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Recent Updates

This is a list of the last 75 updates to the website.

4/25/15 - Cedar Bluff State Park Open House
Open house
(Cedar Bluff State Park)

3/27/15 - Crawford SP Open House
Community Event
(Crawford State Park)

Officer Logbook 3.27.15

Patrol in the cold finding nobody out.  Met with an individual, trip to Reg office, and had my truck serviced.  Picked up some NTA dispos and met with SO.  Completed my online Intox 8000 re-certification and watched a deer on the ice at reservoir.  Washed the truck and checked a few fishermen.  Completed Racial/Biased b ... Read More

4/25/15 - Earth Day Cleanup
Group/Individual Volunteers, Earth Day Cleanup
(Lovewell State Park)

4/25/15 - Lovewell State Park Open House and Free Park Entrance
Open House and Programs. Permit Sales. Campground Ribbon Cutting.
(Lovewell State Park - Willow Group Shelter)