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Answers to some common questions.

If I have a boater education card from another state, do I have to also take a Kansas course?

answer: No, if the card you have is from a NASBLA approved course, we will accept that as meeting our education requirement. Make sure you are familiar with Kansas laws and requirements before you get on the water.

I forgot I needed Boating Education and I would like to go the lake this weekend. What do I do?

answer: The fastest way to receive your Boating Education Certificate is to take an internet course. There are two approved companies that we accept and these can be found on the Online Study Course page.

I have an old paper Boating Education card and it's almost illegible from water, weather, and wear. Can I get a new one?

answer: Yes. If you took the home study course before 2006, you most likely were issued a paper card. New hard plastic cards were issued starting in 2006 and the first time you request one of these, it's free. If you have already been issued a hard plastic card, replacement cards can be issued for an $11.00 charge thru the Pratt Operations Office. Please see the replacement Cards page for details.

I lost my card. How can I get a new one?

If you took the home study course or attended a class, call the Pratt Office at 620-672-5911 and ask for Boating Education. If you took an online course, you will need to contact the company who issued your original card. KDWPT cannot reissue cards from an internet course, since we are not given a database of students who have passed.

How long will it take to get my card once I send in my test?

During the summer months, cards are processed at least twice a week. During the winter months, it's about once a week. Faxed test sheets are no longer accepted, so if a card is needed at the last minute, the internet courses are the way to go.