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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 4.17.15

Last week was busy with covering miles for meetings in Dodge City, Topeka, background investigations.

Dodge City training, K- 9 training, office work, patrol, sportsman contacts, worked on up coming HE in the school's.

Prepared for Regional meeting.  Regional Meeting.  KLER.  Reservoir Saturday, several boating violations cited.

Dodge City training. Picked up patrol boat and took it out to look for an old railroad bridge that a few anglers had called about after finding with their trolling motors. Checked people out fishing.

Patrolled reservoirs multiple times checking fishermen.  Many anglers are having good luck with walleye.  Checked a few trout fisherman. Attended meetings in Dodge. Completed training tasks with GW.  Had pickup serviced and spent time doing office work.

Early part of the week was spent patrolling reservoir during the day and working the walleye spawn.  Fishing activity continues to increase, fishing is fairly slow, but white bass are picking up.  Spend two days at training in Dodge City.  Saturday worked the lake, had a call about possible MIP individuals on the lake but was unable to find subjects.  Had a call about a deer vehicle collision, but deer was deceased upon my arrival.

Regional meeting in Dodge; met with game wardens; annual leave through the weekend.

Completed normal office work.  Traveled to Dodge City for our Regional meeting/training.         Helped GW Friday night at reservoirs.  Made it back home in the wee hours of the morning with several checks and good compliance with walleye fishermen.

Filed NTAs. Attended day of training in Dodge. Returned some phone calls about turkey poaching and turtles.  Assisted SO with charges for a deer poaching incident this week by a felon with handgun. He stated he was not shooting at the farmers cattle, just the deer in the pasture with the cattle. He had a powerful hunger and wanted to skin and eat a deer. Instead he got a soggy bologna sandwich at the jail.   

Checked a few fishing, went to training in Dodge. Had 2 critter calls on Owls and one rabbit. Attended court in district court on waterfowl violations.

Attended regional L.E. meeting in Dodge City on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I conducted normal fish patrol in my district along with investigating a complaint on a subject using a conibear trap on rabbits.  Over the weekend I conducted night patrols in my district and at reservoir.  Spent a lot of time having campers put out campfires due to burn ban in counties.  Some walleye and whites being caught at reservoir and crappie at SFL.

Attended regional meeting in Dodge. Worked spawn fishermen finding some violations throughout the many people fishing. Worked in the office on Kler and Global from tickets due to the walleye spawn.

Spent most of the week on sick-leave. Picked up an accident report and got estimates for vehicle damage from collision with a deer. Patrolled waters over the weekend. Worked walleye fisherman at the dam for awhile Sunday night.

Attended K9 training in IN

Monday attended court for past selective NTA. Tues/wed training Dodge.  Thursday called to C.A. on day off to take care of felon case.  Saturday and Sunday checked fishermen starting to catch crappie and saugeye.  Sunday followed up on some photos taken from bridge plot camera, turned out to be yet another felon in possession of firearm case. Suspect put in jail week before for rape. 

Attended the Region in-service. Checked urban fishermen. Worked walleye fishermen on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Checked Several anglers out this week with some warmer weather. Two individuals deciding they did not need fishing licenses. Fishing is still slow. Checked a few boaters. Attended meeting at Dodge City. Ran prairie chicken survey route.

Spent the early part of the week at the lake working boaters and fishermen, fishing is slowly picking up.  Guys are starting to catch whitebass, and a few wipers. Went to firearms training.  Worked the 1st and the 2nd for youth turkey hunting but activity was very low. Met GW at Wilson to pick up a tool box for truck.

Picked up truck from dealership,  worked with Warden, office work,  worked on investigation,  shoot in Salina, trip to Pratt and picked up HE supplies,  general patrol at area lake's and checked a few youth turkey hunters.

Last week was busy with Firearms Range Instruction at Salina, and reports.

Went to Hays to get patrol boat. Patrolled reservoirs for fisherman an boaters. Went to Pratt for hunter education supplies. Attended Firearms training in Sallina. Worked with Lt.

KLER. Reports. Case follow up. District court. Firearms in Salina.

Tagged some skulls for a shed hunter. Went to Salina to shoot. Off on weekend.

Kler, travel vouchers, and district schedule; leave time; worked with game warden.

Completed office work.  I went to RO to pick up uniform hat order and two guns for court ordered return.  Attended shoot in Salina on a very windy day.  Took a day of vacation and long weekend.

Attended shoot in Salina.  Assisted local PD with roadkill deer dumped on a man's porch as a joke.  It was fairly rotten and removed by city front end loader. Returned call to a defense attorney regarding how his client can retrieve his firearm now the case is completed. Used some leave time. Completed a KLER report.  Worked over weekend looking for fishermen but wind slowed down activities a lot. Checked a few with no fish being caught.  Detected a dead body odor near a remote parking area near lake.  Found something wrapped up in blanket nearby.  Luckily it was dead dog, not a person.  

Taught hunter ed on Monday night and patrolled during the day.  Shot on Thursday in Salina and conducted district patrols on Thursday and over the weekend. Hunter Ed walk thru course on Saturday and patrol at reservoir on Sunday.  NTA No Fish License.

Assisted SO with house fire. Next morning assisted SO and State fire investigator. From there traveled to help PD with search warrant. Range. Some patrol but weekend was spent under the weather.

Spent most of the week helping at Salina for firearms training. Had hunter ed on Saturday with a great turnout and everyone passing.

Attended shoot, fish patrol, shuffled vehicles, and assisted PD with search warrant. Was able to burn a little comp late in the week.

Busy with training had a call on an owl checked a few fisherman general Patrol.

Shoot at Salina.  Had garage door opener installed at boat shed.  Calls on fishing.  Sick leave.

Reviewed reports and worked on various office projects. Attended firearms training. Checked fishermen at SL and County Lake.

Followed up on some phone calls. Had someone shoot a turkey thinking season for all opened on the first.  Attended firearms training was held in Salina. Checked freezers at regional office after storm knocked out power for several days. Had a complaint of trout fishermen keeping too many trout at County Park.

K9 training,  court, K9 program and firearms in Salina. Entered evidence in global and finally tracked down Texas deer poaching suspect on day off.

Phone call and email return from being gone at K9 for 3 weeks, meet with landowner reference a deer head getting him a salvage tag for it, attended firearms training Salina and off on long weekend.

Checked few anglers and youth turkey hunters.  Took call about fox within city.  Took truck to shop to get fixed, patrolled. 

Training.  Salina firearms.  On to teach at East Reg. Meeting.

Assisted County with out of control fire along highway.  Check fishermen when time allowed.  Attended firearms shoot at Salina Tuesday.  Stopped at reservoir on the way back with GW to locate an illegal gill net that was set in the lake.  Attended Regional meeting Wednesday and Thursday.  Removed illegal gill net with GW Thursday morning.  Off Friday and what little time I had left for Saturday, I checked fishermen at Lakes.

Attended Firearms training.  Attended Regional Meeting.  Picked up new battery for Jon Boat.  Checked a few walleye fishermen.  Responded to County Friday night for a near drowning.  Subject was saved by his girlfriend and is lucky to be alive.  

Followed up a trespassing compliant from this winter with subject interviews.  Met with a local landowner as well. Completed schedule request,  timesheets, and sent off bpc receipts. Attended a day at the range in Salina, then two days of training for our east reg. Received a report of an illegal gill nets on reservoir from the biologists running nets for walleye collection. With help from a local deputy, we watched the net for a couple days but nobody came back for it. Pulled it and released several walleye, with a few belly up. Ran the p. chicken route one morning. Patrol of the area checking walleye fishermen and very few turkey hunters. Had the weekend off.

Road casualty of trophy porcupine was good for a few phone calls.  Attended range and stopped to visit with responders at Crisis City exercise.  Region meeting brought back memories of the "good ol' days", great to meet with and put name with faces of newer guys, and see some old timers too.  Operation headquarters even sent staff!  WIHA areas found and checked on Easter, still would need to research location of special hunt areas if required to respond, tried the mobile map of WIHA areas on new phone.  All roads passable, mud in short supply.

Started the week last Sunday on patrol in western County finding a suspicious Jeep parked and unattended. Due to early hour I thought it might be a poacher after turkeys. Three hours later and several phone calls I determined it was abandoned the night before, not stolen and not a poacher.  Attended range on Tuesday, Regional meeting/training in County Wed./ Thurs. Drove to Ofc. on Friday – picked up and dropped off stuff.  Spent some time looking for young turkey hunters over the weekend finding only 1, a 10 year old from Tyrone, GA.

Checked a few anglers early in the week. "The Bite" is still to be seen. Rest of week was spent at firearms in Salina and regional meeting/training/In-Service.

Attended the shoot in Salina. Attended the 2-day training session at Lake; it was really good and a big thanks to LTs for putting it together and for the BBQ. Met with Corps staff to discuss the buoy plan. Checked several anglers, mainly on the River, catching white bass and a few crappie and sauger.

Sunday worked on weekly reports, approved time sheets and returned emails.  Monday I was off.  Tuesday attended firearms training in Salina.  Wednesday and Thursday attended training.  Friday I took off due to overage earlier in the week.  Saturday worked Counties checking anglers.

Sunday patrolled SL and helped Co with a unattended drowning on reservoir.  Monday took HE guns to GW, patrolled waters, had tires rotated, KLER and ticket to courthouse.  Tuesday range at Salina.  Wednesday and Thursday training.

Writing up background on new hire. Attended in-service and firearms. Spoke to Defense Attorney on a Trophy deer case. Working on terms for a plea.

Last Monday read week staff and returned phone calls. Assisted a resident with contact information to Emporia State University Herpetological Department as a mass of Gopher snakes had emerged from an old water well. Assisted GWC with KLERs, KADRs, and filing reports with the Court.  Met with Lt to review past two weeks of training and the next two weeks outline. Tuesday GWC and I drove to the National Guard Shooting Range Southwest of Salina where we shot our M-4's and our Glock pistols then cleaned and had them checked. We drove back to County and I then patrolled State Lake for anglers. Sent photos and a short article on the Salina shoot to our Facebook page. Wednesday and Thursday attended a Region training session on CyberTracker and Global, use of our 800 radios, drug recognition, and Aquatic Nuisance Species control.  Days off on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday GWC and I patrolled  Reservoir for turkey hunters and anglers, then to County Lake where GWC  issued another NTA for no fishing license. We then worked reservoir for anglers again where we found a man who had caught a limit of nice sized Wipers and as we pulled up had just caught a sixth wiper. Subject had no idea what a Wiper was. GWC explained the creel laws and how to ID a Wiper and the sixth Wiper was released back into the lake. On my way back to County I stopped and assisted a motorist who had a dead truck battery. I used my jumper pack and got his truck started again, then checked two anglers at State Lake and went home to complete training reports and weekly T&A.

Last week on Tuesday I attended range at Salina and on the way home picked up the plot watcher I had set out.  Wednesday and Thursday I attended the east meeting.  Friday I worked on the plot watcher and patrolled.  Saturday patrolled for anglers and got a call from someone thinking they had a state record walleye which ended up being 10.2 pounds.  Sunday more patrol for anglers.  I did check some youth hunters this week.

Worked in the office.  Attended firearms training at Salina range.  Attended East Region meeting.   Worked around the county only finding a couple anglers with the cooler and windy weather.   No turkey hunters found.  Worked in the office.

Monday, Warden and I took down a tree stand and picked up a couple of feeders, that where put up, on private land, without permission.  Tuesday, drove to tag some otters.  Wednesday and Thursday attended East Regional meetings.  Friday shot at Salina.  Saturday and Sunday took off as vacation.

This week traveled to Salina and assisted with training on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then went to region meeting on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday finished up training in Salina and returned home. On the way home found a stolen car on I-35 and turned it over to County.

Monday worked on mega KLER on Outfitter. Sent more photos and reports to County Attorney and uploaded on portal. Took truck in for service. Tuesday firearms training in Salina.Wednesday responded to a turkey poaching complaint on the way to training. Wednesday and Thursday East Region training and meetings. Weekend off.

Took patrol truck to the shop to repair the brakes after losing rear brakes while driving down a county road. Tagged otters. Attended regional meetings and firearms training. Received a call of someone shooting a turkey from the roadway. Located and interviewed the youth individuals. Forwarded to the county attorney for prosecution. Patrolled for fishermen. KLER, Global, CyberTracker.

RO, approved KLER reports, finished the next schedule, tag otter, email, worked on juvenile duck case, inventory/dist. equipment needs, attended training, meeting, firearms training, uniform hat.

Early this week I worked on new cases and some older ones that needed attention.  I went to Milford Wednesday and Salina on Friday for range. Returned home Friday evening to calls voicemails and other issues to address. The time with the other game wardens from the region was great.

Did a hunter ed class and field day. Tagged otters and took the jaws to district office to be picked up.  Attended the district meeting.  Attended the firearms training at Salina.

While checking fishermen caught up with man who tried to hide and sneak out on me. Man admitted to trying to get away and tossed his equipment to come back later and pick it up. Man cited for his lack of judgment. Attended training. I missed the shoot at Salina when I had to leave early for a family emergency at my home. Assisted Saturday with a road hunter shooting a turkey from the roadway. Checked a few fishermen as the week wound down.

This week attended Regional Meeting, firearms training at Salina. Assisted a local hunter with a deer that he had shot this winter but just now found. Went to a call concerning spotlighters in a boat, just to check a couple bowfishing. Got to use the new cybertracker app for the first time. General office duties.

Attended the eastern regional in-service.  Attended firearms training in Salina.  Cited a turkey hunter for hunting in a closed season. Inspected daily & creel limit boards at community fishing lakes in County.

Helped with walleye egg collection at Reservoir. Picked up a Bald Eagle in Co that looked as if it had died in a grass fire and took it to RO. Attended training. Attended range in Salina. Assisted with 3rd Annual WA Youth Turkey Hunt. Friday night I helped the kids pattern their shotguns and on Saturday I guided a youth to his very first turkey. It was a nice tom. Patrolled looking for fishermen but didn't find much.

Checked fishermen and boats at reservoir. Fishing was slow that day. Assisted SO with a burglary. Completed SMART, returned calls, sent BPC and got ready for regional meeting. Attended regional meeting and range in Salina. Assisted Officer with two individuals shooting a turkey from the road.

Attended the in-service; then traveled to Salina for firearms training. Cleaned guns. Organized and re-packed truck. Patrolled looking for turkey hunters but found none. Answered many Global and Cybertracker questions.

This last week I attended the statewide meeting, conducted FTO training and completed paperwork.

Attended DUI training in with Lt.   Met GW at boat house to move the boats around and to start getting them ready for boating season.  Attended Division wide meeting and assisted county with the search for a stolen vehicle that evening.  Throughout the week I patrolled local fishing areas and boat ramps finding a lot of people out, but no fish to speak of really being caught.  Warning for individuals who had alcohol at State Lake.

Routine patrol to all surrounding counties, activity has been slow.  Wrote 1 Warning for No License.  Took schedule to dispatch.  Ran into an individual in County that has made comments that he will shoot the Game Warden and throw him in the lake.  As luck would have it he had a warrant for his arrest so I hooked him up for that.  He did not seem to enjoy the ride to the County Jail in the Game Wardens truck.  He is an interesting individual and caution should be used when he is contacted.  I don't think his opinion of Game Wardens has improved any.  Answered questions for K-9 Handler since he was unable to reach anyone else. Had a whitetail doe shot and left late Friday night or early Saturday morning south of town.  Worked on KLER reports and used CyberTracker App several times.  Assisted S.O. with a stranded boat.  Tagged a found deer head.   

Continued recruitment effort for Boating Ed class in a few weeks, confirmed access to Fort for boating instructors.  Cleaned up range storage area.  Attended regional alignment meeting.  Call to assist park division near archery range about arrow in a goose, removed target arrow and hope for the best.  Light activity for the weekend due to wind and cloud cover.

Used a day of leave and had the weekend off.  Patrol out of district meeting up with a Game Warden from Minnesota with his daughter to turkey hunt.  Attended LE Division meeting and awards ceremony, and picked up a uniform item from Baysingers in Wichita.  Attended a meet and greet social, then was part of the discussion panel for the Re-accreditation of the Park Management and Conservation major/course of study at KSU, giving input to visiting professors from out of state universities part of the evaluating team.  Set a couple tracks for K-9, met with GW, picked up dispos in CO, and took a call regarding attack of the angry geese.  They made a nest in a boat at the marina over the winter and did not mesh well with boat owner; eviction date TBA.  Night patrol as wipers/walleye crowd the shores at reservoir finding no violations.

Attended DUI training in County with GW.  Worked on midyear evaluations. Attended statewide meeting on Wed. Looked for turkey hunters and fishermen during the week.  On Saturday morning while on patrol in County I encounter some youth hunters, no adult mentors, two sixteen year with no hunting license or turkey permits – one carrying a .223 and only hunting coyotes, gee. Fifteen year old in the group had turkey tags.  I have two firearms and the 16 year olds have court dates.  Dealt with deer hanging in a fence along highway in County, 2 hours of my life gone dealing with that, what a circus.  KLER reporting and approving rounded out the week.

Pulled boat out of storage and attempting to ready it for the season. Trip for a division meeting. Checking a few anglers pulling some whites out of the river. Firearms turkey hunters started showing up end of the week.....hope their expectations aren't too high.....most days I can count the number of turkey seen on one hand.

General office and patrol. Completed background on new hire. Met with CO Undersheriff and his Command Staff about boating questions they had.  Used a day of annual leave.  Got called out about possible signal 55 activity at SL. Turned out to be a extremely intoxicated 70 year old female with her husband. Citation issued for alcohol. After clearing, had call about possible illegal trespass hunter, Unable to locate, landowner did a private tow of subjects vehicle. Unable to log onto time sheets for about 6 pay periods in a row. Will be calling IT.

Checked several anglers around Lake and on the River. Attended the divisional meeting/awards ceremony.  Picked up the new patrol truck. Warden and I did a program at Haskell University. Met with Corps' staff regarding the buoy plan. Followed up on a littering case on WA. Assisted the SO's with a DUI stop.

Sunday worked several of my local fishing holes.  Found a surprising amount of people fishing on Easter Sunday.  Monday worked in the office, in the afternoon visited counties sheriff's office.  While in County made contact with a subject that was having issues with trespassing, littering and a multitude of other perceived issues.  Tuesday worked a short day saving back time for overage on Wednesday. Wednesday attended state wide meetin.  Thursday and Friday I was off.  Saturday used a day of annual leave.

Tuesday interviewed a guy about some eagle feathers.  Relayed information to USWS, agent came down and interviewed him.  Wild goose chase, guy supposedly made it all up.  Patrolled, picked up drowning information from SO and worked in office on report beam.  Wednesday meeting.  Thursday patrolled, picked more information from SO and worked in office.  Friday worked in office, picked up gun from Reg office, returned to gun to owner, patrolled SL, reservoirs and washed truck.  Saturday patrolled finding a few hunters trying to throw some arrows and helped put whaler on water.

This week I used some sick leave,  worked on getting specs completed for the new air boats, worked in my office some,  taught HE in Co., and looked for people hunting and fishing in Co.

Worked anglers on Tuesday.  Wednesday went for LE meeting. Friday recorded the radio show. Saturday guided a youth for local chapter of NWTF youth hunt, got a shot, but couldn't connect.  Went out Saturday night to check anglers, but only found a few.

Worked in the regional office trying to figure out who needs to respond to emergency management requests from Wolf Creek, since we no longer have Captain and returned phone calls and answered questions.  Picked up the old air boat and took it to meet with possible new air boat builder for specs.  Met officer so he could access lock up for a gun in the regional office.  Attended awards banquet and informative meeting. Made arrangements to get new K9 truck for pick up.  Checked a few anglers.

Last Monday I met GWC at the reservoir maintenance building and we bolted his truck bed tool box down. Then we reviewed the training tasks for alcohol enforcement. Patrolled reservoir and the River for anglers and hunters. I drove back to SL and checked anglers. Read over weekly staff and other e-mails. Tuesday GWC met me and went to SL to check anglers and boaters and then we reviewed tasks on criminal trespass. Patrolled County and reservoir for Turkey hunters and anglers. Wednesday drove truck to Ford dealer to have a new plastic grill and right headlight replaced. Lt. picked me up and we attended the statewide meeting -- then back to Ford dealer to pick up my truck. Back to County and out to SL to check anglers and back home.Thursday I worked in the office completing T&A, weekly staff, and other paperwork prior to going on days off through Sunday. 

Last week off Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I attended the awards ceremony.  Thursday I spent some time trying to figure out what was going on with my computer (internet connection issues), gave up, and went and patrolled.  Friday kind of got my computer fixed (can connect to internet but no more netmotion or global), and patrolled.  Saturday got my first disabled boater call so spent the first half of the day getting/launching the boat and tracking the boater down then getting it secured in the slip.  Patrolled the rest of the day.  Sunday more patrol and had an instance where I saw 2 people walk on the road around a quarter of a mile behind me with rifles.  When they saw me stop and turn around, they quickly ran down the ditch to the woods.  I knew the wildlife area better than they did and quickly tracked them down to only get a couple no hunting license cases out of it when I am sure it was probably more than that.

Was able to check one turkey hunter on reseroivr, seeing birds but not getting close yet.  Worked in the office and on equipment.  Got truck cleaned out and re-organized.  Checking a few anglers here and there, with few having any luck.  Attended LE Awards/Meeting.  Assisted USFWS with a eagle nest survey on County line.  Worked around the counties for turkey hunters, not finding any.  Checked more anglers at state lake with little luck.  Time sheets, stats, etc.

On Monday I spent the morning securing my tool box to the bed of my state truck. TO and I then reviewed training tasks. On Tuesday I patrolled State Fishing Lake with TO in the morning and Reservoir in the afternoon. I attended the state wide annual meeting on Wednesday. I had Thursday and Friday off. On Saturday I patrolled Reservoir and public hunting areas looking for anglers and turkey hunters. I found many anglers with little fish and a few hunters that were hearing birds but that's it. On Sunday I patrolled county roads in county for turkey hunters. I found a couple but their luck wasn't too good either. Also had a problem with muddy roads.  It slowed me down that morning.

Got called to help a County resident find his HIN # on this boat. Worked on paperwork in the office for a while.  Attended meeting at the Regional Office.  Gave a talk to local high school students about becoming a game warden.  Helped PD detective with a case he was working on.  Answered some questions for non resident wanting to come to my area and deer hunt the 2015 season.   Prepared for and gave a KDWP&T law class to Sheriffs office.  Got called to turkey poaching in County.  Completed and turned in reports for that.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; process KLER reports; met with new CO Sheriff; ordered some equipment, attended LE Regional Awards Meeting; worked on some Global issues; and processed expense reports. Saturday started Phase III Step 3 of GWC Training Officer Program, working anglers and archery turkey hunters at Reservoir. Sunday dealt with rain and muddy roads while working archery turkey hunters and anglers in CO with GWC.

This week patrolled for anglers and turkey hunters.  Attended the LE meeting at the Regional Office.  Ran a prairie chicken survey.  Assisted burning at  Wildlife Area.  Taught hunter ed.  Spent some time in the office catching up on paperwork. 

Patrolled wildlife area trying to find someone who was reported to have driven back into brush and set up camp no luck finding them. Made contact with some extended campers at State Lake and reminded them about 14 days. Attended division awards and meeting.  Helped Officer pick his new truck.  Attended the 16th Annual Haskell Safety Fair at Haskell Indian University, thanks to Officer  for helping out. Patrolled area for anglers, turkey and mushroom hunters. Busy day crappie spawn still about a week to ten days out. Met with individual on trespassing issue involving mushroom hunters. Helped Officer put his patrol boat on reservoir.

Monday and Tuesday were days off this week. Wednesday took a drive to Wichita with Officer. Thursday picked up new battery for jet-ski and travel to Topeka to pick up new truck. Friday helped with hunter education class in Independence and patrolled a little. Saturday worked JRDR for turkey hunters and anglers. Then moved a couple boats out of the boat house. Sunday did paperwork and checked anglers.

Monday off but brought vehicle back from county.  Tuesday office catch up.  Worked on creating copies of BodyCam DVD for defense counsel on interviews of two local road poachers. Picked up other DVDs from the post office, of Arkansas Game and Fish Game Wardens interviewing defendants on a multi-year/multi-incident poaching spree and took those to County Attorney for defense discovery.  Did my first CyberTracker on dumped geese.  Wednesday attended statewide meeting and handled turkey questions. Thursday finished uniform order then took Game Warden to our new Regional Office, met with our new Captain and picked up new truck. Patrolled to wildlife area office and removed evidence gun locker from the wall for a remodel. Friday looked at Global, reviewed Arkansas Game and Fish interviews of suspect who came to Kansas and poached. Patrolled state lake and reservoir writing one no license. Saturday assisted Warden with a reported possible non-resident trespasser. Located suspects and no violations found. Assisted with putting boat on the slip. Patrolled state lake on foot and found suspects engaged in sexual activity on a trail there.  Gave them the message that their behavior was not "Kansas Style" for a public area accessible by anyone and wrote them a warning for their dog off leash. Worked on KLER and time sheets. Sunday off.    

Started the week on Wednesday at the Statewide meeting. Thursday patrolled a little and then got caught up on emails and SMART. Friday morning drove and got new truck and then had hunter education. Saturday finished hunter education certifying 35. Thanks to all that helped with that. Ended the week checking anglers finding one no fishing license and followed up on a trespassing complaint.

Prepared reports and referred juvenile turkey poaching case to the county attorney's office.  Patrolled for fishermen. Office work. Took Game Warden to pick up his new patrol truck. Pulled boat out of storage and began working on it. Dispatched to a call of nonresident turkey hunters trespassing. Individuals claimed three or four years ago they hunted on that property with another person who had obtained permission so they thought that would still count as their permission. Landowner decided he did not want anything done. Finished the week trying to fight off a cold, unsuccessfully.

CRO, approved KLER reports, weekly reports, picked up center seat for Lt. attended LE Division meeting and award, helped burn SL, updated NTA file, helped teach Hunter Ed in Independence, checking fishermen, complete Cyber Tracker X3 no fish license same group despite no cell phone coverage.

Checked fishermen along the river and at local lakes. Met with county Sheriff about water safety programs at local high school and upcoming water survival training at ESU. Attended awards banquet. Congratulations to all award recipients and congratulations to Officer on a well deserved Officer of the year award. Had windows tinted on new patrol truck. Responded to an owl caught in a fence. Picked up a skull and fur kit for a future program at my son's school. Patrolled WA with Officer while windows were being tinted. Returned and answered numerous phone calls, especially pertaining to when did they change turkey bow season. Taught hunter ed in county and gave a demonstration with K9.

I worked around the lakes throughout the week. Wednesday I attended the division meeting. Saturday I checked a lot of anglers with limited success and picked up my jon boat from the boat house. Completed minutes, timesheets, stats and other various paperwork.

This week patrolled County finding several fishermen out. Attended yearly awards ceremony. Got back in time to assist deputies on a domestic dispute involving weapons. Used comp time one day. Dropped off tickets and spoke to DA about pending cases. Off on 4 day.

This week patrolled on Sunday not finding many out enjoying the outdoors. Wednesday travelled for regional meeting. I was glad to see the new Game Warden of the year. It was also nice that one of my Deputies received an award for the service he has provided to the agency. Picked up new Kayak at Cabela's on the way back from meeting. Picked up NRO II in Pittsburg while he was having his new truck windows tinted. We patrolled WA finding several out enjoying the weather. Assisted SO with a domestic before making it back home. Spent the day on Saturday with HE class in my county. Two road hunters were in the class that were required to retake it as part of their plea agreement.

Completed 3 HIN inspections.  Completed a lifetime investigation for a resident.  Assisted fisheries biologist with collecting walleyes at reservoir.  Cleaned office.  Attended the statewide meeting.

Found some illegal juvenile Arkansas hunters, being taught how to trespass and illegally pursue turkeys by their father. Stumbled upon a suspicious vehicle by Reservoir. The occupants were using marijuana and partaking in underage drinking as well. Attended the awards meeting. Worked on expense reports, BPC, KLER and placed uniform order. Presented a program at a middle school during career day for about 150 students. Put the patrol boat in the slip at Reservoir. Checked fishermen all over the place not having much luck. I think they just wanted to be outside. The mushroom hunters are out but like the fishermen, they are not having much luck.

Attended the awards meeting. Congrats to our officer of the year!  Approving Kler reports and travel vouchers. Patrolling area lakes finding more mushroom hunters than anglers. The mushroom hunters are doing pretty well. Got my boat from the storage building and making sure it’s ready to go. Helped with Hunter Ed. Worked on the upcoming Bow Hunter Ed Class.

Wichita. Office work. Oil change in patrol truck. Checked several groups of turkey hunters Friday and Saturday. Met with Lt on Saturday.  

Put out danger buoys to mark an old railroad bridge. Got called out to the lake to look for an injured hawk but could not find it. Checked archery turkey hunters. Fishing picked up over the weekend with good numbers of wipers and saugeye. Very few people caught any saugeye below 18'' so that is a nice change from last year.

The beginning of the week patrol for turkey hunters, with very little activity, hunting or fishing.  Went to awards, picked up new truck, met with KaComm. had a call of a wounded deer which had been hit by a vehicle, located deer and dispatched.  Patrolled over the weekend but poor weather conditions did not help activity.

Completed office work.  I took the patrol boat out of storage and got it ready for the season.  Patrolled finding very few people out hunting/fishing.  Attended statewide division meeting.  Helped with prairie chicken surveys.  Took truck in for service.  Returned rifles to suspects after deer case was closed. 

Worked fisherman mostly this week. Not many turkey hunters out yet. Assisted with oil tanker wreck and fire this week.  Driver was killed.  Met with Lt. to pick up some equipment items. Boating violation observed on Saturday led to some illegal alcohol and marijuana/parapernalia at state lake.  Wind on Sunday slowed down business.  Completed monthly reports and KLER. 

Attended Statewide meeting, picked up supplies in Pratt on Thursday for upcoming boater education course. Trained Warden on Friday. Patrolled for fishermen and turkey hunters on Saturday with the wind keeping people indoors for the most part. Sunday patrolled for turkey hunters only finding a few.

On Wednesday I attended the statewide L.E. meetings.  Routine patrol rest of week checking fishermen, boaters, and archery turkey hunters.  Also answered questions on turkey vultures in barns, beaver in pond dam and took old tires to Auction in Salina.  Few boating NTA's over the weekend.

Patrol. Office. Attend awards ceremony. Got truck oil change and tire rotation. Said alignment needed checked. Took to shop where they informed me needs a couple thousand in repairs. Trying to coordinate time to get in for couple days.

Worked in office on travel vouchers and other paper work. Went to Division meeting. Took truck in to shop for a bunch of repairs and maintenance work. Ran both prairie chicken surveys. Got called out on a freshly cleaned deer carcass that turned out to be a legal road kill pick up.

Went to zoo to retrieve an eagle that had died. Ended up with a huge head cold and taking off a couple of days and finishing up with some comp time.

Attended division meeting. Met with D.A. checked a lot of fishermen over the weekend not catching many fish. Recovered stranded boat with help from fire department and a couple of citizens utilizing their boat. Checked a few fishermen on Sunday until a couple of teens ran into the wildlife area away from their ATV's, Thanks to game wardens, Reno county deputies, and K-9 Ruby for their assistance in apprehending the suspects that resulted in several charges.

Monday assisted OK warden on investigation. Tuesday checked a lot of fishermen and attended LE meeting. Friday assisted controlled burn at State Fishing Lake and then patrolled in the evening. Saturday set up plot camera for guy that thinks poachers are boating into his property off the  river. Sunday did a K9 program for 3 hours at city festival. Then was called for K9 tracking use.  K9 tracked and found 2 separate suspects hiding from LE under and in tree brush piles. She caught both in just under 3/4 mile long track in the refuge area and I  to see GW use all those handcuffs he carries.

Office work, K-9 training for wildlife detection, division meeting, checked fishermen, looked for turkey hunters, more K-9 training on area searches for guns, got work boat ready for the season, and picked up a simple turkey investigation, conducted K-9 training with GWC out west.

Followed up on several calls. Approved expense reports. Check on area that has had some trespassing issues on river with assistance. Assisting with finding two subjects that ran Sunday at refuge. Good job to all involved. Timesheets, weekly, etc.

Received a phone call from a concerned individual about deer poaching from this previous years.  Spent a day on the range and patrolled for turkey hunters and fisherman.

Attended LE Division meeting and looked for fishermen. Having some major computer issues.

Office. LCP survey. Patrol. Division Meeting. Assisted Fisheries Biologist. Sick deer. Checked numerous anglers. Nuisance animal calls.

Patrol, checked anglers. Assisted with Lesser Prairie Chicken survey. Division Meeting. Training at the range and with K-9 unit. 

Attended awards meeting.  Patrolled area for anglers and turkey hunters.  Went to assess future truck repair.  Received calls about injured owls and ducks.  Resubmitted KLER reports.

Investigation.  Thanks to everyone for your support for Boating officer of the Year.  I couldn't have done it without you all.  Remember there is no "I" in TEAM.   Patrol.  Office.

Completed KLER report and filed tickets. Ran my prairie chicken survey route. Attended awards ceremony at Wichita. Charged boat battery and got it ready for the season. Helped County secure crime scene. General patrol and checked fishermen. Found two without licenses and short fish as well.

Vehicle worked on.  office, Supervision.  Worked with  K-9 laying tracks for training.  Range with Officer.  Programs at Grade Schools.