KDWPT / KDWPT Info / News / News Archive / 2005 Weekly News Archive / 10/20/05 / HUNTERS URGED TO BUY PERMITS, LICENSES EARLY OR ONLINE


Options help avoid waiting in long lines for purchases

PRATT -- By now, most hunters have heard much about the Kansas Outdoors Automated Licensing System (KOALS). The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) has announced that almost all license vendors are now using this system to sell hunting and fishing licenses and permits. Park permits will be available soon.

The new system will streamline the license and permitting process, but this doesn't mean that hunters have the luxury of waiting until the last minute to obtain deer permits. KDWP urges all hunters to purchase their permits well ahead of season or go online, and purchase from the convenience of their homes. This will alleviate long waiting lines at license vendors and save hunters time they may need for important preparation such as scouting.

Purchasing Kansas hunting licenses and deer permits is easier than ever with online sales and the Automated Licensing System, so make it easier yet. Buy early or online.