Norton Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Less than 100 total ducks on the reservoir. 
Water level Sebelius Reservoir is currently 15.9 feet below conservation pool.
Hunting conditions Moderate vegetation close to shore towards the west end.  Ground between Schoen's cove and the dam has little to no vegetation.  Low water levels.
Expected hunting success Water levels are once again down from last year.  Some vegetation had time to establish on the shoreline towards the west end so hunters will have a few more places to hide this fall.  Nearly 300 geese have been banded and released on the property.
Norton Reservoir is in the HIGH PLAINS DUCK ZONE

Duck season Oct. 11-Dec. 8, 2014 AND Dec. 20, 2014-Jan. 25, 2015

Dark goose season closed.

Refuge open.

Mallard Migration Rank = 1