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  • TravelKS Blog – Several times a week our blog team – made up of writers, photographers and foodies who are passionate about Kansas – cover everything from popular family attractions and historical hotspots to mouth-watering recipes from Kansas restaurants. Each month has a theme, including seasonal activities, holiday happenings and sights in specific regions of the state. Plus, we’ll spotlight breweries and wineries, scenic byways, amusement parks and zoos, and the best places for hiking, hunting and fishing.
  • Pass it On - Mike Miller, editor of Kansas Wildlife and Parks magazine, blogs about recruiting new hunters and anglers and the importance of passing on your passion for the outdoors to the next generation. There’s a declining trend in the number of Kansans who hunt and fish in our state, but the benefits of teaching youngsters about the outdoors go much deeper than merely passing on a heritage.

    Thanks Jim
    I n 2001, Pass It On, the department’s fledgling hunter recruitment program was just beginning and as coordinator, I wasn’t sure where we were headed. I wanted to emphasize youth involvement, and I was certain hands-on experiences were important.... Read More - Thanks Jim >>

  • The Great Outdoors with Marc Murrell - Marc Murrell, staff writer and manager of the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, spends most of his spare time outdoors. In this blog, Marc reflects on his experiences hunting, fishing, camping and teaching his children about appreciating the great outdoor opportunities we have in Kansas.

    With the recent, on-again, off-again bouts of good and bad weather, I've had numerous people I've met say, "I can't wait for fishing season."  I'm always amazed at that particular take on angling, but not real surprised.  After all, win... Read More - IT'S AL... >>

  • Accidental Huntress - Nadia Marji, associate editor of Kansas Wildlife and Parks magazine, shares her journey of becoming an outdoorswoman. A native of California, Nadia writes about her adventures of hitting the back roads of Kansas to experience a lot of her outdoor “firsts.” She pokes fun at her novice antics and shares pictures of her latest hunting successes.

    Slingin' Arrows (It's Personal)
    There’s something very personal about shooting a bow. From each arrow being cut specifically to your draw length, to your bowstring nestling right underneath your cheekbone, shooting a bow is just as much about the equipment as it is about the hu... Read More - Slingin... >>