Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.


Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.


Completed a game breeder inspection. Took report of set lines along county bridge.  Had a long discussion about transporting bait laws with local fishermen.  Fishermen could only read the regulations in his benefit. Need less to say that he didn't learn much from our discussion.

 Filed tickets and completed KLER reports.  Met with assisted officer with interviews on background investigation and completed associated paperwork.  Returned 3 fishing poles to individual per District Court order after subject paid his fines.  He complained that he has been unable to fish since I seized them.  Had the weekend off.

 Another week of "South Dakota" summer, mild weather ended today.  Many more boat checks, reports filed from last weekend.  Planning for assisted hunt underway with landowner contacts and coordination of guides, food plans for site in and acquiring help for event.  Cleaned up truck and office, oil change.  Met with two county attorneys offices.  Hand fishing slower with water going down.  Young turkey taken in and referred to rehabbers.  Passing of retired game warden whose name used to come up from time to time long after he retired.

 Completed KLERs and approved KLERs.  Did a HIN inspection.  Had a couple critter calls. Transported a jet ski for auction.  On Wed. morning I met with Warden who had his inventory boxed and labeled making that task simple and almost painless. Wed. afternoon I responded to a fight in progress call at State Lk, where we found a young couple at odds and I assisted with the arrest and transport of the female half – both charged with domestic battery.  Checked a few fishermen and spent most of Saturday checking fishermen and fishing boats with channels and blue cats the major species being caught.  Blue green algae cut down on boat traffic but isn’t keeping all people out of the water.

Worked at reservoir checking boaters and then I cleaned up one of the old patrol boats that the mice had made a new home in.  I worked in the regional office on Smart and KLER. Met with Officer as we  continue to deal with issues from the big buck classic "landowner" .  Checked anglers use a day of leave and had the weekend off.

Checked anglers in the counties. Numbers down compared to weeks past and more night-time activity. Inspected a new game breeder facility.

Dropped off a DVD at the DA's office.  Spent time organizing the truck and cleaning my duty weapons. Met with a subject that had several chickens/turkeys killed in his yard.  Dropped off my Jon boat at Arnie's due to fuel pump issues.  Received a drag bar kit from Officer.  Checked anglers on the River, reservoir outlet and around the lake. Checked boaters on the lake. Tried to locate a couple of hand fisherman creating some issue.  Responded to call at the SP boat ramp regarding a female juvenile complaining of back pain while she was tubing with her friends/family. 

Sunday I was off.  Monday worked in the office and patrolled a little.  Tuesday I was off.  Wednesday made a trip to meet up with officers to give them some equipment and hooked up the lowe boat.  Took it to reservoir and drove it around to make sure it was not overheating.  Then pulled my PWC home so I could use it on Saturday around my local lakes.  In the evening put on rescue training for rescue squad then worked anglers around the county on the way home.  Thursday worked a short day due to overage the day before.  Friday recorded the radio show in the morning and checked the river.  In the evening was going to help with a DUI check lane until it was cancelled at the last minutes so worked into the night around my county.  Saturday worked area and cited several people for boating violations.

Sunday worked in the office and lake on jet ski.  Monday patrolled, took kayak back and worked on old case.  Tuesday went to courthouse and patrolled.  Wednesday helped SO with a man hunt, put Whaler back on lake and got called a chicken (fill in the blank) while getting a tire fixed.  Then went to a eagle call in Co.  Got to the eagle, got out of my truck the eagle takes a couple hops and flies off.  Thursday patrolled and helped SO with a domestic. 

This week I checked people fishing and boating in  Counties.  Went to  Co. Count to find out why I haven't been getting dispositions back for the past year, should be resolved now,   Worked some in my office getting it cleaned up.  Made contact with an individual who was trying to sell a snapping turtle and perch on the internet.  

Office work. Put new tires on boat trailer. Patrol local lakes and other areas. Dealt with individual setting off fireworks at a state fishing lake. Assisted several stranded motorists on the side of the road with vehicle trouble over the weekend. Responded to assist with a rollover injury accident in the state park. Dispatched to an unknown shots fired call at a state fishing lake. Unable to locate anyone. Violations dealt with: Inaccessible PFDs; Unlawful discharge of fireworks; Expired boat registration x's 2; Operate vehicle in restricted area.

Attended a legislative update training.  Checked area lakes for anglers.  Completed some paperwork.  Provided boat enforcement at the Amelia Earhart Festival.

General office and patrol. Completed a Game Breeder Inspection. Investigated a Lifetime license which resulted in it being denied. Investigated a subject trapping birds. Investigated subject who ran over a SINC Species To Wit: A Timber Rattlesnake and a neighbor took snake and skinned it out. Skin has been recovered. While enroute to those investigations I came upon a Rolling 10-97 (Domestic) in progress. I made the vehicle stop and three KHP units came to back. Domestic was verbal only. Driver was checked for DUI and let go. PD K-9 did walk around finding a small roach and empty pill bottle. Female urinated prior to exiting vehicle. Pill bottle was where female sat. KHP suspects female put the pills in her private spot.  I located a baton in the driver’s door. Both subject are convicted Felons thus illegal for them to possess. Retrieved the Jon boat and got it ready to do a search on the River for a bridge jumper after the Festival. Crazy week. Filed report on last week’s BUI.

Patrolled for anglers and boaters. Met with Officer  to get pictures from boat fire, then helped with making sure the Lowe was running OK. Responded to Lake for report of angler keeping more than creel limit of catfish, tracked down suspect, no fresh fish located at residence.

Worked on Admin stuff, KLER, and Time Sheets.   Addressed tire problems and put tires back on on HewesCraft.  Took some leave.  Attended Training (Law Review) at PD.   Cleaned up the CO Patrol Boat, and worked around reservoir. 

Last Monday worked in the office doing KLERs, worked on cleaning out old truck and installed tool box in the back of new truck. Tuesday patrolled some then filed NTAs and washed old truck inside and out. Wednesday attended District meeting at the Region office and took the old Chevy into the Region parking lot for a standby vehicle.  Thursday did a vessel HIN inspection and another game breeders inspection and angler patrol. Days off Friday through Monday.

Last week on Monday I was off.  Tuesday I spent a few hours on the phone trying to coordinate a Golden Eagle mount that needed to be picked up out of my area when I received a call on a search warrant and the officers found it "suspicious". The rest of the day was spent returning calls and emails and catching up from being on vacation. Wednesday I attended a meeting at RO.  Thursday Checked some anglers for awhile then watched it rain.  Friday was spent at area lakes trying to find the elusive angler on a perfect day.  Off on Annual Leave Saturday and Sunday to watch a buddy get a ball and chain attached to him.

Worked in the office on paperwork, KLER, etc.  Finally able to make contact and finish a boat HIN inspection for a guy.  Worked around the county with little going on.  Attended meeting at office and collected some equipment.  Weekend off.

Patrolled for fisherman and boaters.  Used some leave and attended district meeting in office.  Worked reservoir over the weekend

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; filed NTAs; tried to assist with a report of a duck that had fishing line wrapped around its legs at a city park; and prepared for and conducted a District Meeting. Saturday late afternoon through night worked boaters with Game Warden, with 75 to 100 vessels out on the Lake arm of the reservoir watching the veteran's fireworks display; the usual boating violations were found and dealt with. Sunday worked boaters again at reservoir with GW , and had to be towed in after the propeller hub wore out. Repairs were made in a couple hours, a half hour afterward had to go out and tow in a disabled boat.

This week patrolled lakes and rivers for anglers.  Ran a river, with the help of NRO, cutting untagged bank lines.  Helped Park Ranger take water samples on Reservoir.  Ended the week with four day weekend.  

This week finished up background investigation and turned it in. I had a report of a fish kill at reservoir that I forwarded to the district biologist. I went to reservoir on Saturday and spent sometime on the water checking on the activity around the jet-ski races there. Started vacation on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday on leave. Wednesday andThursday days off, but spent an hour each day catching up from being gone. Thursday met new officer and got him introduced to the CLAMP technique. Then we patrolled the research office, river and state lake checking licenses. Friday worked on several investigations. Saturday did a HIN inspection on a picnic table converted to a boat. Then worked by boat at PWC races at the reservoir. Worked the state parks at both reservoirs checking anglers.Sunday.  I patrolled vacant areas checking anglers and showing a presence, and then patrolled the state lake, reservoir and river in area checking about 2 dozen anglers and 8 vessels. We responded to a call of a pedestrian throwing himself in front of vehicles, yelling at people and falling down in traffic on an overpass by the reservoir.  We were first on scene and talked to the very intoxicated individual, dressed only in underwear, scrapes and scratches, down from a one inch pipe fence he was precariously perched on, on top of the dam embankment.  He admitted consuming a 12 pack of beer and some narcotics. We kept him out of harm until the SO arrived then assisted with a PBT and stood by as backup until he was transported safely away.    

RO, usual weekly paperwork, approve KLER reports, disposal orders for CO, investigated NTA for Officer mistaken ID, checking fishermen at area lakes, off this weekend.

Got sick on Sunday but made up for the hours in Oklahoma performing a background investigation for a Game Warden candidate. Spent the week there completing the investigation. Off to Disneyland for vacation.

Dopped tickets off at courthouse. Completed KLER.  Patrolled  River with little activity as the water has went down.  Cut lines on Creek with officer.  Patrolled WA in counties. Patrolled reservoir, activity was slow because Aquafest was going on at Grand Lake, so most boaters were in Oklahoma this weekend.

Worked with wildlife bio gathering up geese at SL.  Helped fisheries bio with fish feeders.  Worked some fishermen at the local lakes and the WA.  Got a couple boat inspections.  Set up hunter ed classes for this fall.  Took a couple of comp days.

This week contacted two guys fishing at Dam.  No fishing licenses, No identification, both non residence. Both arrested.  Judge allowed both to have trial next day. Both were found guilty.  I wish they all went that quick.  In court on different bench trial on another nonresident.  FTA now has bench warrant for his arrest.  Dropped off 5 cases to the County Attorney this week.  Took coyote pup out of a house  to a rehabilitator.  I had patrol truck serviced.  Patrolled WA finding several out Saturday night.  Checked 6 different groups frog hunting.  Ticketed one group for no PFD's.  Most were not having a lot of success at finding any frogs.  Busted up Party before it got under way in the pits.

Worked in the office, and patrolled the lakes and back roads, not finding much activity. I helped clean out and transfer stuff to the boat house so it could be shipped to the auction. Sunday I spent some time in County reacquainting myself with the county roads.

Still working on training tasks.  Checked several fishermen in Counties.  Clamp training.

Majority of the week was taken up completing the observation portion of training. Did take one day out and tackled the storage building.  Finished up processing all the 28 stats.  Used my D day.

Normal office duties involved most of the week.  I attended a district meeting .

Spent early part of the week finishing up KLER reports, and affidavits for CA.  Most of the middle of the week was meeting with landowners in County about deer damage and issuing depredation permits.  Thursday was hunter education.

Last week was busy with trying to wrap up paperwork prior to going on annual leave, answering calls about baby animals, and taking annual leave.

Completed office work, completed K-9 Training, assisted with HE , general patrol at reservoirs.

Worked with Game Warden around reservoir and river patrolling.  Did general office work.  Patrolled another Reservoir with lots of boats out due to a couple of tournaments taking place.

Prepared for and held Hunter Ed, office and reports, visit with Co Sheriff, check fishermen at reservoirs.

Assisted K9 training. Wrote BUI report. Assisted with hunter education class. KLER Reports. Wrote a no fishing license citation at SFL. Office work. Off on 4day

Office work including travel vouchers, KLER, ordered supplies and equipment; delivered equipment; vehicle maintenance and repair work; covered reservoir over the weekend.

I was interviewed for a background investigation on a new hire.  Answered questions regarding KLER for officer outside of my district.  Worked on compiling/completing mid-year evaluations.  Had patrol truck serviced, installed new tires and had it aligned.  Picked up sunscreen for west region.  Patrolled fishermen and boaters.  Burned a few hours of comp time Saturday and took the family to the county threshing bee. 

Assisted Warden in background investigation for new hire prospect early in the week. Met with Major about training and future endeavors in the middle of the week. Had weekend with GWC as we worked at both Reservoirs. One reservoir was slower on Saturday due to local small town celebrations but working the night shift I came upon some interesting individuals with no fishing licenses on the wildlife area. They were running limb lines by swimming across the river and setting/baiting/checking said lines. After issuing them their NTA's I advised them to just leave the lines overnight and get them in the morning (the 30 pack of empty beer may have impeded their swimming skills).  The most cordial of the men was someone who had been arrested for BUI in 2013. They promised me they wouldn't drive as they pointed to their mobile unit with 30 tags.  The afternoon started off well with a bass fishing tournament from Nebraska taking place on the depleted body of water. As all the bass were skinny, only one was short. Of course the bass measured earlier on the violators ruler a legal length of over 15". Now using the tournaments ruler, my ruler, and the violator’s ruler the fish was surprisingly only 14.5". Needless to say, we were all speechless that all of our rulers could have been off at the same time. The violator turned out to be a good sport and signed the top copy graciously as we all sweated in the immense heat.

Completed a bunch paperwork. Picked up boat after getting some maintenance done on it. Took a little vacation.

Evening fish patrol throughout the week.  One NTA for No fish license. Assisted with river canoe trip cutting numerous untagged limb lines. Off on 4 day.

Had a nice talk with a dispatcher who had a topic that has been troubling him since I transferred here, he had no clue exactly what I was. He knew I was a game warden but he said that the appearance of our uniforms made him unsure due to the fact it just says law enforcement below the name and my vehicle just said law enforcement....pretty solid public perception. Returned voicemails from vacation and you guessed it, patrolled.

On Tuesday I inspected a new CSA in County and then in the afternoon GW assisted me with running the River for illegal bank lines.  After a rough start we checked the river with a few old lines located but no active ones.  On Saturday I worked an investigation at SL for littering and no fish license.  I also inspected old CSA's to ensure sign compliance and checked FISH ponds in County with a few fishermen/women located.  I also located river floaters with a flotilla of 5 boats(one was a paddle-boat), several rafts, 11 people, and a dog.  On Sunday I checked wildlife sellers at the Orschlen’s store.  Rest of the week was spent checking rivers and SL for fishermen.

Checked a few fishermen. Although weather was nice, not many people out. Picked up equipment in RO and ordered cowboy hats for the region. Held a district meeting, Delivered trimble unit to officer so he won't have to share to do surveys. General office.

Attended District meeting. Ran through the bottoms on the way home, it looks GREAT with all the water, should be a great waterfowl season.  Kler reports and boat checks sent in.  Had sick deer call and a kite call.  Help fisheries biologists shock for blues and flatheads, got a 36 lbs. flathead, what a nice fish, and quite a few others of all sizes and different color variations. Biggest blue was 30 inches and weighed 14 lbs., so when they reach the legal length limit they'll be 20-25 lbs.  All great looking fish,and all full of zebra mussels so they are doing their job.  We tagged all the blues also.  Went to some friends house that had burned to see if the fire dept., or the S.O. needed any help.  Worked rivers and lake.

Looked for possible illegal traps still being set but was unable to locate any. Worked on boat equipment. Had district meeting. Setup Hunter Education Course and got advertisements out. General patrol and general office work.

Slow and steady week. Had a few critter complaints. Worked a complaint at local lake about over limit on fish. Checked two boats and 22 fishermen at the that lake all was good. Visited with a couple on investigation of illegal fish for upcoming week. Checked the waterfowl area and allot of bird watching going on.  Was stopped by one that was not impressed with my response to her question: Which was -- We should not allow hunting here and make this a permanent Refuge... I explained the dollars were from hunters that allowed this great place to exist. Needless to say I was wrong and was part of the problem.

Attended District meeting.  Logged in to SMART to avoid being kicked from the system.  Friday, took ATV to install new tires.  Put new gas and oil in and ran it around.  Finished personal inventory and patrolled area.  Addressed complaint of chickens being beheaded by unknown predator.  My guess is owl.

Conducted a District meeting. Worked on numerous office tasks including the schedule.  Picked up and delivered a set of repaired night vision and worked on some other equipment issues. Patrolled  SL and  County Lake. Worked boaters and fishermen at reservoir over the weekend.

Trying to get more HIN inspections done. Continue to get injured animal, sick animal calls. Calls for kids beating up domestic ducks. (referred to other agency) another call of a girl having an unknown baby bird. A call of a black duck getting beat up by other ducks.  Callers say animal control or kdwpt offices telling them we respond on sick, injured animals and ducks in fights.  Please LEAVE THEM ALONE. Got call from DEA task force they were executing search warrant North Wichita and found a golden eagle mounted and hawk feather.  Responded and the eagle and hawk feather were seized by USFWS. Worked reservoir all weekend checked numerous boats only violations were registration issues warnings given. Had BUI selective saw 1 beer can on all the boats I checked. Several boats had some good channel cats and wipers. Will spend Monday in office and cleaning up truck off Tues/Wed.

Turned in NTA's and visited with DA, attended district meeting, had midyear eval, completed boat accident report although the boat has yet to be recovered, checked a few boaters and assisted one stranded boater, checked for fishermen on the river but little use except people floating.

Monday truck was in shop, worked in office and completed KLER. Tuesday meeting in RO.  Friday patrol and officer helped me with some K9 training.  Saturday at reservoir again. Sunday caught up on local lake complaints, river patrol, still haven't been able to check any hand fishermen. 

Worked in the office.  Had district meeting in RO, and looked at fish kill at local lake.  Worked on an upcoming hunter ed class.  Met with officer to get trimble unit for brood surveys.  Had feedback session with LT.  Worked area lakes.  Went to reservoirs Sunday but things were slow so worked lakes on my way back home. 

Spent most of week in Okl. doing background checks.  Turned information to Captain on Sunday.  Will head to city to check on boat that is in the shop,that seems to have a problem with Hin #.

Week spent interviewing background references and working on background package on candidate for new hire.

Returned emails and phone calls after week off.  Investigated mountain lion sighting.  Office.  Cool rainy weather kept lake traffic slow til Saturday.  Patrolled lakes. Dealt with injured owl.

Checked some fishermen.  Picked up HE guns.  Nuisance animals.

This last week I worked in my office, took evidence and surplus items to RO, checked boaters and fishermen at reservoir and worked out of district in Counties checking fisherman.

Began my reservoir officer correspondence training course and found limb/trot/float lines must be tagged with name and address, KDWP&T customer number is not enough as with other tagging requirements.  Wildlife area ramp blocked with water going down, depredation of domestic fowl landowner advised.  Checked bilge on patrol boat and VSC completed.  Preparing for assisted hunt, heat does not seem deer season in 40 days.  Filed boating ntas and responded to document requests from operations headquarters. 

Honor Guard duties on Monday.  Attended court in County for first appearances.  Spent some very early mornings at reservoir trying to catch up with suspects, no luck yet.  Squeezed in an hour of K-9 training.  Removed skunk from a machine shed.  Completed a couple of Boat Checks and issued one NTA for Insufficient PFD.

Spent a couple days in the office catching up from being on annual leave. Finished work on an old case, met for a few items, and checked a few fish licenses. Report received of a guy double dipping and blatantly keeping too many wipers. Spent some time looking into that, with more follow up to come. Reservoir activity slow. I was called out to assist County SO on a nursing home stand by that turned physical, with me being the closest back up. Participated in a couple of fishing selectives over the weekend.

Admin. chores: weekly rpts, new schedule submitted, etc. Started the process of compiling Warden stats to update and present to Wardens progress reports on the evaluation process through the 3td quarter, meeting with most Wardens.  Spent most of Friday in Region Office.  Made a trip to return wall hangings to a woman, after owl and hawk feathers had been removed, woman found guilty in County for illegal possession.  Checked a few fishermen and worked boaters coming off reservoir Saturday evening, a few issues with nav. lights.

This week I completed the normal administrative tasks.  I attended the camera meeting at KHP.  I worked around county with officer while his truck was in the shop.  I worked with another officer a day while his truck was in the shop.  Saturday night worked on the water and then worked the wildlife area and outlet.

Very slow week with hardly any contacts or license checks. Did a HIN inspection in Co. Had a neighboring warden ride with me for a day.

Checked anglers and boaters on Lake. Attended a video camera meeting. Picked up ink cartridges and NTA's at the Region  office. Assisted Officer with a safety program. Met with USACE staff. Saved a YouTube video for Officer. Purchased new tires and shocks. Did a ride-along with Lt; we also did a selective Saturday evening on Lake and the WA. Spent some time following up on a couple boats that have the same numbers on them. 

Sunday and Monday was spent searching the River for a guy that drowned after he decided to jump off the bridge, bad idea.  Tuesday had my truck worked on and worked in the office.  Wednesday attended Camera meeting at the KHP academy.  Off the rest of the week.

Tuesday patrolled and worked in the office.  Patrolled extremely slow, nobody likes the  heat.  Saturday patrolled and worked a selective in evening hours. 

This week I checked people fishing in Co., some citations were issued so I also worked on KLER.  Attended a funeral for Honor Guard on Mon.  Picked up dispositions in Co. and I dropped off report at the DA's office.  Worked a selective in Co. on Sat. evening.

Spent first part of the week getting caught up from vacation.  Including taking reports and evidence to Co. for BUI cases. Thursday I rode with Lt. while I had new tires put on my truck.  Friday worked the night shift.  At about midnight I just happened to be 2 miles from a fatality 10-48 in the county.  I was the first on the scene.  Performed CPR until others arrived, but to no avail, she was already deceased.  Got home early Saturday morning, and then went back out Saturday afternoon to look for handfishermen on the River, but did not find any.  

Assisted with body recovery on  River.  Attended camera meeting.  Attended wellness fair at the Golf Course Super Attendants Office. Responded to overturned sail boat at reservoir. Toured the Kansas with Lt. Patrolled boaters and anglers around area.

Performed HIN inspection. Cut illegal set lines at Creek state fishing lake. Worked a  Lake selective for boating enforcement. Worked a night fishing selective at area state fishing lakes. Both selectives were very successful. Violations dealt with: No alcohol; M.I.P.; and multiple Inaccessible PFDs. Lots of contacts made.

General office and patrol. Prepped Jon boat for recovery operations. Sick leave for Dentist. Spent about 10-11 hours looking for subject who jumped from the  Bridge over the River. Found his left shoe 26 miles from where Highway Patrol recovered the victim. Attended Body Camera meeting at KHP. On leave.

Honor Guard Duty.  Worked around reservoir some during week.  Transported interior truck parts to Regional Office. Worked on the River Friday night.  Participated in reservoir saturation Boat Selective.  Worked on Officer Stat Reports.   

Last Tuesday I drove to operations office and had decals placed on the new Ford.  Wednesday Patrol for anglers and met Lt. at Reservoir and picked up floor jack for patrol boat trailer and a jumper battery pack. Thursday patrolled for anglers at Reservoir and river then drove over to another Reservoir and County Lake and then to State Lake for angler/creel checks. Friday more angler patrol. Saturday patrolled rivers and lakes in Counties and completed two more Game Breeder inspections. Sunday boat and angler patrol in Counties. Heat during the week kept people in the AC and not in the great outdoors as activity was down. Started road survey count for mammals this last week also.

Last week on Tuesday I returned from vacation early to talk to the CA about a court case.  Wednesday court cancelled....went and patrolled.  Thursday took in the boat for an oil change and patrolled.  Friday looked for anglers.  Busy day on Saturday with game warden at reservoir.  Sunday patrolled again at reservoir with game warden as well as taking a report of a stolen boat and filling out paperwork for a boating accident (broke lower unit on a tree).

Took truck to office and had decals put on.  Installed mud flaps on truck.  Assisted local landowner with questions about deer problems.  Assisted a couple ladies along hwy who were having problems with the bike they were hauling on the back of their vehicle that kept falling off.  Was able to attach bike with zip ties to  help them get the bike to city.  Made trip to help a lady who reported an injured owl in her yard causing problems with her dogs.  After arriving found the owl had made it into a nearby tree, and was not an issue with the dogs anymore.  Worked around the county finding couple on the wildlife area fishing.  The couple was instructed to keep their dogs under control after one took a nip at my leg and my patience got slim after the gentlemen took my instructions very lightly.  He understood my position when I left.  Worked trying to catch some people reported handfishing on the river with no luck catching them.  Will keep trying with help of other wardens.  Checked a couple boats and had engine light on truck checked out again.  This time an O2 sensor.

Last week I worked on KLER reports and turned in NTA's from the weekend.  I worked with the department Honor Guard at a funeral.  I attended a Hunter Education rectification class and patrolled a little when time allowed.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; attended services for retired Game Warden; picked-up some equipment at the Regional Office; delivered equipment to most of the District; processed KLER reports; and submitted 28-day work schedule. Off over weekend. 

This week, my week started on Tuesday, I patrolled for anglers and assisted Sheriff’s Office with traffic on mini-van verses tractor accident, tractor won.  Wednesday, Lt. and I helped public land officer try to burn some wheat fields at Wildlife Area, then I patrolled and did some office work.  Thursday was just a check people fishing day, sometimes those days are the best.  I started out the day Friday getting my truck serviced, then took it in and got the tires rotated and one fixed, then headed over to the County Fair for a short while before going out on patrol. Saturday manned the booth at the fair, good turnout considering the 105 plus heat index.  Sunday started out with a call from dispatch, someone burned a dock a State Lake, I just don’t understand people sometimes.  After dealing with that, I went on patrol and found a guy that had three poles in the water and was getting a fourth rigged up, he had no clue about the two pole law, he does now.  As I was getting his info at dispatch, a call came in of a suicide, was one of the first on scene, but way too late to help.  I stuck around and helped the Sheriff’s Department as much as I could.  After finishing up, thought it was a good time to call it a week.  

Monday thru Thursday,  office work and worked on affidavits, investigations and evidence. Had a time set up to pick up stolen items and return evidence but had to re-schedule due to being called as a standby juror. The jury case was cancelled and I re-scheduled the evidence return for Tuesday. Tuesday the suspect cancelled. Wednesday located and interviewed another witness on ongoing cases.  Patrolled state lake and reservoir in the night time checking anglers. Picked up evidence from one gun locker and worked with two counties to get journal entries. Thursday I took forfeited firearms to be shuttled to auction. Working on disposal orders on a few others.   

Honor Guard duties for retired Game Warden funeral, getting items ready for auction, prepared for and manned booth at the CO Fair, thanks to all who helped, completed and approved time sheets, Monday minutes, finished next schedule, KLER reports and other office duties, worked on console in truck to better accommodate equipment, completed 2 CO brood surveys, helped with burn at SL, took a day of annual leave.

Patrolled reservoir with Officer and assisted SO and Park Ranger with a man dressed in only boxers sitting on the dam,  SO ended up 10-15. Patrolled local bodies of water finding limited activity. Patrolled City Lake late in the night coming across a party of 5 which included 2 MIC's. Of course the underage drinkers were not drinking according to them, I guess they didn't think I watched them set their beers down when I pulled up. Patrolled Reservoir and SFL checking a lot of licenses without violations.

This week last minute PCA on suspect for county attorney that has eluded me and local law enforcement since last November. Suspect now facing more felony charges. Not many out during the heat of the day. Patrolled WA and 2 days in County. Violations encountered Length limits, alcohol, wake zone, no PFD's and many other boating violations. 

Did some driving this week. Had another meeting with the feds on a case which went well. Took an evening to watch 3 illegal hunts on TV that happened in my district. Now I need to figure out how to get them off the DVR and onto a DVD. Took a video on a case, dropped of stuff at the research office and met with a friend while in town. Spent some time in County and worked Sunday evening after my minutes were in, so maybe I got something else...we will see?

This week I updated inventory, organized files and truck. Washed and cleaned truck and jet-ski. Drove to RO to pick up new printer. Helped the Sheriff’s office look for a lost bison, with no luck, did however find a timber rattler trying to cross the road and got to try out my snake catcher.  Worked with Officer in Counties, finding several violations throughout the weekend, including a small MIP get together.

Worked this week checking some fishermen at the local lakes and finding a few boaters.  Worked two days doing an update on the boat and trailer inventory. Worked the local WA and finding some activity and fishing was slow. Local lake activity slowed down due to the heat.

Did some radio work for Parks Division.  Patrolled reservoir and County during officer’s absence.  Very little happening.  Did make one no PFD case.  Finished the next schedule. Repaired a couple of electronic items.  I worked on updating the photo boat and trailer inventory. Lost my keys under the Whaler so had to get a large magnet and fish them out. Got them on the second “cast”!  Weather is so uncomfortable and every county fair is in high swing, that few people venture out and those that do don’t stay there long and they are headed back to the AC.

I reviewed some locations for boat house construction.  I addressed office requests.

Completed some office work, finished up investigation from last fall and mailed NTA's to suspect, ran brood route, Completed K-9 training, worked on old Patrol Boat, attended Turkey Committee Meeting at WA, general patrol.

Went through County for the brood survey and saw no birds. Worked at reservoir got me qualified on my secondary handgun. GW came over to my area and we went to see the lake and work on training tasks.

Early part of the week was spent finalizing some paper work, conducting a brood survey, conducted a interview and worked with parks on BUI information.  The weekend was spent working the lake and performing a decoy selective at reservoir with Game Wardens.

Ran Rawlins County Brood Route with low activity. Finished KLER reports. Assisted with K9 training. Ran decoy at reservoir with GW and LT Friday night. Worked at Reservoir Sunday night. Violations: No fishing license, no wake and No boat registration.

Checked reservoir fishermen, patrol lake, start and ran patrol Boat, respond to injured owl on US HWY, met with Game Warden Wednesday and Thursday, took patrol boat trailer to have electrical harness worked on, fishermen and boats.

Completed routine office work.  Completed mid-year evaluations.  picked up other equipment items.  Checked fishermen and boaters throughout the week.  Checked on a  fishing violation complaint at the inlet.  After some good old surveillance and a check of the individuals as they left I determined no violations were committed.  Two individuals arrived while I was watching the original two suspects.  The male couldn’t catch a fish, but the female was reeling them in left and right.  Found she didn’t have a license after she lied to me.  She received an NTA for her efforts and her fish were released after a brief photo session since they were still alive.  One vessel assist over the weekend and several boat inspections on the water at reservoirs.

Patrolled for fisherman on area waters finding a no fishing license at reservoir. Fought with the go devil motor until finally figured out it had blown a head. Took my discretionary day and had 4 day over the weekend.

Checked cameras and worked in the office. Had mid year evaluation and filed tickets from the weekend. Thursday I made a jig for camera boxes.

Spent most of the week patrolling for fishermen. Took a few calls with general questions. Spent some time looking over pictures of recovered sank boat from reservoir that Core Ranger provided since I was on vacation. Appears that the 2 men that were on board were enough to put the vessel well over capacity, not counting 5 year old or coolers. Sunday selective-- found one vessel who had entangled its prop in the anchor chains of the swim beach line. A simple paying attention to the no boat buoy could of saved them a hassle. Had a nice talk with gentleman who wanted to know what exactly I did in the winter time. 

Fishing and boating patrol throughout the week. Saturday morning was overcast and was the best catfishing morning at SFL that I have seen this year.  Must have had something to do with the weather front moving in?  Spoke with the members of the high school bass fishing club having a morning fishing competition.  Good group of kids. Sunday started out day checking for handfishermen on the river.  I guess they have cleaned it out because there is no interest anymore.  Finished up the day working boaters on reservoir.  Best encounter of day was related to the boat that decided to pull in the no boat area by the swim beach.  They managed to get the metal chain for the swim beach rope into their prop and received a ticket for the effort. 

General office duties. Ran the brood count, saw 6 adult turkeys and no pheasant or quail. Had a call on an injured Mississippi kite. Worked reservoir where a jet ski operator found out that the west end was too shallow even for his jet ski. Because of the depth of the mud, rescue from city was called to get the operator off. The last I heard from the Corps ranger, the jet ski was still on the mud flat.

Woked fair with jet ski simulator and had laser shot there, good turnout. Had triathlon at reservoir had 14 participants so decent turnout for the first time here. Took truck to RO to get new tires, oil change and wash for the fair, picked up a couple new tires for jet ski simulator.  Worked fishermen and boaters.  Calls on deer and badger problems.

Got caught up on emails and phone calls from four day weekend. Updated my law book and cleaned out the office. Worked on investigations. Followed up on cases collecting more information and evidence. Worked boaters at reservoirf and worked with Game Warden at reservoir. Found a few violations. Then worked decoy selective with no takers.

Light week, the weather has slowed fishing at local lake. Gave 2 (3 hour) training sessions to the SO. Removed 2 MS Kites and saved the life of a Porcupine that was on 10th St. Never saw one this far east. Meet with landowner that was complaining of Beaver problems. Followed up on leads for investigation.

General office and patrol.  Ordered new choke for ATV.  Took call about Mississippi Kite dive-bombing people in town.  Not many people out, but managed to meet a few landowners.  Off this weekend.

 Reviewed reports, washed truck on the drive, attended the internment for retired game warden and patrolled some. Worked on numerous office tasks. Assisted with a kite board accident at reservoir on Fri. and responded to several print and radio info. requests concerning same.  Patrolled reservoir and rivers. Sent a couple of boats to reservoir to renew registrations and found a few other violations.

Worked in office, checked a few fishermen, used a little comp time, checked up on a HIN problem, worked a slow day at reservoir, and found a few people out acting like fish trying to beat the heat.

Worked reservoir all weekend again pretty slow recreational activity, some fishing. Completed multiple HIN inspections. Continue  to get calls for everything you can imagine. Had a call from security at local aerospace plant they caught employee bringing deer heads into plant using company saw to remove and cut up antlers. Heads disposed of in company dumpster. Subject involved said he got heads from some guy that got them from some other guy at an auction in County. Stated he was making cough syrup and steroids from antlers. Not sure he knows what he is doing as antlers were mature polished. Looking forward to a couple vacations starting this week, then back to become an FTO , then back to vacation.

K9 training and K9 program for County. Off on 4 day and burned some comp time.

Finished up with back ground check.  Working on life time license and can't find individual and address house is empty.  Called to reservoir this week to work a most likely a fatal Kite board accident involving a 71 year old male.  Gathered information and gave several interviews with TV stations and several local newspapers.

Performed honor guard duties for retired game warden.  Worked in the office.  Worked on upcoming hunter ed class.  Worked on a deer case.  Weekend off.

Checked fishermen, patrolled for anyone  hand fishing around the county, visited with individual about concerns with a mountain lion, took boat to shop to get it running, worked at reservoir for the weekend.

Grasslands looking good, water in river and lots of doves.  Interviewed Co. suspects and issued NTAs.  Patrol area lakes.