Glen Elder Reservoir

Glen Elder 3D
This Location does have Boat Access Fishing Forecast Good Fishnig Spots State Park Wildlife Area

GPS Location: N39 30.821 W98 20.408

2131 180 Road
Glen Elder, KS 67446

Impoundment Type: Reservoir

Surface Acres: 12,586 acres

Maximum Depth: 55 ft

Normal Lake Level: 1455.6 MSL

Current Lake Level: 2.2 feet below conservation, releasing 12 cfs

Lake Temperature: 33 degrees

Fishing PopulationCreel LimitMin Length Limit
Walleye 5*** 18 inches
White Bass
Wiper 2**
Striped Bass 2**
Largemouth Bass 5* 18 inches
Spotted Bass 5* 15 inches
Smallmouth Bass 5* 18 inches
Crappie 20
Channel Catfish 10****
Blue Catfish 5****
Flathead Catfish 5
* Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass in Combination
** Striped Bass or Wiper in Combination
*** Walleye, Sauger or Saugeye in Combination

Fishing Report - Last Update: 2/26/2015

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
ZEBRA MUSSELS     Zebra mussels were detected in Glen Elder Reservoir on August 31, 2013 and the reservoir has now been established as a Designated Aquatic Nuisance Water. This means that no bait can be caught from Glen Elder and used in another water body. Anglers are not allowed to leave Glen Elder with ANY live fish. All harvested fish must be dead prior to leaving the reservoir. Also, anglers should be extra careful when leaving Glen Elder to follow all state laws that require anglers to CLEAN all equipment for anything attached (plants, animals, mud) and remove anything found. Second, DRAIN all water from equipment (livewell, bilge, bait buckets) before using at a different location. Finally, DRY all equipment for a minimum of 5 days before using again. If you need to use it sooner, wash with hot (140 F) water. Everyone is asked to do their part to prevent the spread of this aquatic nuisance species to other waters!
Trout Good 10-16 inches

We stocked 400 1 pound trout on Monday, February 9th and they look like very good fish.  I would recommend using Panther Martins and Powerbait.  I would also suggest trying roadrunners, Velveeta Cheese, worms, and Blue Fox lures.  Fly fishing along the dam has been successful this week as well.

The trout pond is open.

Crappie Fair to Good 10-14 inches Anglers should target their efforts for crappie around the Cawker City causeway, north end of the dam, main lake brush piles like Campground 3, Swim Beach, and the bluffs, and the river channel bends south of the marina and towards Sandy Beach.  The crappie will be schooling up now with the cold water temperatures and these are the most likely areas to find them.
Walleye Fair 15-24 inches Anglers are reporting some decent walleye catches along the river channel in 25-30 feet of water.  Slab spoons and large swim baits seem to be working best in this cold water.
White Bass Good 11-17 inches We found white bass nearly lake wide while netting last month and anglers should be able to catch quite a few once they find them.  There are a wide variety of sizes available and they are feeding on shad at this time.  Concentrating around the causeway and dam are good places to start, but anglers can also find them west of the causeway in the river channels (similar to ice fishing), near Campground 3, and around the South Bluffs.
Black Bass Slow 10-19 inches Both smallmouth and largemouth bass really seem to slow down this time of year when the water temperature drops and there probably won't be much pressure on them until spring.  The smallmouth can still be found around the rocky areas in the state park and along the dam, but they tend to hang out in deeper water and require a slow approach to catch them.
Wipers and Stripers Fair 12-22 inches

There are a lot of young wipers coming into the population between 12 and 14 inches so make sure to identify your catch carefully when catching white bass and wipers! 

Wipers can be found mixed in with the white bass, but there are better numbers of them around Walnut Creek, along the dam, and near Campground 3 and Swim Beach.  Bucktail jigs, roadrunners, and slabs are all good lures to for catching wipers.  Some anglers have been doing well trolling in those areas using Hot-n-Tots, Shad Raps, and Rattletraps.

Channel Catfish Good All Sizes There has already been a large shad die off with the rapidly declining water temperatures and the catfish are likely feeding on these dead shad.  The river channels west of the causeway are a great place to start now, but any wind blown points on the lake where the shad are being washed in can also yield some good catches.

Boat Ramp Update: The reservoir is 2.2 feet below conservation so low water is not limiting access at this time, but Granite Creek could be difficult to launch large boats due to the shallow water.

Anglers can now find GPS locations for each of the brush piles located in the reservoir. Simply click on this link Good Fishing Spots and select the individual brush pile. As we enhance these brush piles throughout the year, we'll make a note under each individual location.  Check it out for the recent additions we made in March 2014.  Special thanks to the over 20 volunteers who made it possible for these brush piles to continue to get upgrades as well as the new piles that we constructed.

For current water temperature and reservoir elevation, simply click on the "Glen Elder Reservoir" link above this report.

Please discard of leftover bait in a trash can, even baitfish. Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water!