Legal Equipment

Legal Equipment

Archery: Longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows that do not have a mechanical device that locks them at full or partial draw and crossbows. Disabled hunters who, in addition to an antelope permit, possess a disability permit as authorized under KAR 115-18-7, may hunt with bows that have a draw-lock device attached. No bow, crossbow or arrow may have any electronic device attached that controls the flight of the arrow. Devices that may be attached to a bow or arrow shall include lighted pin, dot or holographic sights; illuminated nocks; rangefinders; film or video cameras; and radio-frequency location devices. Arrows used for hunting big game and turkeys must be equipped with broadhead points that cannot pass through a ring 3/4-inch in diameter when fully expanded. Non-broadhead arrows may be in possession while hunting but may not be used to take or attempt to take big game animals. Devices capable of dispensing lethal, debilitating or immobilizing chemicals may not be used to take big game animals. Handguns may be possessed during big game archery seasons but may not be used to take big game.

Firearms: Centerfire rifles and handguns that are not fully automatic, while using only hard-cast solid lead, soft point, hollow point, or other expanding bullets; shotguns using only slugs.

Muzzleloaders: Muzzleloading rifles, pistols and muskets that can be loaded only through the front of the firing chamber with separate components and that fire a bullet of .40 inches in diameter or larger. Only hard-cast solid lead, conical lead, or saboted bullets may be used with muzzleloading rifles, pistols and muskets. Handguns may be possessed during big game muzzleloader only seasons but may not be used to take big game unless they are muzzleloading handguns.

Crossbows are legal equipment during archery seasons for anyone with a big game permit valid during an archery season. Anyone who hunts big game with a crossbow must first obtain a Crossbow Survey ID number. The number is free and available online at www.ksoutdoors. com or at KDWPT offices. Information obtained will allow KDWPT to survey hunters and learn more about hunting with crossbows. Obtain your Crossbow Survey ID here:

Range-finding devices and optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light may be used with any equipment.