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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 10.3.14

Spent early part of the week on office work and conducting brood survey in county with pheasant numbers looking low.  Had reports of early dove hunters so patrolled some.  Spent time at reservoir with moderate activity but fairly good compliance.

Statewide Tour with GW, K-9 training, office work and patrol over weekend with little activity.

Completed usual office work.  Held district meeting and had drug training at KHP on Tuesday.  Switched over to new phone, had trouble switching contacts and ended up going to Verizon store to get them switched.  Met GW at the marsh, completed mid-year and then went out to try out the go-devil after the shop fixed the engine.  Held BUI selective at Reservoir Saturday night and ended up arresting one for BUI.  Called out early Sunday for suspects keeping short walleye.  Contacted individuals and inspected their creel which consisted of 3 wiper, 4 whites and 6 drum.  Not sure what the RP saw.  Made a one last pass of the lake on the patrol boat prior to the storms.  Water had heavy chop due to high wind and boat traffic.  Ended up issuing one for over capacity on PWC and one for no pfd 12 & under (infant baby).   My training told me I should get off the water as lightning started and was striking the hill south of the lake.  I managed to time it just right and pulled into the slip just prior to the torrential downpour. 

Went to drug recognition training at KHP. Took channel cat to reservoir to have fisheries biologist look at since fisherman was concerned about the color and smell of the fish. Spent some time on the water looking at water levels and habitat conditions. Helped with DU youth goose banding and gave talk on Saturday morning. They had a great turnout and the kids had a great time banding geese. Helped with BUI selective Saturday night issuing NTAs for pwc overcapacity and expired boat registration. Helped county with heavy storms on Sunday. Received a call about people missing on the river after storms let up, luckily they were found ok shortly after the call.

Attended district meeting and training in Salina on Tuesday. Wednesday met with a man about releasing several young barn owls that he had found and took home. After that brief meeting I finished break-in on new flat bottom. Thursday I worked in the office and helped clean patrol boat for the weekend selective. On Friday I worked reservoir and had a double vessel assist after I found a pwc that was submerged and another with a rope sucked into the jet. I hauled in 2 people and 2 pwc's at the same time. Saturday I was called out and assisted SO with a missing person on the wildlife area and worked BUI's.  Sunday was spent checking fishermen and boaters until the storms came in. Then I assisted SO with multiple issues regarding flooding and storm spotting.

Investigated first spotlighter caught for this season by one of the county deputies.  Received confession but no evidence located that anything was successfully killed? Maybe a shoot and lay deal but does not seem like it. Worked the Boating selective.   Worked dove hunters all day Monday after receiving four inches of rain, which turned the roads to crud.  I also think it reduced the amount of hunters. Only managed to locate and check 6 groups all day.

Calibrated PBT for patrol.  Kept up on office chores and patrolled area.  Went to courthouse to discuss fine schedules and various issues.  Made introductions with local butchers and talked about upcoming deer season.  Saturday, patrolled Reservoir.  Checked one boater for BUI, but was sober.  Spent considerable portion of Sunday getting new Smart phone activated and functional.  

Hauled old target boat to dump after getting new tire to get trailer to dump.  Worked on other boating equipment in district.  Checked a few licenses and got equipment around for hunting season.  Picked up new phone and got it up and going before the week-end.  Finally got one inspection on home made boat completed and will finish up on home made pwc.  Spent most of Monday afternoon dealing with a cow elk in a backyard that broke out of a pen with 2 other elk and finally ended up in big ditch.  She was pushed out of  big ditch and headed toward major traffic flow and was put down by KHP.

Wrapped up DUI paperwork. Patrol. Met with a landowner who believes NR are going to trespass on his ground during archery season. NR deer phone calls and nuisance animals. Scouted possible problem areas for dove season. Checked anglers and boaters.

Checked anglers at the outlet and on the River.  Attended a meeting with KBI and the SO. Met with USACE Rangers.  Picked up a new type IV throwable PFD and some rope. Turned in my old phone. Patrolled around lake and reservoir. We transported a female non-swimmer victim that had reportedly been kicked and pushed in the water three times in party cove to the marina. Made a BUI arrest involving the suspect's boat. Ranger and I stopped and arrested a 13 YOA male that had taken his father's truck for a joy ride. KHP found marijuana in it and his buddies truck.

This week I tried to complete two HIN inspections but still unable to make contact with one individual.  Tried to make contact with an individual who was shooting at deer in his yard earlier this month.  I found out about it by the RP a week later when the SO told the RP they weren't doing anything about it.  Took air boat out on the KS River to help with installing mile markers from KC to Topeka.  Made some repairs to the boat and trailer and picked up PWC to get it ready for the weekend.

Tuesday was called out on day off for a drowning/boat accident of an elderly man on a FISH access pond  SO had already retrieved the body.  Thanks to Officer for coming up and helping pull the 9 ft Jon boat out of the pond.  Worked on accident/drowning report. Prepared for Court on a felon in possession of firearm.  I was told the defense didn't want to argue that he committed the crime, but was trying to prevent the defendant from prison time.  The DA and defense must have worked something out as they waived the prelim. trial.  Went to court in county on a handfishing case after finding out the evening before that there was a trial set for Friday morning, long story but defendants found not guilty.  A potential battery complaint came out of party cove on reservoir but no battery charges were filed, but I arrested operator on BUI.

Had deer antlers scored for restitution value for a pending case.  Checked area lakes for anglers.  .  Issued several citations for various boating violations. Checked a large amount of dove hunters on WA and on private property.  Hunters are getting a lot of shots and seeing a lot of doves.  Cited several hunters for not having a plug in their guns.

Arrested subject in County on no fishing license and two warrants. Checked another subject with no license and he had an NCIC hit from California for Robbery however it was non-extraditable. Dealt with three others from Missouri with no fishing license on the river one subject had 9 open warrants from Missouri only misdemeanor's. Responded to lake on a possible missing boater. Officer located subject prior to my arrival. Dove season very slow all the crops are still in. Conducted a boat selective on County Lake with the help of the County Sheriff's Office.

Checked anglers, boaters and hunters this last week in Chase, Marion and Morris Counties. Issued a couple of warnings this last week. Issued one NTA for allowing a person to operate a PWC without boating education.

Monday late afternoon/evening worked doves hunters at WA and reservoir. Violations encountered: PFDs not accessible (x2); insufficient PFDs; skier down flag violations; unplugged shotgun; and failure to property plug shotgun (x2)  

Monday off. Tuesday finished 3 lengthy affidavits on convicted felon outfitter and two associate guides. Filed commercialization felonies on all of them and 14 charges on the outfitter, including two trophy violations, baiting on wildlife area, illegal tree stands, theft, interfering with lawful hunts, contributing to a child’s misconduct, take deer without permits, wanton waste and etc. This will be his 5th or 6th conviction for wildlife offenses since 2005 if convicted. Wednesday repaired flat on new truck, picked up new smart phone, filed affidavits with County Attorney’s office.Thursday attempted KLERs on the affidavits. Worked on upcoming training, custody and control meeting, and programs. Friday took KADRs and KSARs to county attorney and found out the above outfitter received his fourth conviction and will be suspended for three years on that one.  Saturday worked reservoir by PWC. Lots of vessels on the water. Boating NTAs issued. Sunday did by boat in the wind, then worked the ramps, finding a vessel with 4 youth, 12 and under, not wearing PFD. Monday worked dove hunters on the wildlife area then on private ground. Located a vehicle suspected of shooting doves from vehicle and off power lines later in the day. Checked a boat at dusk with a registration that expired in May of 2010.

Worked on patrol truck in preparation for hunting season (brakes, tire rotation, new battery). Met with the local county attorney's office and dispatch. Explored the counties looking for possible dove fields. Assisted with spotlight selective in County. Attended a pre-hunting season coordination meeting at WA.. 

I worked almost exclusively nights. I have a road hunting problem in Co. I keep having fields lit and can’t catch up to the shiners. Saw one head lighting identified, and he is a known trespasser and poacher. I got a call about a guy that shot some turkeys last week. I caught up to him. Seized the bird, and the gun. I have been looking for a suspect related to my ongoing investigation. Had a deer case from last year drop in my lap as well.

Had a BUI selective at reservoir on Saturday. About 20 minutes after dark I noticed a boat running around the lake with no lights. They pulled up to the dock and I made contact and at first he did not want to pull all the way up because he "did not want a BUI". Well after poor SFST and a PBT of 0.191 he received a trip to jail. Another Boating selective on Sunday. Dove selective yielding a no hunting license, over limit and no HIP Stamp. Other violations dealt with: unattended poles, no PFD's accessible and no registration. Going to find time to do paperwork this week in between Hunter ED's, couple meetings and days off.

Got called out late Sunday night for trespassing fishermen at one of the marinas. Located the fishermen and issued a citation for a boating issue found. Owners just wanted them to leave. Ran the last 2 routes of the brood survey and now can't get the surveys to upload? Patrolled counties finding few people out. The ones I did find had issues. Citations issued. This week I encountered some of the worst verbal abuse since becoming a Game Warden. Earlier in the week, I had a previous violator call and threaten harm to the land owner and myself depending on the result of his case. Hmm? Then I dealt with a fine upstanding individual on Reservoir who used every curse word and insult that I know of to call us and say to us after we observed some serious PFD issues and addressed them. I had also found similar issues last season and issued him a citation. He continued to berate us and us profanity in an attempt to goad us into a fight and most likely a complaint. But being the professionals that we are, we just informed him of his court date, handed him a copy of article from this Springs KDWPT magazine about No Tolerance regarding PFD violations and went on our way.

Worked this week in the office. Helped with two hunter ed classes. Gave a program on boating and water safety for the in-service training for West-star energy. Worked the local lakes on the weekend checking fishermen and some boating activity.

This week finished 3 case reports. Met with County Attorney on trophy deer case from last deer season. Got some information on a person setting traps and catching raccoon's since the beginning of summer. Investigating a report of a farmer who has got depredation tags from the state and used them to illegally kill two large bucks in velvet. Follow up this upcoming week. Worked area of report of spotlighting. Checked boats at City Lake. I tested one PWC operator who was .05 on the PBT. That same person then got on a boat in which the driver was driving around the lake at dark without navigation lights. I made contact and the driver who was arrested for BUI with an impressive .191 on the PBT. Got out early next day and waited on the reported coon trapper and caught him checking dog proof leg hold coon traps and bait barrel. He admitted to trapping around 12 raccoon's out of season. Charges pending.

Set up program for local cub scouts. Installed radio equipment in truck. Programmed radios with new Co frequency. Moved the low dams photo file from my computer to officers.  Prepared for meeting. Met with new HR Director on Safety Committee Issues. Was off a day sick. Completed timesheets, vehicle logs, updated road side survey, stats, holiday stats.
Assisted S.O. with a littering complaint.   Located suspect and landowner made him come out and pick up the three televisions he dumped. Finally got my smart phone and Internet going again after several days of it not working.  Big thanks to officer for guiding me through it on his days off.  Completed KLER Reports and filed tickets.  Took an unbelievable tongue lashing from an individual that called Saturday night about someone target practicing on a WIHA even though he never saw them and only heard shots from that direction.  I responded even though out of hours for the week and all I could find were 3 dove hunters in the area.    I have never in all my life been talked to like that by anyone.    I kindly told him to not make threats to me and that really set him off which then prompted him to say ( and by say I mean SCREAMING) he was going to call my boss, his boss, every senator he could think of and then the governor.  Guess that is how we are treated when we go above and beyond responding to calls on our days off and when we are out of hours for the week.  Violations found Unplugged Shotgun X 3, Possess Lead Shot X 1.

Patrol of the dove hunters checking a lot, with kids as well, nice to see that.  Found one unplugged gun and one with lead in steel only area. First on scene to a 10-48 multi-vehicle injury accident in CO, assisting SO and KHP.  After regular patrol heard shots fired near my house at dark.  Traffic stop found 14yoa kid shooting .22 at cans, adult driver and passenger with open container of beer and slightly impaired. Paperwork issued and ride called.  Spent a couple days in the office on alcohol related weekend reports, with KLER, filing in counties. Participated with Game Wardens, including KBI and FBI, in a dope field take-down in rural Co, with many thousand plants seized. Educational and enjoyable to say the least.

Decent numbers of hunters throughout the week and fabulous dove numbers. Some issues with toxic shot on the WA dedicated dove fields. Assisted S.O. by locating spent 9MM round and casings with my metal detector, reference a shooting event in the county.

Thursday helped with a Marijuana grow in County, sounds like final tally was just shy of 10,000 plants.  On the way home helped with a man hunt for a agg burglary suspect.  Saturday had a very interesting conversation with two guys that claimed the ditch weed they had picked was only hemp.  Funny that all that they had picked was the buds.  Younger gentlemen advised that it didn't smell like Marijuana.  Gotta love county people that will drive a hour and a half to illegally pick ditch weed and field train their new hunting dog on a piece of walk in hunting ground

Wrapped up a 2013 deer poaching case that resulted in $2500 in fines, a 5 year hunting suspension, and forfeiture of firearm.  Completed stat report.  Completed a lifetime hunting license investigation.  Checked quite a few anglers over the weekend in counties.  Assisted in teaching at the Co. hunter education.

Reminded one huner to go look and pick up bird he hit, then had some younger hunters forget about zone of fire. Picked up airboat and responded to Lake to assist CO and KHP with manhunt for stabbing suspect in COE Campgrounds. Worked on KLER, 28 day and vehicle reports. Patrolled some private land for dove hunters. Assisted multiple agencies with drug raid of marijuana fields.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; composed, submitted, and processed KLER reports; filed NTAs with the District Courts; worked in the Regional Office one day; started working on boat slip rental contacts and storage contracts; and started putting together a uniform order for the new officer.

Worked a little after dark looking for spot lighters until I got a call of a hunting accident, a young man had his shotgun go off before the bolt locked shut, very little injury though.  Sunday morning worked the southern end of my counties again, still finding hunters out.  That evening I worked the northern end, didn’t find any hunters, but there seemed to be some new birds in the area.  Finished up the week with a drive through State Lake, and about got into a head on with a golf cart, NTA issued and worked my way home.

Saturday OK kids all day. We had 132 at the fishing derby to start the day. I know we gave away over 500 t-shirts. I think we had about 60 shooters take part in the trap shoot part. Thanks to all that helped make it possible. Sunday went to County to help with hunter education.

Tue and Wed off. Thursday worked on writing the 28 NTA's for some of the Outfitters charges. That took a while. Did stats. Patrolled reservoir at dusk not finding many out. Checked two boats. 

I was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday picked up equipment and ammo in RO then picked up an orphan opossum. Still working dove hunters Thursday evening and Friday morning before the rain and storms hit. Saturday left for MO for Hunting Incident Investigation Academy. Ended the week at the school learning new information.

Patrolled for dove hunters. Office work: stats, vehicle log, holiday stats, KLER. Continuing to learn new key areas. Took Hunter Ed orange guns to Officer.  Checked some fishermen enjoying the cooler weather. Checked a couple individuals fishing without licenses and received a barrage of verbal abuse and varied reasons why they shouldn't be required to have a license to fish as well as why they shouldn't be ticketed for fishing without licenses. Each were issued NTAs.

Taught Hunter Ed at HS and then had meeting about a case. While patrolling county Saturday evening a call came out in county about two guys in a truck throwing a child in a pond. KHP,  SO, PD, and myself responded only to find a lady who had smoked meth that morning and had no idea what she was talking about. After an evaluation SO transported her north. Worked spotlighting areas with very little traffic. Received a call Sunday morning of a vehicle shooting dove from the road off the power lines. After 4 hours of receiving information and searching for the vehicle, the 2 subjects were located and they confirmed their actions. Both were teenagers and Fathers were very upset with the boys. Both father's advised these boys will be paying their tickets.

Received a report from detective about a turkey vulture that had been shot from a vehicle and the landowner was smart enough to get a tag number from the vehicle. I went and had a little chat with the gentleman, which resulted in us acquiring a custom built AR-15. Changed oil in the truck, and took evidence to RO. Also found a dumped boat on the Refuge still working on it to see if I can find an owner.

Deer calls have really amped up now. I think most in the county are deer focused. Went drop off Trimble unit because I was having trouble downloading the info. Worked on paperwork from the weekend and all the other required end of the month/28 day period/ holiday weekend paperwork that is required.

This week met with out of season coon trapper and issued him his Nta's he earned. Worked on other investigations. Worked two days for boat checks. Met with landowner on poaching problems. Observed lights in a field watched individuals appear to gut a deer. I met the individuals at the gate, it turned out to be a former employee and his family recovering a 150" deer their son had harvested. The boy was grinning from ear to ear on his first deer he had killed. That is what it is all about.  Called out to shooters in vehicle shooting dove off power lines.

Last week was busy with paperwork, firearms practice, studying for the KLETC Class, and checking dove hunters.  The dove  have moved out and the teal and some big ducks moved in.  Violations dealt with Five (5) pursue game with a motor vehicle, four un-signed licenses or HIP Stamps, two un-plugged shotguns.

Worked dove hunters finding a few out, K-9 call out from GW County; Kooper found some hidden dove, assisted with evidence collection and paperwork from gross over limit on dove; worked on KLER reports and evidence transfer at the regional office, checked a few youth and disabled deer hunters out with a few does harvested, picked up HE trailer and unloaded 28  years of equipment into my dwelling.  Violations dealt with No Hunting License x2, Unplugged Shotgun x2, No HIP x2, worked on new investigation for upcoming deer season in newly acquired county from soon to be retired GW.

Worked on investigations  Checked a few fishermen catching a few stripers, down rigging 4-6 lbs. Had calls on deer hunting and pheasants.  Checked a few dove hunters.  Stocked 525 fish in creek pond, and tagged 58 of them for a kids fishing derby.  The kids that caught tagged fished got up to $ 25 a fish and lower. They also got prizes for the biggest,smallest and the most fish. We also had drawings for fishing poles, tackle boxes, and tackle.  There was also a Lifetime Fishing license given away, and a young girl won that, she was so excited!!  We had 192 kids that participated in the derby, so we had a GREAT turnout, hopefully we will recruit alot of these kids, they all had a great time.  Were going to do this every year from now on, and a big thanks to our Pheasants forever chapter for funding this, they are GREAT!!!

Patrolled for dove hunters finding a few out. Most had pretty good success. Found a few that decided the sunset rule was more of a guideline than a rule. Dealt with  hunt after legal hours, no hunting license and unplugged shotgun. Met with Investigator to discuss a case. Removed a great plains rat snake from the County Courthouse. Did reports.

Worked dove hunters, checked a few and even some killing a limit. Worked on Hunt ed Course had 33 signed and 33 passed. Preparing for teal season.

Patrolled area for dove hunters.  Saw lots more doves than hunters, likely due to weather.  Took truck for bearing repair.  Patrolled with officer until truck was finished.  Took calls about mountain lion tracks and people shooting doves off power lines.  Assisted with hunter education at wetland.

Tuesday presented DUI case to CA. Rest of weekdays patrol. Saturday checked a lot of dove hunters concentrated around cut sunflowers.  Took trespass call SaturdayP.M.. Responded  on a report of a man selling a white tail fawn at the flee market.  Turned out to be a Sitka fawn and he had paperwork.  Sunday morning and evening returned to dove hot spot and found 3 over limits, 2 no plugs.  Deployed K9 who located a shotgun in a tree row, a pile of spent shells next to 4 dove that one hunter dumped as I approached.  He was impressed with dog and confessed to over limit.  Took an hour getting out of dove field due to K9 alerting on all the shotgun wads in the field. One no hunting license/hip case in addition.

Follow-up on paperwork from a case of Five sixteen year old hunters hunting dove out of the back of a Pick-up while driving through the field and trees, near the golf course, prior to Officer(s) arrival, the driver with four hunters in the bed of the pick-up, drove off into a seven foot by four foot deep hole.  Luckily Nobody was hurt, all got tickets for pursuing game with a motor vehicle, and two got an extra ticket for no plug in the shotgun. Assisted the Local PD and SO with a Suspicious death of a staff member on College Campus, I was asked to assist by clearing the building and making sure no Un-Authorized persons entered the building during the investigation. Then Helped out on the Qual Fire-arms Course at the range on Thursday.  

Picked up trap and supplies to try and catch a badger in a yard on the edge of town.  Received a report of a dead doe that was shot and left lay, investigation continues.  Attended firearms qualification.  Received report of 6 pelicans that were shot and left lay on Friday AM.  Went out on water and retrieved 7 carcasses and looked for evidence.  Worked teal opener checking several hunters and did not find a violation.

On Monday I worked on getting the hunter ed class set up and taught later that evening.  Qualified on Thursday and inspected a game breeder along with regular patrol on Friday.  Saturday assisted with the live fire and walk thru hunter ed class with 24 students certified.  Sunday I attended GW retirement and worked youth deer hunters at SL.  Frustrated last half of week trying to reboot sleeping smart phone, losing all contact and calendar info, and then not being able to hook up to laptop. 

Patrolled for dove hunters. Went to pick up injured hawk. Helped public lands guys get some pipe moved to pump a pool at the marsh. Went to the range to qualify. Cold weather moved a bunch of teal in, then right on south. Worked teal opener.  Fewer hunters than last few years, definitely tell the Bottoms has good water. Thanks to the guys that helped.

Firearms qualification. Teal scouted early in week.  Several selectives over the weekend with excellent success on catching violators. Preliminary drive through before hunting hours started on Saturday morning with count of over 100 vehicles over the entire WL property. Amazing that nobody was injured with all the shotgun blasting in the fog with 40 yard visibility?  Don't forget the star of the show...Kooper.  If she was capable of writing the tickets we would all be out of a job! She erased the smug looks off the faces of a couple violators!  Final tally for the group effort was : No hunt license x 2, No HIP x 4, No federal stamp x 2, No state waterfowl stamp x 2, Hunt before Legal hours x 1, Take protected migratory bird x 2 (grebe and american avocet), take Hen Pintail closed season x 1,  overlimit of teal x 1. 

Plenty of ducks, plenty of hunters. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but, it looks as though our efforts have paid off with compliance for now. We had some issues and are looking into some information but the majority of the hunters were legal.

To Dodge to qualify with pistol and rifle.  Taught kids how to clean fish after the fishing derby. Get stuff set up to get 4-wheeler at wetlands.  Check lake and ponds for waterfowl with a bunch showing up with the cold front.  Work Bottoms for teal season with GREAT number of birds.  Lots of hunters with limits of Blue wing teal, very few greenies seen.  A few bad guys were found in the mix.

Spent the first part of the week doing KLER reports and filing tickets. Followed up with CA on an ongoing case from 2012.  Received call of an injured Mississippi Kite and picked up the little fella. Recorded radio show. Cleaned out the truck for the upcoming Early Teal season. Worked Early Teal season at Bottoms with lots of hunters on Saturday and almost everybody with a limit, much slower on Sunday. Lots of ducks.

Traveled to Topeka a couple days as a member of the Honor Guard and participated in the memorial and funeral services for slain Topeka PD Officer CPL Jason Harwood.  Called out for a late night spot-lighter to end the week.  Contact made with a minivan and no violations.

Moved two loads of deer to lockers that had donated processing, fifteen deer taken in assisted hunt program's twelfth year.  Attended range board meeting.  Retrieved blinds that had been used for hunt, still have wheel chair blinds to close up.  Distributed news release about one successful guide and hunter, met with Dick's about help for next years hunt while buying gun cases for rifles without.  Women on Target with great weather, some teal hunters and boats checked, fog was only complaint.

Began the week in a Co. hay meadow looking at the skeletal remains of a deer found by an absentee sportsman tending feeders on family property.  Sportsman thought for sure it was a “poached” deer but after learning that youth season was open he later discovered it had been shot by a nephew – all is good.  Did get a report of a spot lighter in Co., suspect known by RP – report came day after event.  Made trip to office for a few hunting regs. and calibrated a PBT.  Drove two computers to Pratt on Thursday for “reconfiguration” and transfer.  Worked teal over the weekend on WA finding a lot of hunters once the fog cleared.  Success was minimal and one wood duck was collected.

This week I continued to deal with the on-going big buck classic aftermath.  I checked a few dove hunters and anglers.  I had hunting regulations program for the "deer days".  Worked WA for teal, very foggy, very  few hunters, and even fewer teal ( 2 harvested).

Was called by P.D. reference a guy that decided he needed to thin the wild turkey population in town.  Ended the day seizing a dead hen turkey, two young of the year turkeys, a dead Kestrel and a nice semi auto Charles daly shotgun.  Subject admitted to killing the turkey's because they were near his garden.  

Sunday picked up baby deer that had ran into a fence and broke its back.  Received a call of dumped deer, received another call of adults hunting the youth/mentor hunting area and patrolled.  Monday went to Reg  office to calibrate PBT, pick up supplies, drop off stats, took equipment and patrolled.  Tuesday took jet ski to get serviced, worked in the office and patrolled.  Wednesday picked up jet ski and took to storage for the winter.  Patrolled, picked up orange guns and worked in the office.  

This week returned and answered many calls about upcoming deer season. Opened investigation on reported poaching by some non-resident poachers. Worked a few late hours through the week in known shiner areas. Worked open of teal season at the duck marsh not finding many hunters due to the fact there was not much water in the marsh. Checked 3 guys’ teal hunting coming out of one of the pits in the WA. After the usual lies and deception, I wrote a couple of NTA's and gave the much repeated speech on ethics and law. Went home then came back out that night to shots fired from vehicle, GOA. Made a stop on a pair nonresident spotlighters in one of my many honey holes. This is an area where the local neighbors are tired of the people shining their properties. They had no firearms but informed us it was legal to spotlight without firearms because it is what they were told by our agency. I talked to them about harassment of wildlife and that it was disturbing the landowners that own the property. Scared them severely any way. Checked a sanctioned coon hunt that I had no idea about. I found one of my known and convicted violators judging the hunt. I shake my head in disbelief that he was a judge. Called out and assisted the county SO on a MIP party on private property.

Worked a busy archery and muzzleloader opener with a few nice deer being harvested. Had contact with a group from MN who witnessed someone poach a deer but did not hear about it until the next day. Patrolled the area the next 2 nights but did not locate them. Worked the archery antelope opener, lots of people hunting but never came across a successful group.

Spent the early part of the week working muzzle loader deer hunters across the district.  Hunter activity was pretty limited for the most part, hunter success was fairly high with good buck quality.  Weekend was spent working antelope and mule deer hunters in counties.  Hunter activity was limited for both antelope and mule deer, success rates were low on both as well.

Office work. Investigated dead fowl and elk remains off I-70. Had my truck in at Ka-Comm. Worked counties for archery goat and muzzleloader deer hunters. Thanks to Wardens for assisting with the opener. Lots of goats seen with the rut in full swing.

Worked on Pelican investigation.  Pulled patrol boat and took it to get winterized and serviced.  Responded to deer shot out the window call.  Unfortunately the responsible party was long gone when I got there.   Met with CA. Long weekend.

Monday office. Tuesday and Wednesday had off and actually got to enjoy some time hunting. Thursday morning started trying to contact individuals at house RP reported had taken a buck to that seemed suspicious. No answer at door but as I backed out the drive occupants pulled in with buck in bed of truck. All was on the up and up for the family besides 1 individual lacking a hunting license. Then spent afternoon setting up surveillance on deer stand with interesting equipment left behind. Friday was spent looking for a vehicle that was reported driving on WIHA the night before and it didn't sit right with RP. Located them and watched through spotting scope for a few hours. While waiting for them to leave field saw spotlight mile away. Made a dash over and stopped vehicle, no weapons found. Quickly returned to original group in time to make contact. Followed group back to SP cabins, 2 untagged deer and one individual had taken a shot at a second buck that evening. Thanks to officer for coming down to assist in separating group and interviewing. Finally wrapped up shortly after midnight with appropriate paperwork issued. Left me with minimal hours to work Saturday. Those hours were spent delivering seized muzzleloader to captain to take to evidence lock up and locating needy family to donate seized meat to. It was much appreciated. Sunday completed all "necessary" paperwork for the powers that be and squeezed in some patrol.

General Office. Programmed radios for a couple of wardens in 1A.Patrolled for deer and teal hunters. Seems the teal have figured out that they should leave the bottoms during the high pressure times. Got called out at 11pm on a possible deer poaching. Found a gut pile in the ditch that when I rolled it over to see what I could find, it was still steaming. Unable to find much to go on.

Patrolled my areas looking for any deer hunters out for the early season finding a few. Dealt with ongoing WIHA issues in eastern County, been ongoing for the last three years. Got WIHA atlases and Regulations out to local area businesses.  Helped out with a Hunter Education class at the County High school Helped with the youth program at State Park. General office work.

Busy week with hunters in General. Teal season is still busy with few complaints and few violations. The ducks are becoming pressured and moving out of the bottoms to other areas. Complaints from hunters that the ducks left Sat. Went in the boat for 1 1/2 hr and saw 12 teal. Went back Sunday and more were showing up mid morn? Had a complaint from Landowner on spotlights. Reported it this week and they were spotlighting last week?? Worked a possible poached deer in South end of county, ended up being ran over and discarded on the side of the road. 

Patrolled for archery/muzzleloader hunters.  Not too many out yet.  Qualified with duty weapons.  Investigated OGT report about shooting doves from the road.  Tracked down vehicle and found out it was a couple kids.  Addressed calls about abandoned tree stands.  Off this weekend.

Cleaned up from teal opener, answered way to many phone calls concerning fence line disputes and deer problems for an opening week of muzzleloader season, dealt with several trespassing issues with no suspects, followed a few possible nefarious individuals around for a couple days driving all morning long "looking at ground"..good thing all the deer are still in the uncut crops!!  Off for four day.

Working on getting new boat ready and getting old boat ready officers.  Checked on headless deer not a good address but located and was a car kill.  Checked 2 boat accidents and got a printer ordered, old one crashed . 

Attended Warden retirement party.  Report received from local locker plant on an untagged deer that was dropped off from the muzzleloader opener.  Completed some paperwork in the office, provided some training to SO a couple days, and setup some training for the future.  Assisted Ft. Game Wardens on a Deer case that involved Lacey Act violations that ended up off post.  Retrieved a decent buck for them to close out their case.  Trip to Reg. office for PBT check and misc items.  Had the weekend off.

Checking a decent number of NR  muzzle-loader hunters and they are making full use of the antlerless portion of their combo permits. Seen one small buck harvested at this point...would have gotten more venison off a mature doe, but... gotta have that "bone". Found a little fishing activity and handled some critter calls.

Checked a few hunters and anglers on WA. Responded to a call regarding a partially sunken boat, tied to the dock, at the Marina. Checked a subject dove hunting with his son that had a dysfunctional plug in his shotgun. Used some comp time. Spent some time cleaning out the patrol truck. Assisted Officer  with a criminal hunt case. Followed up on a 911 hang-up call with USACE Rangers on our refuge area. Checked a few muzzle-loader hunters and anglers. 

Managed to check a couple of teal hunters and catch one dirt bike on the wildlife area.  Monday looked for Muzzleloader hunters and managed to find zero.  Tuesday worked around the counties still looking for muzzleloader hunters finding none.  Stopped by both sheriff's offices and visited for a little bit and served by turkey poacher from the previous weekend his tickets.  Wednesday worked in the office catching up on KLER and other administrative duties.  Thursday had district wildlife biologist ride with me.  We recorded the radio show then I showed him around different parts of area.  Friday started my weekend off.  

Tuesday took boat to SO, had to a take a receipt back got charged tax and patrolled.  Read through new regulations that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   Wednesday patrolled and built headache rack.  on.  Friday paperwork to SO on boat, paperwork to Reg  office, picked up night hawk below  dam and patrolled.  

Assisted Police with hostile shoplifter as I was meeting with loss prevention staff, suspect began fighting with store employees then tried to fight with me, suspect was charged with obstruction and battery LEO. Took day of sick leave to fight off cold. Made the admin rounds and picked up 2014 Hunting Regs. Delivered Regs and Deer Salvage Tags to Sheriff's Dept. Tracked down subject from trespassing complaint and issued trespassing warning. Had Officer ride with me for a bit on Friday. Patrolled area for hunters and anglers.

Patrolled back through Reservoir and State Lake for anglers and hunters. Wednesday took patrol boat out on Reservoir to look for a Great Blue Heron that was reported to be on a set line. Didn't find heron but I cut out several trot lines and set lines. In the afternoon I washed boat and took it to Marina at Reservoir to have it winterized. Day off on Thursday and on Friday I picked up the patrol boat from Shady Creek Marina and took it back and placed it in storage for the winter. Saturday started an early day at 4 AM and patrolled over to Reservoir as I thought I may find an early shiner. Then I assisted with the disabled black power rifle hunt until mid morning. Patrolled back to County and checked a couple of anglers and called it a day. Sunday I used a day of leave time.

On Tuesday I checked hunters and worked on a power point.  Wednesday checked hunters. Thursday I gave a presentation to the County Sheriff's Office. Off on four day weekend.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; transported computers to the operations office to have passwords etc... changed for new officer; completed boat slip and storage contracts County patrol boats, working on uniform orders; worked in the Regional Office; and assisted with the Disabled Muzzleloader Deer Hunt on Friday night. Saturday worked deer hunters in County, seeing several hundred turkeys in the process; called-out for a stranded vessel at reservoir. Sunday worked deer hunters in County; received a call about shooting doves from the roadway without permission, landowner did not want to press charges, the RP was not the landowner; received a call about a deer that wasn't afraid of people and they thought was sick, landowner shot the deer with his bow (had archery tag), the deer appeared very healthy and was in heavily populated area (very nice buck). Violations encountered: no hunter orange, unplugged shotguns x2, no HIP stamp, and criminal hunting. 

This week dealt with deer tagging issues. I had a meeting with other natural resource agencies about our roles in Wolf Creek events. Identified a snake for a lady after she had killed the monster, rat snake. Took a trailer to the boat house. I used a day of Comp Time. Patrolled the area for hunters and anglers, finding some of both. Helped put a couple boats in the boat house. Assisted the staff at County Lake pull in a boat that had broke down at the south end of the lake. 

Worked on training issues, upcoming programs and hunter ed. Handled e-mails from an attorney doing discovery work for his client who I arrested for BUI. Handled a call of a big cat killing a calf and dragging it up into a tree. Saturday went to the boat house and got the boat trailer and took it to reservoir and took the boat off the slip. Stored it for the winter. Drove back and picked up the jet ski and took it to Manhattan to get winterized. Patrolled back to the state lake and then home. Sunday patrolled to the state lake and didn't see a soul out there, patrolled to the reservoir and checked a few anglers and a boat. Returned via the interstate and came upon a state trooper doing a car stop. Gave him a thumbs up as I rolled by and he did not return it, so I turned around and pulled in behind him. He was waving me to come up at that point and an intoxicated female driver started running away from him on foot into the traffic lane. We were able to catch her, CLAMP her and cuff her safely and I stood by while he did sobriety testing until she was taken in. She was from California and didn't understand why she was being stopped for going 100 mph and drinking. She stated other people were passing her doing 120 and she only ran from the trooper on foot because she wanted to show him how fit she was. Went to the state lake and found the only people out there at that time, were a group at a picnic table and when I stopped to get out and talk about Kansas, one of the group walked over to their car and threw something under the front of it. It was a baggy of alleged marijuana and a brass marijuana smoking pipe loaded and ready to go. Turns out, they were from California too, and the owner only threw his dope under the car because when he saw me stop and get out, he thought he would go to jail for 5 years since Kansas takes a different view on pot than Colorado or California.  

Patrolled for spotlighters. General patrol with limited activity. Called to shots fired from the road on county line. More Dove hunters as I found 4 shotgun shells in the road near the power lines. Landowner babysitting has begun. Guy calls because he shot a deer and it may have went on hated landowners’ property and wanted me to be there. Landowner calls and says guy shot a deer and may have went on his property, and he is sure it was illegal. Went and assisted in finding the deer but no deer was located. Off on 4 day weekend.

I went to a house in City to catch a bat that the lady didn't want in her living room. Luckily she had a dip net and I could catch and release the bat without harm to me, her, the bat or the rest of the house.

Last Sunday night called to assist the SO with an armed suspect in the WA that made the threat of suicide and going out by shooting it out with the cops. Waited out individual until he attempted to drive past our blockade. We took the suspect into custody without incident. He was armed with a military pistol lying in his lap. He now faces lots of charges. Followed up on investigations and returned calls the rest of the week. Off on 4-day.

Finished the High School Hunter Ed Class. Thanks to all that helped. Got tires put on “Old Blue” and then delivered it to the Region Office. Completed magazine inventories. Did a lot of work/meeting/phone calls with the USDA on DNA sampling. Worked deer hunters. Went to WA to work duck hunters and discovered someone had removed the sign post on the dikes and then went driving on the dikes. Got up in the middle of the night the next day to see if they might come back. Didn’t find them but did catch one driving off road in another part of the marsh. Later in the day I drove up on an injury accident which later turned into a fatality. Assisted KHP and their accident investigators getting the victims loaded and the scene worked. Watch the DT videos.