Bait Fish


Bait fish (as defined on Page 7) may be taken for noncommercial purposes.

• Methods: seine not larger than 15 feet
long and four feet deep, with mesh not larger
than 1/4 inch; fish trap with mesh not larger
than 1/4 inch and throat no larger than 1 inch
in diameter (must be tagged with fisherman's
name and address); fishing line; or a dip or
cast net with mesh no larger than 3/8 inch.
• Size: bait fish may not exceed 12 inches.
• Limit: 500 per person.
• Legal waters: statewide, except that seining
is prohibited on department-owned waters.
• License requirement: unless exempt by
law, a fishing license is required.
• Use: Wild-caught bait fish may only be used
on the body of water where taken. If taken on a
flowing stream or river, wild-caught bait fish shall
not be transported upstream across any dam or
natural barrier.