Hillsdale Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl numbers Approximately 300 Canada geese using the area.
Water level  Current elevation is 914.99, see Corps daily Reservoir information pool is 917.0 (100% ice cover)
Mallard Migration Rank

Current Rank:10

This is a subjective ranking of mallard migration and ranges from 0 (early migration) to 10 (peak migration).

Habitat conditions Brown's, Antioch, and the Youth Wetland areas have some standing water in scattered areas. Habitat conditions are fair, with some good food sources standing in the wetlands. Millet was planted in Antioch and Big Bull Marshes. There are modest numbers of ducks currently around the wetland areas, which may provide some opportunity for persistent hunters.
Expected hunting success

 Please review this years new hunting regulations on migratory birds; http://kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/Hunting/Hunting-Regulations

Poor. KDWPT will not be able pump water into the wetlands without large amounts of precipitation. We were able to pump Antioch wetland about 3/4 full with recent rain for a short period of time. Call if you have any other questions about pumping.

Refuge closes to all hunting on October 1st through January 15th.

Some recent rain has brought the reservoir up one foot. Water line is still far enough from the shore, making it hard to hide.


flying duck

Notice: Note that waterfowl numbers may vary from one day to the next due to natural movement in and out of the area. See Hillsdale Wildlife Area web page for the Hillsdale brochure or click on maps for detailed aerial maps of wetland areas (Hillsdale Map), click on the wetland symbols. Water levels=(Corps daily Reservoir information). New : The Big Bull Wetland, or "last wetland" built (east of Spooncreek rd on 223rd st.), is for Mentors and Novice Hunters. A Mentor hunter (21 years and older) must be accompanied by at least one Novice hunter. A novice is a youth under 16 or a person who has not possessed a hunting license in the last 3 years. Both may hunt (during regular seasons). Area is reserved for Mentor, Youth, and Novice hunters for all hunting activities.