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Recent Updates

This is a list of the last 75 updates to the website.

10/12/14 - 10/19/14: Marshall Co. - Marysville
Hunter Ed Course
(National Guard Armory)

7/26/08 - Shawnee Boat and Ski Club Inc
Boat/Skiing Event
(Lake Shawnee)

10/11/14 - Monster Myths By Mooonlight
Community Event
(Milford State Park - Milford Nature Center)

Sunrise Sunset Table

10/18/14 - Sedgwick Co. - Wichita THIS CLASS IS FULL
Hunter Ed Internet assisted field day and testing session
(Gander Mountain)

WIHA Fall 2014 - Tracts Only WIHA Fall 2014 - Tracts Only 494.00 kB

Contains only the WIHA tracts and has a transparent background so that it can overlay existing maps (such as TopoUSA Quads, etc.).

WIHA Fall 2014 & KS Base Map WIHA Fall 2014 & KS Base Map 12.27 MB

Includes all WIHA tracts, streams, lakes, roads, and incorporated cities within Kansas.