Hillsdale Waterfowl Report

Waterfowl Numbers Waterfowl use increased significantly over the past two weeks. Thousands of ducks observed using the wildlife area. Species identified during our most recent waterfowl survey (11/20/14) included mallard, gadwall, northern shoveler, bufflehead, common goldeneye, common merganser, hooded merganser, American coot, light geese, and Canada geese. 
Water Level

Antioch Wetland - Over half full. Greater than 40 acre-feet pumped. 

Browns Wetland, Upper Unit - Approximately half full with plenty of millet and smartweed inundated. Pumped >30 acre-feet into the unit.

Browns Wetland, Lower Unit - Sufficient for hunting.

Youth-Mentor Wetland - Low. We will be unable to pump this unit this year; however, rainfall has maintained a pool that may hold some waterfowl.

Hillsdale Lake - Normal elevation (See Army Corps Daily Report). Plenty of aquatic vegetation inundated particularly near the Waterfowl Refuge. 

Comments  **Wetlands have frozen over due to the recent cold-snap; however, with warming temperatures this weekend they likely will reopen.**