Kaw Wildlife Area


Arkansas City, KS 67005
GPS: N37 02.564 W96 55.280

Contact Information

Manage: Kurt Grimm,
Phone: (620) 876-5730


The Corps of Engineers owns the land and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks manages the area under a lease that with the Corp. KDWP enter into this agreement in 1979.


The area consists of 4,341 acres of land and river, all well above the conservation pool of Kaw Reservoir which is downstream in Oklahoma. About one-fourth of the area is under cultivation. These cultivated lands are leased to local farmers, a portion of the crop is left standing to provide food and cover for wildlife. The remainder of the area is grasslands and riparian timber. There is approximately 20-25 acres of pumped wetlands on the west side of the Arkansas River.

White-tailed deer, waterfowl, turkey, dove, and bobwhite quail are the most numerous and sought after species. There is limited opportunity for pheasants. Cotton-tailed rabbits and squirrels are numerous and have limited pressure put on their populations.

Kaw WA 491.24 kB
Special Regulations:

Kaw is managed for hunting and fishing related recreation. As a result, several special regulations are in effect.

  • No camping allowed at this facility.
  • Horseback riding, target practice, and off-road vehicle use are prohibited.
  • Tree stands or blinds must be of a temporary (portable) nature or built of natural vegetation available at the site.
  • Stands may be placed not more than 14 days prior to the season to be hunted and must be removed within 14 days of the close of that season.
  • Pen-reared game birds may not be released on the area.
  • A "No Trash" policy is in effect on the area. All trash must be carried out.