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Council Grove Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Approximately 850 ducks (primarily goldeneye with about 50 mallards), 30 Canada geese, and 30 mergansers on 11/26.        
Water levels 2.6 feet below conservation elevation (1,274') on 11/26.
Hunting conditions Difficult.  Ice is beginning to form in shallows and wind protected areas.  Declining lake levels have pulled water away from cover edges.  Hunters may find it challenging to conceal themselves.  A thin fringe of food producing vegetation exists along some lake edges, but will not be available to feeding waterfowl without precipitation and increases in lake levels.
Expected hunting success Fair.  
Comments Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season - Nov. 1 - Jan. 4, 2015 AND Jan. 17-25, 2015