Producing Fish and Wildlife in Kansas Ponds

Under good conditions, ponds are capable of producing high quality fishing because the kinds of fish stocked in ponds interact and complement each other. The size of a pond also makes fish readily available to anglers of all ages.

Poor fishing occurs in Kansas ponds for two major reasons. First, most ponds are not built expressly for fishing. Potential fishery benefits are often unrealized because some uses such as direct watering of livestock destroy fish habitat and decrease water quality. The pond owner may be interested in fishing, but unwilling to manage the pond to produce good fishing, especially if a primary use must be altered.

Poor fishing also occurs because most pond owners and anglers lack understanding of appropriate fish management practices. This site will provide pond owners and anglers with information to effectively manage fish and wildlife resources associated with ponds. Fish and wildlife can be accommodated in a multi-purpose pond with minimal adverse effects on other uses. While it may be infeasible to put all of these ideas into practice, pond owners and anglers should be aware of the potentials that exist for a pond that is built, developed, and managed as outlined in this booklet. Fish and wildlife can contribute significantly to the quality of life in Kansas!