Hunting Applications and Fees

“The 2015 annual hunt/fish licenses go on sale December 15, 2014. They will be valid for the remainder of 2014 and valid for the calendar year of 2015.”

Annual Hunting License - All resident hunters age 16 through 74 must have a resident hunting license unless exempt by Kansas Law. Nonresident hunters, regardless of age, must have a nonresident hunting license. All annual hunting licenses can be purchased online by clicking here or through all licensed agents, or Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks offices.

NEW FOR 2013: On January 1, 2013, Kansas residents age 65 - 74 will be required to have a hunting and/or fishing license. A reduced price lifetime combination hunting/fishing license or a half price annual fishing, annual hunting, or combination annual license is available for purchase. (see list below for fees)

Deer | Antelope/Elk | Turkey | Waterfowl | Furharvester

License or Permit / Fee / Purchase Description

  • Lifetime Senior Resident Hunt/Fish Combination: $42.50
  • Senior Resident Hunt: $11.50
  • Senior Resident Combination Hunt/Fish: $20.50
  • Resident Hunt: $20.50
  • Residents under 16: No license required
  • Resident Combination Hunt & Fish: $38.50
  • Resident Apprentice (two-time purchase Hunter Education deferral): $20.50
  • Multi-Year Resident Youth Hunt (ages 16-20): $42.50
  • Multi-Year Resident Youth Combination Hunt & Fish (ages 16-20): $72.50 A youth hunting and/or fishing license is available for residents age 16-20. The one-time purchase, multi-year youth hunting OR fishing license is $42.50, multi-year hunting/fishing combination license is $72.50. This multi-year license expires on Dec. 31 of the year the person turns 21.
  • Nonresident: $72.50 ( Download Application if only applying by mail)
  • Nonresident under 16: $37.50
  • Nonresident Apprentice (two-time purchase Hunter Education deferral): $72.50
  • Nonresident Combination Hunt & Fish: $112.50
  • National Guard Permit: State funding has been made available to provide free 2015 Hunting and Fishing licenses and State Park permits to active members of the Kansas National Guard. DO NOT FAX!
  • KS Disabled Veterans:  We regret at this time we are unable to issue the licenses because we have exceeded the amount of funding that was set aside by the State for this purpose.  On July 1st, when the new fiscal year begins for the State and appropriations are once again available, we will start processing applications.  Applicant must provide a copy of current disabled veterans entitlement papers showing proof of at least 30% disability. DO NOT FAX!
  • Lifetime Hunting License: $442.50 (Residents Only)
    $61.50 if paid quarterly ( Download Application )
  • Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Combination License: $882.50 (Residents Only)
    $121.50 if paid quarterly ( Download Application )
  • Lifetime Furharvester License: $442.50 (Residents Only)
    $61.50 if paid quarterly ( Download Application )

What is: ResidentLand Owner, Tenant, Youth and Disability, Seniors, Kansas Lifetime License, Non-Resident, A non-resident who is a registered full-time student, Members of the Armed Service