Cheney Wildlife Area


21514 S. Yoder Rd (office)
Pretty Prairie, KS 67570
Phone: 620-459-6922
GPS: N37 48.365 W097 51.763

Contact Information

Public Lands Manager: Chris Becker

The shooting range may be closed without prior notice during periods of inclement weather. (e.g. rain, lightning, snow, sleet, icy road conditions, high heat, high heat index, high winds).


The Bureau of Reclamation began construction of the Reservoir in 1962 with impoundments beginning in 1965. Reservoir construction was planned as a multi-purpose project. The primary purpose of the Reservoir was to regulate the flow of the North Fork of the Ninnescah River for downstream flood control and to provide supplemental water supplies for municipal and industrial needs for the City of Wichita. Recreation, fish, and wildlife opportunities were provided as secondary benefits of the project. Cheney Reservoir currently provides 60% of Wichita's water needs.


The Reservoir covers 9,537 surface acres and has 67 miles of shoreline. Its 849 square mile drainage basin encompasses parts of five counties: Reno, Stafford, Pratt, Sedgwick, and Kingman. The Wildlife Area consists of 5,439 terrestrial acres and 4,109 aquatic acres. The terrestrial acres consist of approximately 1,700 acres of cropland and 3,740 acres of prairie grasslands and riparian woodlands. The area also includes 2 miles of the North Fork of the Ninnescah River, 2 managed ponds, 1 strip pond, and several small streams that flow into the Reservoir. 22 miles of access roads traverse the Area. (brochure)

Special Regulations:

Special Regulations: All statewide Public Lands Regulations are in effect at Cheney. Some of the most often violated regulations include the following:

  • Target practice is allowed only at the designated shooting range (see special features).
  • Vehicles must remain on maintained roads and parking areas. No off-road vehicle use, including ATV’s.
  • No one can posses or consume cereal malt beverages with more than 3.2% alcohol by weight.
  • The possession or consumption of alcoholic liquor is prohibited.
  • Quiet hours on the area are from 11:00PM to 6:00AM.
  • A “No Trash” policy is in effect. All trash must be taken with you or discarded in the provided dumpsters at Fish Cove or DeWeese Park.
  • Dogs not engaged in the act of hunting must be secured on a leash or tether chain of not more than 10 feet in length.
  • Fireworks are prohibited
  • Tree stands or blinds must be portable/temporary or constructed with natural vegetation at the site. Stands may not be placed more than 14 days prior to the opening of that season and must be removed within 14 days of the close of that season.
  • See Public Lands Regulations Summary for complete listing