck hunters brave enough to bust through the ice. Assisted Warden on his County Coyote Round-up, was very interesting to watch!

Patrolled around and checked ice fishermen. All water around me is frozen solid. Picked up new phone from Lt.  Went with Lt. and Officer as they evaluated a dog for the K9 program that was just a few miles from my house. Went to RO to drop off my old phone. Helped CO and KHP with a vehicle pursuit and mobile meth lab. I didn't do anything but help hold a perimeter; however Officer, along with the KHP K9s, found the suspects in the woods. Helped Officer with his annual County Coyote Hunt. Lots of hunters and lots of dead coyotes. Spent some time in the office working on various tasks. Overall activity is very slow.

Worked in the office. Went to RO for a boating officers meeting and to turn in my phone and mifi for the new smart phone. NO DOUBT!! It is smarter than me. With lots of help from the guys I think I can now answer a call and place a call. Haven't figured out how to get to the missed calls or voice mail. Checked some duck hunters with no ducks. Still some guys out hunting what quail we have left. They the quail haven't got a chance. Fishermen getting the itch and found a guy at the pits with a hole in the ice-----cat fishing

Caught up with the computer work, Approved KLER reports, installed new filler. Went to look at possible K9s.  Attended the County coyote hunt. Amazing what that has become over the years. With the warm weather the smaller bodies of water are starting to open up but places like WA are still froze like a rock and waterfowl hunting is almost zero. Worked with a sportsman that went to Walmart to buy a Kansas duck stamp and was told they couldn’t sell them any more this year. Not sure what that was about but he did get one finally. Got new smartphone. What a learning curve this thing is!

Receipts to RO, cleaned out evidence freezer, K-9 training, tagged cats, investigated traps not being checked every calendar day, trip to Pratt to pick up new laptop and files transferred, attended district meeting, filed tickets, met with SO, worked getting new computer up and running and installing all the important software to complete game warden duties.  Off on 4 day and all next week.

Tagged some bobcats. Met with GW to work on Commercialization training task. District meeting. Went out on one of the few WIHA's with trees to look for traps and instead found 8 untagged ladder stands. Met with LT to go over evaluations.

Wrapped up deer patrol Sunday only to get called out Monday to two bucks shot and dumped.  Sick deer calls and bobcats tagged.  District meeting Thursday. Tried to work waterfowl hunters Friday.  Only finding ice fishermen, trappers and bird hunters.  Received a phone call Saturday night identifying a "known" poacher who snap chatted several people implicating himself as the shooter in the deer dumped from Monday.  Investigation to follow.

Last week was busy with follow-up on investigations, working with GW, Meetings, transferring guns to GW for a Youth hunt, paperwork, a Pheasants Forever Banquet, and checking very few hunters with NO Success.  Violations dealt with Driving on WHIA.

Worked reservoir regularly, but with ice conditions never being what I would call optimal fishing was essentially non existent.  With warm weather ice is now patchy and unsafe.  Spent some time working  Counties looking for trapping violations, and coyote wagons, but both are limited in abundance.  Got caught up on some KLER reports.  Had a district meeting and am attempting to learn how to use the new smart phone.

Office work including several KLER, finished and submitted district 1A schedule, finished and submitted one award nomination and am working on another, submitted district clothing order; attended Lt meeting at regional office; conducted district meeting.  Thank you to the district office staff for letting us use their conference room.  Met with game wardens over the weekend.

Took truck in for repairs to front, rear brakes and axle seal leaking.   Worked on reports in office.  Attended Lieutenant meeting in RO on Wednesday.  Took evidence to the freezer and distributed equipment.  Met with CA on several cases pending.   Patrolled finding a few hunters out.

Spent a lot of time looking over cases and checking on if they were cleared in court.  Cleaned guns and tried to reclaim desk in my office from piles of paper.  Patrolled around public land to try and catch lead in doe that was poached.

Monday took some sick leave, worked on computer stuff and completed an OGT report.  Remainder of the week looked for trout fishermen, upland game bird hunters, and tagged some cats.  Found a few fishermen but not a single bird hunter.  

Patrolled for duck and goose hunters.  Managed to check retired captain enjoying his retirement by duck and goose hunting.  Gathered more information for county attorney.

Attended County commissioners meeting regarding River access locations.  Tagged some bobcats.  Salvage tag for large roadkill buck.  Worked duck hunters for final week of season on the river. Washed the deer season camouflage off my truck. 

Slower week, finished an investigation, and started another one.  Whitetail Buck killed on the last day of doe season.  Had to put down a doe with broke leg. Tagging a few cats, seems to be down from the previous year.  Few Geese are showing back up in area mainly snows.  Taking some time off / comp.

Checked Ice fishermen with the only luck coming from catching white bass and wiper on the west end of the lake.  Attended Boating meeting on Wednesday.  The rest of the week was spent in the office taking care of some much needed organization.  Some cats are starting to roll in and get tagged.

Kler reports. Took callout lists to dispatchers.  Investigations ongoing and new ones coming in.

Reviewed KLER reports and worked on various office projects.  Looked for hunters finding coyote, upland bird, goose hunters and some deer hunters utilizing the lengthy unit 15 deer season.

Return after four day with nonstop madness, phone calls and complaints from days off concerning upset hunters looking for deer and not finding them, hunters wanting places to find pheasants, call about a dead buck, worked on an active investigation, worked on getting equipment ready for training. Tagged a cat, and looked for hunters.

Had evaluation. Did some follow up seized deer for Lt. Tried to find some fishermen.  Helped look at dog for K9 program.

Patrolled district finding last minute deer hunters and goose hunters. Attended county commission meeting. Filed citations with court.

Monday tagged cats, office time. Tuesday returned rifle to Oklahoma spotlighters who pled guilty in County and picked up plot camera from area I have had waterfowl dumpings. Wednesday taught hunter ed in grade school and did a K9 program. Thursday patrol and tagged more cats.  Off on weekend.

Worked on case report and spoke with the county attorney.  Got case for new state phone and replaced battery in state truck.  Patrolled looking for hunters.

Busy week 911 had me on speed dial for south county.  We are up to 6 deer killed and left laying. Dumped geese and trespass calls all weekend.  Same calls for County. Having truck worked on and had raido updated.

Patrolled for bird hunters and anglers.  The Grasslands are getting hit hard for quail.  Checked trout anglers and a few ice fisherman.  Received intel from CI about an ongoing investigation.  Set up plot watcher.  More surveillance to come.  Office.  Large numbers of Canada and Snow geese in the area.  Worked on up coming presentations.  Spoke with CA and provided explanation of 32 Statutes.

General duties.  Checked some pheasant hunters, patrolled the part of County that had one more week of doe season, and tagged some cats.

Patrolled the country finding a few bird hunters with some success. Continued working on investigation from this deer season and getting information to the North Carolina game wardens to help out. Talked with CA's following up on cases. Completed wildlife seizure form and continued January deer count while patrolling. General office work.

Arrest procedures, firearms qual, defensive tactics, baton, OC.

Patrol.  Office. Boating meeting.  Picked up equipment for youth hunt. Office

Patrolled the last day of antlerless season.  Worked on presentation.  Lt. Meeting in RO.  Global evidence.  Patrolled grasslands finding trout fishermen and quail hunters.  Helped the S.O. with the dreaded 4-wheelers in the river call.