Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.


Worked in the office several days completing the normal administrative tasks.  I helped park manager put out some cameras in State Park.  I checked a few anglers and hunters.  I dropped of supplies to Lt.   I worked Saturday night found a party on the WLA and a subject running coon dogs.

Patrolled for anglers and deer hunters finding neither this week. Received first spotlighting complaint three hours after it happened. RP heard no shots...might not have amounted to anything...but, we'll never know. Counties are abuzz...corn, milo and beans all being harvested at this time...gonna make a lot of deer more visible.

Met with a subject that reported seeing suspicious night time activity. Checked a few more deer hunters. Used some vacation time. Spent some time doing surveillance in an area along the  county line. Picked up the hunter ed trailer. Worked on an investigation. Had hunter ed. Checked some anglers on the WA. 

Sunday worked my counties then made a trip in search of a gentlemen that was caught by the landowner driving on WIHA ground.  Was unsuccessful in locating him but did mention the young man’s name to a couple people and the fact that I was looking for him.  Less than 24 hours later I was contacted with correct phone number, correct address and where he worked.  Monday used a sick day and stayed home with a sick kid.  Tuesday made a trip to pick up hunter education supplies at the regional office and then at the secretary's office.  Wednesday and Thursday I was off but spent considerable time answering phone calls about the upcoming hunter education class.  Friday picked up hunter education guns then drove to city and served the young man his ticket for driving on the WIHA ground.  Saturday hunter education class all day.

This week I patrolled looking for people hunting, spent some time looking for light shiners, used some leave time and worked in my office some completing routine paperwork.

Patrol most of the week. Poaching calls starting to come in.  Worked several evening shifts.  Worked on PWC.  Picked up some cameras to try catching trespassers.  Meeting on  county black bear was postponed to this coming week.

Finished up two evaluations and delivered the same.   Worked on Stat Reports.  Had a report of an overturned boat at reservoir.   Two 80 yr old individuals, one grandchild and a middle age women in the water.    Ranger assisted me with hooking up the Hewes Craft and locating the overturned vessel on reservoir.  After delivering the four water soaked individuals to EMS, City Fire recovered the vessel.  I sent photos of recovery to a Fire Fighter. On leave rest of week.

General office and patrol. Finished an old case and affidavit. Submitted case to CO's. Updated law book as well as the one in the district office. Backed up items on computers. Disposed of some old evidence. Numerous calls about hunting in city. Set up an appt: for FLU shot. Worked on some custody and control issues. 4-day weekend plus.

Pulled whaler off the water and got ready to take in for fiberglass work and winterize. Met with Lt. Coordinated a scanner issue with Capt. Worked an area of interest with Officer. Patrolled wildlife area for hunters. Worked on getting power washer working again. Responded to reservoir for stranded boater, getting wet from the waist down to get boat and towed back to ramp with jon-boat, thanks to help from park ranger.

Completed annual evaluation with Lt.  Check anglers and a few bow hunters in Counties.

Last Monday worked on and submitted KLERs and KADR reports. Attended the new County Attorney's swearing in at the courthouse. Some office work. Tuesday file tickets and KADR's in Counties checked a few anglers and looked for hunters. Wednesday more patrol for archers and anglers, and submitted monthly vehicle log. Days off Thursday/ Friday. Saturday checked anglers and bowhunters until dark then set up in a couple of places in County for spotlighters until early Sunday morning. No luck on shiners but did assist with a vehicle that ran out of gas after midnight with no gas stations open except for the  service on the turnpike. Got them enough gas to reach the turnpike gas station. Sunday checked numerous anglers and four bowhunters and did a couple of V.S.I.'s. No problems found this weekend and no deer seen either.

Last week on Monday I did KLERs, furbearer survey, met agent in Wichita with an eagle, washed my truck (which later got destroyed after a rain), and patrolled. Tuesday I got new tires for the truck, cleaned my guns, and patrolled finding nobody.  Wednesday I finally earned my last few healthquest credits and patrolled finding a nice Flathead catch.  Thursday was more patrol finding a successful harvest of a doe and a turkey.  Off on 4 day.

Worked in the office on paperwork and equipment.  Finalized uniform order and sent to Lt.  Worked around the county with little going on.  Finding hunters is getting tougher and tougher.  Looked into a big deer that was shot during muzzleloader.  Everything seems legit so far.  Worked and assisted with a hunting accident that occurred somewhere around Wildlife Area.  The individuals were squirrel hunting.  Talked with a couple landowners in  county who are unhappy with all the nonresidents.  Assisted with Game Wareden and K9 with training.

Attended training at the Range.  Got reports of spotlighting and worked on a trespass case this week.  Worked in the office on paperwork.  Got a report of a hunting accident but soon learned that accident happened in the Wildlife Area.  Helping with the hunting accident report.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; processed KLER reports; processed statistical information, NTAs, and warnings; tested new sonar unit installed on patrol boat and dropped it off for winterization; work on big game investigation; worked in the Regional Office; picked-up and gathered new game warden equipment for next week's firearms training; processed vehicle logs; vehicle maintenance; started compiling uniform order; and received a call about a possible sick deer in  CO.  Saturday continued to work on big game case in CO. and traveled to reservoir for signatures on patrol boat slip rental contract. Sunday patrolled for hunters in Counties; continued to work on big game case; solved patrol boat storage issue with a fully enclosed storage space becoming available; and signatures on patrol boat storage contract. Called-out Sunday afternoon for a disabled boat at reservoir.  Sunday night worked in home office.

Monday range in the morning then patrolled in the evening.  Off Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday patrolled.  Friday morning helped with survey netting at SL then patrolled.  Saturday patrolled in the evening then worked a night selective with Warden, didn’t find any spot lighters but did write a TOC and a boating violation.  Sunday patrolled and office work.

This week helped at the range on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were days off this week. Friday took jet-ski simulator back, cleaned guns, had truck serviced and checked area for hunters and anglers. Saturday did a couple selectives. Sunday worked around reservoir and followed up on trespass complaint with Officer. Did pick up also three inches of rain this week. Oh, the blue truck rolled 150,000 miles this week.

Monday Firearms qualifications. Then spent a few hours trying to get the new KYOCERA smart phone to work.  Thursday worked on an affidavit on marijuana and  photos for several alcohol cases for the CA office. Coordinating an upcoming NASP training for a local school district.  Friday trip to RO to drop off stats, pick up evidence tags and got postage. Patrolled back to county jail to get a recording of the recent BUI I took in. Went to pick up PWC.  Saturday took PWC to the boathouse and assisted with a selective at SL. Handled a signage question call. Sunday received a trespassing call from a person in area. Patrolled to reservoir and wildlife area and then to State Lake checking anglers and boaters, not seeing many deer or turkey hunters.  

I started the week having qualifications for Region 5. Wednesday had area coordination meeting. Thursday babysat landowners in county and scored a deer for an out of state bow hunter. I had Friday and Saturday off. Ended the week reconstructing a hunting incident that occurred on the Wildlife Area on Saturday. A man shot his brother in the leg with a 22LR while squirrel hunting. Thank you wardens for doing the work that you did. That evening drove to city for training.

Vehicle log and furbearer survey submitted. Attended first quarter firearms qualifications. Attended area coordination meeting. Patrolled for spotlighters and anglers. Attempted to assist with a one vehicle injury accident but more than enough help was already on scene when I arrived. Call from a landowner with questions about trespassing.

Attended firearms training, cleaned guns, completed timesheet, Monday minutes, 28 day-stats, finished furbearer survey and submitted, vehicle log, had truck serviced, attended area meeting, checking fishermen and looking for deer hunters, seeing lots of activity.

Helped with two hunter Ed classes. Gave a program to a sportsman's group. Helped fisheries bio with fall netting. Checked several archery hunters with some harvesting does. Several non-resident deer hunters calling with the usual questions. Checked some fishermen catching some catfish. Found some guys running lines on a creek. Attended the WA boat house get together. General office work on reports and forms. Attended firearms training and district meeting.

Standard patrol, finding a few fishermen and archery deer hunters. Attended range. Had a district meeting after range. Spent some time in the office on misc paperwork and getting things organized for when I leave on vacation next week. Worked several nights looking for shiners. Received several calls regarding lights and shots after dark. Helped out local deputies with a domestic disturbance and then again for a call involving explosions.

This week stats, selective forms and other end of schedule paper work. Range on Monday then cleaned rifle and pistol. Located a couple of tree stands and game camera pointed over large corn bait pile on WA. Removed stands and camera. Left calling cards if they want them back. Attended coordination meeting. It was nice that my sheriff and two other officer's from my county attended. Started 4-day then called out at 12:30 Friday morning on a call from a sheriff's officer on poaching in the WA. I was assisted by the county SO and we made a stop on two individuals that admitted to shining and shooting a small button buck. It was shot from the road with buck shot. They then hid it in the bed of their pickup covering it up with tools and odds and ends. Both transported to the Law enforcement center. Off on 4-day. 

This week I went to Range day and District meeting.  I'm still working a lot with Officer on his case. Turned in my completed training task book.  Glad that is over with!  Patrolled for deer hunters and spotlighters.  Also worked helping out with fall fish surveys here in County. Worked a selective with Officer.

Worked most of the week on investigations.  Did some on the ground surveillance and talked to the locals. I went to the Kansas Fur Harvester Association Rondy.  Got the oil changed in the work truck. Off Duty heading home Sunday evening and helped pull a teenager out of a car when I was just behind a really bad accident, did cpr for about 10-15 minutes, and ended up bloody. He didn't survive.

Attended range for 1st quarter shoot.  Attended area coordination meeting.  Worked on supplements for Officers and spoke with CA about case scheduled for court next week. Worked some nights looking for shiners with no luck. Checked a few fishermen out enjoying the cool weather.

Attended firearms qualification and then cleaned all the guns afterwards. Attended the statewide KPOA meeting. Attended the coordination meeting. Sat in the dark at WA hoping the off-road driver would come back but no luck yet. Working up the 28 day and end of month computer work.

I attended range qualification.  I had some work done on my vehicle.  I attended a captain's meeting.  I attended a unit meeting with PL, LE, Fisheries and guests from the County S. O..  I have been working on evaluations.  

Office work and got caught up from 4day weekend. Investigation of an individual taking deer in KS w/ no hunting license. Worked Goat hunters rest of the week. Good numbers of goats and hunters both. Individual cited for open container at WA. Thanks again for everyone's efforts this weekend.

Completed K-9 Training, office work, transported the Stash to pick up extra truck, worked on a couple investigations, met with County SO, patrolled for antelope hunters, met GW (pit bull) for some K-9 training and lunch at WA where he bird dogged out 2 Transport Open Containers, picked up road kill bobcat in County on way home from goat selective.

Last week was spent covering miles regards to the Antelope Hunter and Deer Hunters, backing a State Trooper up on a car stop that ended up being a significant stop on I-70 that resulted in a follow-up investigation that lead into two other jurisdictions being called in before it was all said and done, the trooper and his supervisor was VERY Happy that another LEO ( who was off duty at the time), was willing to stop and lend a hand.  Checking Antelope Rifle Hunters was a tough one.  The wind started out on Friday to be a difficult element to deal with, most of the Antelope bedded down due to the wind for the better part of the first day.  Harvest was good by word of mouth, but the hunters were scattered out pretty far throughout the weekend.   No noteworthy violations detected.

Went to look at a poached deer Monday morning. Got truck serviced. Antelope patrol. Lots of night patrol looking for spotlighters. Found some... When they stopped I could see them walking behind the truck blocking the tailights.  Probably loading a deer.. Lost them when they got on the highway. 

Deer poaching and spot lighting complaints have picked up this week.  Met with a very friendly taxidermist who had a lot of trouble remembering who brought in any of the deer in his shop.   

Worked the firearms antelope selective; violations encountered: hunt antelope with vehicle; while writing the citations an individual inside the vehicle had an accidental discharge into the floor of their truck.

Completed general office work.  Met with public lands and Bureau on placing a power pole for an IP camera.  Had court Tuesday for a BUI from June.  Individual pled no contest and sentenced to $500 fine, $108 court costs, complete a drug/alcohol evaluation class within 60 days his cost, within 30 days complete approved boater education course, underlying jail sentence and unsupervised probation.  Worked youth duck opener.  Found two groups hunting.  Was happy to see a proud father with his son and a limit of ducks.  Received a report of spotlight running along river Friday night.  Went to the area Saturday night, nothing found, returned home early Sunday am. 

Caught up from being gone on vacation (which took awhile). Got truck serviced and assisted KHP and County So with semi accident on Hwy 24 after violent storm. Got DVD's burned from body cam and turned over for case file. Made the appropriate contacts to get new flat bottom boat registered. Checked fishermen and hunters as time allowed.

Monday I responded to an ADC complaint where an owl was eating some kittens.  Normal patrol remainder of the week along with a program at  Zoo on Friday for area grade school kids and a large scout program at Reservoir on Saturday.

Took some calls this week about hunting property disputes.  None were criminal cases. Used some leave days. Tried to get winter tires on truck but they ordered and installed tires that they realized would not work. So they took them back off and I drove home with same tires I arrived with?

Took patrol boat to get winterized and acid wash. Took NR calls on deer, most were individuals wanting to make sure they really could buy over the counter tags like their friends had told them because they all do it every year....I'm sure they all qualified as landowners or tenants? Friday through Sunday seemed to mostly involve hauling airboat for program. Talked to individual witnessing activity they didn't think was lawful due to suspect activity, more follow up next week. 0 pronghorn hunters seen.

Took some vacation early in the week. Worked on some case reports. Dealt with nonresident placing bait and untagged stands on WIHA.

General office. Visited with landowner about illegal hunting on their property. Took youth shotguns back after shoot. Patrolled for hunters and found two archers that had success and filled their antlerless permits.

Checked hunters and a few fishermen still trying their luck.  Calls on deer, turkey and pheasant hunting.  Call on a sick deer.  Met with a few landowners.  Worked on investigations.  Checked some ground out to run decoy on.  Visited with KHP pilot about running some night flights with us, sounds good, he said they have a new pilot and need to get him a lot of flying hours in.

Picked up boat cover for patrol boat and put it on. Patrolled area for antelope for the upcoming season. Worked antelope hunters checking several hunters but only one individual who had harvested. Prepared for upcoming shoot for Hunters Education class.

Slow week had a few critter calls and a trespass complaint. Worked on boat for upcoming season. Replaced one trailer bearing. Received information from the cards and the I sportsman contacts at Bottoms, There were 3000 that were accounted for the opening season! I figure that there were at least 1000 more that just did not check in. I figure approx. 4000 plus were in the bottoms hunting during the teal season. The hotels across the area are all booked for the upcoming opener of Big Duck. Tourism should be happy hunters contribute allot in this area!!!

Patrolled area.  Took call about possible "protected bird" feathers in garbage can.  Dug through a bag of maggots to determine that they were dove feathers.  Kept up on paperwork.

Reviewed reports and worked on paper work. Had repairs done on truck. Dropped in at the regional Office. Experienced some phone/internet problems. Conducted a District meeting. Had weekend off.

One of the last to receive smart phone, got it up and working Monday morning at Verizon store.  First email I received said we will be returning it.  Attended district meeting.  Did K9 program at OK kids day at Park on Saturday. Another program at Lake Afton hunter ed.

Worked on ongoing deer case.  Looked at what was described to be a human grave site reported by a hunter.  Sure looked like a future grave site, was about 6 feet long, 1&1/2 feet wide and about 4 feet deep, but not sure if someone was digging to find water for a grow site or had other future plans, let the SO take it from there.  Issued salvage tags to a landowner who found two dead locked up bucks, seemed kind of early for this.  This weekend looked for hunters and got things ready for two days of firearms training this week. 

Cleaned and got boat into storage, inspected a couple of CSA's, attended district meeting.

Set up camper for antelope season.  Worked poached turkey case in co.  Attended  district meeting and picked up equipment for district.

Patrolled for antelope hunters.  Worked on lifetime investigation.

Patrolled  another 1400 miles in 3 days.  Started south of Hwy 50 on the Colorado border and zig zagged my way to 20 miles South of Goodland.  Still did not see a deer.  In three days working from the OK border to 20 miles south of Goodland, all we saw were 6 Mule deer.  We saw plenty of goats, only around 14 hunters.  There is a big issue with the deer herd out west

This last week I worked with GWC, inspected a CSA, took GWC to county courts, traveled for fatality hunting accident, patrolled Wildlife area with GWC and went with GWC to get RISS paperwork filled out.

Worked on a fatality hunting incident.  Unable to determine much since no autopsy will be done and department wasn't notified before tree stand was removed from the area. Prepared for and taught Hunter Ed. over the weekend.  Did a K9 program with Meg.  Filed tickets in appropriate counties and showed GWC around court and County Attorney office in County.

Search for deer hunter with permits but no license purchased.  Witness statement gathered for deer case  Nearly perfect October weather, diverse activities in the out-of-doors boating, fishing, hunters and berry picking encountered over the weekend..  Planned off road vehicle poker run advise not welcome in wildlife areas if vehicles not tagged, but not able to refer to this regulation in our regulation summary publication, looking forward to improvements in the next edition.  Attended range board meeting with calendar planned for 2015.  

Continued working with FTO completing training task, checking licenses etc.  Assisted Lt.  in retrieving a couple nice deer racks from the Wildlife Area.  Drove down to site of a fatality hunting incident.  Filed NTAs in Counties and stopped by courts in 2 other counties.

Began the week with a mile long hike in the rain with GWC to recovery deer racks, deer had been locked up and died as a result.  Worked on a KLER report from previous Saturday.  Worked on Warden evaluations – another one completed. Locate a couple non-resident deer hunters that we were looking for one of which purchased duplicate deer permits the day he arrived in Kansas but failed to purchase a State hunting license – a long story but good explanations provided and no violations up to this point.  Attended a Lieutenants meeting on Thursday. Checked a few archery deer hunters through the week. 

This week I completed the normal administrative tasks, Smart,KLER,T/L, schedule, etc.  Prepared for and had a district meeting.  Taking calls of dead deer and lights shining.  Reviewing K9 applications for our open handler position.  Worked Saturday night working county for lights.

Spent some time doing surveillance in an area where a deer was reportedly poached. Spent some time reviewing regulations and laws. Met with USACE staff. Routine patrol around WA.  Checked a couple bow hunters and anglers. Assisted SO with a suicidal subject and with a chase involving a fleeing felon/parole absconder. Investigated a trespass complaint. Caught subject walking on wrong side of fence and LO decided a warning would be sufficient. Retrieved an electrocuted red-tailed hawk. Met with a few coonhunters field trial folks to review the pertinent regulations. Worked  couple late evenings early mornings in a couple problem areas.

Sunday worked several counties, then called to a poach deer in County.  By the time I arrived poachers had returned and deer was gone.  In the afternoon helped with hunter education in county.  Monday it rained all day so I worked in the office updating kler, completing hunter education reports and working on investigations.  Tuesday actually spent time patrolling around my counties.  Wednesday attended district meeting.  Thursday trip to regional office to drop off gas receipts and return old phones.  Rest of the day was spent looking at a few problem areas, helping the sheriff's office look for a suspicious vehicle, and speaking with one of the detectives on a search warrant they executed where several unused deer salvage tags were located.  Friday started my weekend off.  hunting complaints are starting the pick up.

Tuesday worked in the office and got flat bottom boat ready to put away.  Received a call from a young man that shot a spike buck on the wonderful doe only season.  Surprise , Surprise!  Helped track down an individual for a written statement.  Wednesday picked up flat bottom boat and took to storage for the winter.  Had district meeting, winterized watercraft and worked in the office.  Thursday took gun to Reg  office, picked up supplies, investigated a poached buck in county that the only thing they took was the antlers.  Friday worked in the office and sat for shiners.  

Taught Hunter Ed at Tri-County Rod and Gun 36 students. Stopped a car in CO for  County Sheriff on a gas drive off. Filed NTA in CO.

Picked up replacement tire for power washer and replaced. Looked into dumped deer outside town, hunters want to know why they get a bad name and more and more land owners say no to hunting. Checked fuses on patrol truck trying to fix electrical issue, no blown fuses, will be taking in to dealership this week. Patrolled area for outdoor enthusiasts. Squirrel hunters seem to be having most success. Patrolled wildlife area with Lt. on Sat.
Received information on a fatality hunting incident (deer hunter falling from a tree stand) on Monday and on way to start investigation on incident I received a call on a hunter trespass in County. Responded to that and by late afternoon found suspects interviewed and issued a NTA for misrepresent to purchase deer permit. Trespass charges pending. Tuesday tried to start on fatality investigation only to find that deputy that was in charge of the incident report was on days off until Thursday. It didn't help that the fatality occurred a week earlier and no KDWPT personnel were contacted. Also was told no autopsy would be performed to determine cause of death. Wednesday patrolled for anglers and hunters in the morning and worked on KLERs reports. In the afternoon met CIRT specialist with trainee for  County in tow and looked over incident scene. Thursday finished KLERs and KADR and patrolled afternoon stopping to assist DFB with fish sampling at State Lake for an hour. Patrolled up to County to get copies of the hunting fatality incident report to find the deputy was busy on another case and will assist me later. Patrolled reservoir until dark for archers and anglers then patrolled back to County until 2000 hours. Off on long weekend and will resume incident report on Tuesday. 

Worked around the county checking a few hunters.  More activity with the cooler temps.  Worked on equipment, and truck equipment issues.  Checked with tire shop about ordering some tires for the upcoming winter season.  Visited with a landowner about some deer damage issues.  Received and returned numerous phone calls with questions about hunting seasons, hunting areas, etc.  Worked in the office on paperwork items.   Weekend off.

Patrolled checking fisherman, hunters, and a boat this week.  Called the USDA Wildlife Services to report a Elk out of it's pen in County.

Weekdays: administrative duties; processed KLER reports; submitted 28-day schedule; worked on Performance Management Reviews; handled a skunk complaint; updated District's call-out list; Lieutenant's meeting at the Regional Office; and continued to work on big game case. Saturday made contacts and collected info for big game case. Sunday morning patrolled for hunters in Counties, assisting a hunter who was having vehicle problems. Sunday afternoon conducted interview for big game case. Sunday evening was called down to  CO for a deer that had been shot with a firearm and only its head was removed, a nice large bodied buck.  

Got a call on road hunters shooting from the road in County. The farmer got the vehicle tag and I was able to run the shooter down at the High School. The suspect was issued tickets. L took tickets to district court then went and met about the mountain lion confirmed on the county line. Then we went and met a landowner that is having trouble with the students that we had our large poaching case in 2011. Some people never learn. I worked several evenings and early morning in spots were people have been complaining finding no vehicles driving around. Saturday worked a booth at the Zombie Walk which is a fund raiser to purchase a new library. Ended the week patrolling again in the evening and early morning.

This week worked on baiting case and reports to county DA.  Off three days this week. Called out Friday night around midnight to County for a manhunt on the WA. Man eluded capture putting me out late then back up to teach Hunter Ed that morning. Assisted neighboring officer with problem area. Getting lots of reports of shots fired this week in the county. A few calls of stolen tree stands and game cameras.

Sunday helped with Hunter Ed. Monday went to a deer that had been caught in a fence. Issued salvage tag to a local landowner. Monday night found a deer on Facebook that had been killed here in County. The guy that shot it didn't have a deer tag. Called him and asked him about his recent trip to Kansas, he told me about his hunting trip and what he had taken. He called back later that night very frustrated after an IL warden showed up at his house to pick up the deer. Apparently he didn't like our "Kansas Style" conversation earlier that day. Helped Warden on his deer case and assisted Warden on a shots fired call two days in a row, same area, with no luck on finding anything. Then had another deer that was hit by a car that I issued a salvage tag to. Helped with a creel survey.

I worked on investigations of my own and helped GW with his.  He got his first Lacey Act Deer. Transported evidence, interviewed suspects and typed reports. I responded to a shots fired call two nights in a row on the county line, no suspects were found. Sunday I helped teach hunter ed. It was a big class and it’s really cool to work in a county that has 25 instructors at one class. The students get some quality 1 on 1 time on the ranges. They were all able to shoot pellet guns, shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, archery, and laser shot.

General office duties and patrolled for shiners. Met with biologist and PL mgr and confirmed a Mountain Lion in County. Got word of a skunk being held captive. Contacted the subject, which had a warrant and seized the skunk. Thankful the skunk decided to keep the scent to itself. Skunk was taken to rehab. Had court with a person who was already sentenced to 10 years in prison. Found guilty and 6 months was added to his sentence. Assisted Officers and County SO with search of felon who ran from the deputy into the WA. After KHP did an aerial search we stomped the brush, but were unable to locate him.

Still checking some fishermen. Helped the fisheries bio with one day of netting.  Worked at the hatchery with the county harvest. Had a hunter ed class.  Checked several deer hunters with the cooler weather. Had a call about two bucks locked up.  One was dead and the other was all but dead. Had two trespassing calls but no one found. Worked in the office some.

Last week was busy with dealing with preparing for the upcoming HE, getting a couple of night shoots lined up, helping out a couple of hours with the North West Kansas Technical College with a Crime Scene Investigation class, and covering miles checking deer, antelope and turkey hunters.  Although the harvest is slow on the wildlife end, hunters are starting to see more deer.  With the corn harvest in full swing, checking lights has been a challenge.  The overall number of pheasants still is VERY Low throughout the district, I believe the season is going to be rather challenging. Violations dealt with three hunt on invalid license or permit, and One Pursue Game With a Motor Vehicle, on turkeys. 

K-9 demo at Goodland Tech College for CSI program, set up plotwatcher's on bridge for illegal activity, K-9 Training, paperwork catch up, K-9 demo's at youth pheasant hunt, general patrol, assisted with GW accident and gathering/cleanup of equipment.

Worked big duck opener.  Saw more hunters and less ducks Sunday.  I completed normal office work.  I helped the fisheries biologist set nets at reservoir for fall netting.  Local paper called me on Tuesday and asked about KDWPT stocking a pair of black cougars.  Apparently we “the accused” stocked a breeding pair of black cougars without first consulting the local farmers and ranchers.  These “black cougars” have been “sighted numerous times.”  The report said the department was contacted and asked why we released them and we “the accused” did not answer.  I was told if I did not comment the article would run as reported.  The reporter didn’t have much to say when I asked why it only takes an anonymous, false report to print a story, however it takes proof to remove it.  I discussed the issue at hand with her.  Since my answers weren't enough I passed her on to KDWPT furbearer biologist who also talked to her regarding the issue.  The paper still printed the article, however the part about our dept. involvement “stocking” and “cover up” were removed.  

Assisted with an outfitter problem in County. Worked in the office to catch up after Bottoms Excursion. Dealt with a trespass issue in County that turned out to be a Civil Matter (surprise). Patrolled Saturday morning in County and met some nice Landowners. On Sunday I assisted again in County with Youth Program.

Wildlife patrol with little activity in that area. The warm weather has not been that great for hunting.  Decent number of fishing licenses checked over the week. No violations found. Salvage tagged some locked up buck heads for a hunter. Still having phone and internet problems.

Monday I picked up skulls for an upcoming scout program.  I also updated KLER package, ordered new tires, fixed the hunter ed trailer hasp where someone tried to break into it at SL, and moved some hunter ed supplies to instructors.  On Thursday I worked up some background info on an OGT duck complaint, presented a scout program, checked with CO SO to ensure they had enough salvage tags, and worked some night hours near the bombing range on spotlight complaint.  Over the weekend I responded to a small grass fire at SL, picked up an injured RTH, worked some night patrol, and investigated a report of spotted skunks in CO.

Patrolled for duck and deer hunters. Duck hunting has slowed dramatically. Lots of people starting to put deer stands up and hunt. Dealt with a bunch of untagged stands and bait on one particular WIHA. Apparently no one got the memo about the regulation change last year. Met with a soon to be college graduate about applying and testing for the open game warden positions. Helped Pheasants Forever chapter with a youth hunt/program.

Worked duck hunters at the bottoms, with a few violations, some big ducks taken with mostly BW Teal.  Checked a couple of deer hunters on public hunting on last Sunday night.  A few fishermen still trying their luck.  Investigations.  A few doves still being taken.  Leave time. 

Did KLER reports and filed tickets. Went to Oklahoma with investigator and interviewed suspect and received a full confession along with additional information to follow up on. Several illegal deer in Kansas and Oklahoma. Worked on reports. Received information from an individual observing someone shooting out of their vehicle, only saw the muzzle flash and did not hear any gun shots. Turns out the individuals were taking photographs and it was the flash from their camera. General Office work. Off on four day.

Still a bunch of people in the marsh had over a hundred vehicles before Sat. and was scared to count the vehicles on the weekend -- few complaints. Have a bunch of great hunters actually this year. Had a chance to visit in the camp ground, which for the most part was full. All seemed to be enjoying the warm days and still with some success. Checked approx. 52 hunters without a prob. I think this great! Most are trying to do the right thing but hunting ducks is a scary sport to start. Knowing what, when, where, how. Lots of regs.-- but I am grateful that they try.

Completed KLER reports and mailed NTAs from the duck opener.  Conducted night patrols looking for activity.  Made contact with tenant and discussed areas of frequent poaching.  Addressed skunk concerns in town.

Reviewed reports, compiled uniform and jeans order for 1D, worked on the schedule and various other office projects. Dropped in at the regional office. Looked for hunters, investigated a possible border dispute involving a CSA that borders reservoir along an abandoned roadway with minimal fences, found some target shooters on a WIHA etc..