Miami State Fishing Lake

Miami SFL 3D
This Location does have Boat Access Fishing Forecast Region 2 Public Fishing Reports Wildlife Area

Hillsdale Area Office 913-783-4507

GPS Location: N38.4208 W94.7947

Fontana, KS

Impoundment Type: State Fishing Lake

Surface Acres: 101 acres

Maximum Depth: 17 feet

Normal Lake Level: 829 msl

Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Channel Catfish 2 15
Crappie 50
Green Sunfish
Flathead Catfish 5
Largemouth Bass 2 18
Redear Sunfish
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination

Fishing Report - Last Update: 12/6/2013

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
LM Bass Fair 0.5-4 lbs Spring electrofishing indicated a good abundance of largemouth bass in 2013. However, size structure of largemouth bass was dominated by small individuals. A protected slot limit will go into effect in 2014 to help improve the bass population.
Bluegill Fair Up to 0.33 lbs Fall netting indicated a good abundance of bluegill in 2013. Bluegill size structure was dominated by individuals in the 6-8 inch length range.
Channel Cat Fair 1-5 lbs Catch rate of channel catfish was 3 fish/net night in 2013. Try using worms or shad sides fished near rocky points for catfish.
General Comments
This is a generic fishing report covering the 2014 fishing forecast for Miami State Fishing Lake. Regular weekly fishing reports will continue spring 2014.