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Welcome to Elk City State Park!

Park Conditions -  Sunset Point and Comfort Cove sites 21-50 will be electric only sites until late Spring.  The Vault Toilet in Sunset Point along with the Comfort Cove shower house and dump station will be closed until late Spring.  Prairie Meadow and Comfort Cove sites 1-15 will operate as normal during the winter.  Prairie Meadow shower house will have 2 units open through the winter.  The dump station by Prairie Meadow will remain open.  The Vault Toilets at the boat ramp and Timber Road will remain open.  Remember to take precautions when using the water hydrants to prevent damage due to freezing temperatures.

Lake Conditions - 796 feet, normal pool.   Youth/Mentor Pond: Anglers 16 to 75 must have a fishing license and be accompanied by a fishing youth under 16.  Special Creel Limits and Regulations are in effect.

Please visit www.reserveamerica.com or call the office at 620-331-6295 for site availability.  

For fishing reports or information about the wildlife area, call the project office at 620-331-6820. 

For information regarding Card Creek, the Outlet Channel, the Elk River Hiking Trail, and Overlook call the Big Hill Lake Office (COE) at 620-336-2741.

Don't forget to visit the park's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ElkCityStatePark - Great resource for event information and park conditions.

 ***FREE ENTRANCE on April 25th for statewide park open house***