McPherson Valley Wetlands Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Observed first migrant blue-winged teal last Friday. 
Mallard Migration Rank

Current rank: 0

This rank is subjective and ranges from 0 (no mallards) to 10 (peak numbers)

Water level Fair.  Most pools have some water at this time.  Water levels are better at Chain of Lakes and the Little Sinkhole Unit. 
Hunting conditions NA.  Moist soil vegetation is good to exceptional across most of the area.
Expected hunting success NA. 


MPWL is transitioning to a new daily permit system called Isportsman.  Hunters will need to register prior to hunting at MPWL.  Hunters will login (or call) each day prior to hunting to get a daily permit, and report back harvest similar to the paper daily permits.  Please visit to register prior to hunting season.

The Little Sinkhole/Farland Lake marsh unit is included in the EARLY low-plains duck zone (as is the rest of MPWL).


We are currently producing a McPherson Valley Wetlands electronic newsletter that will be distributed bi-annually. The newsletter will highlight season results, upcoming projects, forecasted fall flights, and other information that hunters / users should be aware of if they plan to visit the area. If you are interested in recieving this newsletter please Click here.

For refuge locations, please see the link McPherson Wetlands brochure and map on the McPherson Wetlands web page for these changes or contact the area office for more information at (620)-241-7669.

All hunters must pick up and fill out free daily hunting permits located at all the parking lots on the area. These permits must be carried with you while hunting at MPWL, and returned to the permit boxes once hunting activities are complete for the day. Also, all shotgun hunters at McPherson Wetlands are required to use non-toxic shot for all hunting. This includes upland birds.

Keep in mind, during and after rain events, area roads become very greasy. Please use caution and good judgement before entering these roadways. IF ROADS ARE WET, PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL ON THEM!