Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area


Blue Rapids, KS 66411
GPS: N39 38 24.2 W96 35 25.6

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Phone: (785) 363-7316

Office Address:
801 S. Main
Blue Rapids, KS 66411


Construction by the Army Corps of Engineers began in the late 1950's and the reservoir was completed and filled in 1963. License to manage 11,800 acres for wildlife management was granted in 1964. The license was amended in 1965 to include a total of 12,030 acres. KDWPT has obtained fee title to 170 acres of land not contiguous with the reservoir property. That makes the total license property 12,200 acres of land.


Tuttle Creek Lake is situated in the beautiful Flint Hills region of Kansas. The lake is the second largest in the state offering 12,000 acres of water and 100 miles of irregular wooded shoreline. Tuttle Creek Lake, being the key unit of flood control projects within the Kansas River Basin, may swell to 54,000 acres. KDWPT also manages 12,200 acres of land on the north end of the lake for wildlife benefit. In addition to permanent habitat enhancement, KDWPT provides 3,220 acres of cropland for winter food. Because of the flooding, area management will focus on enhancing wetland habitat. 480 acres of constructed wetlands provide food and shelter to migrating shorebirds and waterfowl. Other species managed for include white-tailed deer, turkey, quail, pheasants, squirrels and doves.

Special Regulations:
  • Camping, off-road vehicle and ATV use, horseback riding and target shooting are prohibited on the Wildlife Area.
  • Wood cutting is not allowed on the Wildlife Area.

Special Features: Handicapped hunting in designated area allows vehicle use for hunting.