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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.


Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.


Worked on setting up hunter ed courses, charge battery and ready hunter ed trailer, Office & Reports, attend meeting in RO, attend Phase IV training, picked up dispositions from court, assisted with a trapping violation in County, prepare for 3rd qtr. firearms shoot.

Last week was busy with follow-up on investigation of cases from this last hunting season, Meeting and Training in RO, assisted new Game Wardens on Thursday, and checking fishermen, that were having little success catching anything.  Violations dealt with, No Trout Permit.

Completed office work, attended FTO meeting in RO, attended boating training, assisted officer  in unloading his uhaul,  sighted in patrol rifle, worked investigation with Colorado Wardens, K-9 training, general patrol.

Met with new officer; vehicle maintenance; attended meeting in RO; attended boat training session.

Attended Clamp, oc, asp, cuffing class.  It was good to get all knocked out in one day.  Attended water training, worked snow goose hunters and checked a few fishermen through the week. Used some vacation leave.

Monday had truck serviced; paperwork. Tuesday and Wednesday I traveled to prep and assist with the next phase of in-service training.  On Saturday I spent the day at Ft. working a pellet range for a big outdoor festival for the soldiers and their families.  Saturday I spent a some nite hours working a report of illegal spotlighting of coyotes.  No one located. Sunday routine patrol at the state lake.

Attended Training Officer Meeting and Boat training on Wednesday. When I arrived home I attended county Search and Recovery committee meeting. Checked Snow Goose hunters and worked in the office the remainder of the week.

Week was spent on the office and patrolling. Wednesday attended in-service training.  Saturday morning brought a real presentation of human intelligence. SO received call of a wolf that had an individual "trapped in her home" and it was currently sleeping in her yard. Thanks to the word wolf the SO decided I was the man for the job. I pulled up to the residence and saw the beast in the yard. We locked eyes and the match began. I wrestled the creature into the cab of my truck and secured it in the cab for safety. My definition of wrestled would mean I got out of the truck and whistled and petted it when it came near. 3 hours later, after 2 pounds and a Humane society refused to take it in, I returned the Husky to its owner who lived 7 miles from where I picked it up. I also met with Warden to get batteries for optics and recentered my rifle. Glad to see some warmer weather and ready to get out on the water soon.

Inservice training. Went to pick up Laser Shot. Filed tickets from previous weekend and completed KLER. Worked snow goose hunters over the weekend finding numerous violations.

Worked in office some trying to catch up on reports.  Met NRO to pick up and transfer evidence he seized for me.  Attended FTO meeting and boating in service training.  Checked snow goose hunters finding a few violations and issuing a few written warnings.  Ended week with long weekend.

Reviewed activity and expense reports and worked on various office tasks. Attended a meeting concerning a pair of nesting eagles located at reservoir. Going to keep part of the refuge closed for awhile. Took a vehicle to a body shop and sent some night vision goggles off for repairs. Taught a Hunter safety class for FFA students. Checked fisherman. Wind and warmer weather opened up a lot of reservoir on Sunday but the east and west ramps were still iced in. 

Tried to contact a couple suspects one a deer poacher other a goose. None of information in KOALS is good.  Can’t find either one. Drove around looked at frozen lakes. Worked on Health Quest. Will be off  Fri-Wed gone trout fishing. Could not get Open Fox to work, new computer and truck computer seem like snails compared to I phones.  

Comp most of week. Wednesday worked all day on detection and area searches.  Sunday back on the road for the 11 hours drive back to training. 

Patrolled county checking a few fishing licenses, attended meeting in RO, responded to trespass complaint but unable to locate suspect.

Office work and sick day, RO for in-service training, went and looked for some swans that I had a report that had been hanging around, checked a couple fishermen, and followed around some dog wagons for a while.

Patrolled area, got things ready for firearms training this week.  Attended boat training.

Working on boating training and getting stuff around.  Gave a educational program to Business Men at downtown YMCA on Friday.  Taking a few calls on different things and complaints in both counties.  Also working on boating equipment on replacement items on some different boats.  Will be sending out information on Gill Netting.

Completed monthly reports.  Met with local antler buyer with some questions. Met with SO and worked in the office.  Patrol finding a few fishermen out with mixed results.

Another blast of nearly zero temperatures with some snow, refroze lake ice just beginning to thaw.  Met with student for game warden project, finished hours of KLER, met with county attorney about penalties for consideration, filed purchase of LO/T deer and turkey permits case with court .  Contacted guide about turkey hunt.  Attended sportsman's group with public lands and park divisions.  Captured hawk along highway in another short snow storm, and planned for a trout special selective enforcement.  Spring like weekend with only ditches in the north yet full of snow.

Returned back to work from Military leave.  Returned phone calls and went through a lot of e-mails.  Assisted with looking for dead eagle along the KS river.  No luck locating the bird.  Had a few critter calls.  Set live trap for neighborhood fox.  Assisted  with trapping case. Located trapper and issued NTA.  Checked a couple snow goose hunters.  Met with landowner about subjects trespassing on property. Located subjects armed with cameras and wanting to take pictures of old stone house that was close to the road way. LO didn't want to prosecute after finding out they were taking pictures. Checked a few fishermen enjoying the nice weather on Sunday afternoon.

The usual admin. chores; timesheets, weekly rpts, KLERs, etc.  Looked for a dead eagle along the Kansas River and did some general patrol.  Took a call on Wed., coon caught in a trap, later in the week located trapper and issued NTA and later that day set a trap for foxes.  Found out suspect from last falls chase in County received a lot of jail time, should keep him out of trouble for several months. Chased snow geese around with a few unethical hunters still chasing them.

This week completed smart and kler reports.  I worked a day in the region office.  I went to the district court, trying to clear up old, old, tickets with no dispositions.  I was able to clear up a few that were 5 plus years old. Took a complaint from some kids Daddy who was mad his kid received some tickets, found out it was federal refuge officers he should of been mad at not us. I checked a few trout anglers, but the ice made it tough fishing.

Carcass tagged five bucks this week. Two locked up from the rut, three unknown causes of death. Still a lot of snow geese between counties. Worked  selective in county checking numerous goose hunters.

Turned in affidavits and a report at the DA's Office. Met with a subject to issue him a trespass warning. Checked on the status of a couple cases at the DA's Office. Used a Comp day. Spent some time preparing for an up-coming trial. Worked on an investigation. Participated in a snow goose selective in County. 

Sunday patrolled around the county, extreme cold and blowing snow kept everyone at home.  In the afternoon stopped by and seized a cat from my local fur buyer.  Monday email sign up went out, spent a good portion of the day returning emails and working on bobcat tagging sheets.  Tuesday watched the fisheries biologist stock trout in my local lake, then met up with NRO to transfer a cat for a case being worked in county.  While meeting them made a quick trip through city lake and watched thousands of snow geese fly around the lake.  Was not able to locate anyone hunting them.  Wednesday more office and then a few hours patrol, still not finding anyone chasing snow geese. Thursday and Friday I was off.  Saturday helped with a selective in county.  On the way home found two guys jumping a pond full of snow geese.  After walking down to check them had landowner walk down and tell me I was trespassing and I had no right to be on his property. After a little "discussion", he came to see my point of view and left the property.

Sunday tried to catch up on office work.  Monday  patrolled, checked on dispositions of tickets, checked on some illegal traps and office work.   Tuesday went to Reg office for supplies, picked up my live trap from a lady that had a rabbit die under her bed, patrolled and downloaded files to hard drive.  Wednesday patrolled and picked up officer while his truck getting serviced.  Saturday had a discussion with some coyote hunters letting their dogs run through peoples yards before they get permission.  I went to a suspicious vehicle out in the middle of a CRP field.  Long story short asked for ID's, driver said I had no right, and put him in cuffs.  While doing a pat down, found a Ruger 9 mm in  a paddle holster on his right side. Finished patrolling counties. 

This week  I checked a few people trout fishing at Lake.  Worked in my office some.  Had court in County and used a day of AL.

Checked snow goose hunters all week.  Several guided groups in the area.  A couple of calls about Canadas being shot by snow geese hunters.  One lady advised me that the hunters had out of state tags and she had heard out of staters come here to poach.  Followed up on both and all that was found were blues mixed in with the snows as expected.  Had a selective on Saturday and over 40 hunters checked.  Went to county to pick up dead eagle.  Picked up abandoned PWC that was found floating down the MO river and put it in storage.  Ice anglers still out fishing on Saturday, they were braver than this game warden. 

General office and patrol.  Worked with MO agents regarding a commercial fishing crew that has some assorted violations.  Checked a few trout fishermen and snow goose hunters.  Assisted SO with juvenile runaway issue.  Made appointments for firearms and boat training next week. 

Continued a  County deer investigation.  Checked some anglers. Received a call of restaurant who is possessing a pet hawk.  Replaced a broken printer.

General office and patrol. Completed several cases only one maybe two left to finish. Returned property from a trespass case, issued warning for Criminal Hunt. Picked up antlers from a deer dep case out west. Called about selling furs.  Assisted Hunter Ed class and ending up doing an impromptu hunter ed talk.

Worked in office. Patrolled area for anglers. Had truck serviced. Assisted Officer return evidence. Double checked the zero on patrol rifle before attending range. Cleaned weapons. Weekend off.

Finished up Time Sheets on Monday.   Just getting started on Mid Yr. Evaluations.  Worked out of the district Office a couple of days.  Assisted  in the district Office with paperwork submitted by field officers and how to code SMART projects.   Interviewed a Suspect reference some poached deer.  Helped with a printer issue.  Trying to order a replacement printer, having fun with contract provider.  Had major brake work done on truck.  Scanned in BPC receipts.  Worked around Lake, and managed to check several vessels while in the accompany of  Lt and boating officer. 

Last Tuesday attended DT training. Wednesday met with County Under sheriff and then County Attorney on case involving illegal coyote hunters. We then tried to contact suspect on the investigation but he wasn't home. Patrolled for anglers and hunters. Early Thursday Morning made contact with suspect and issued NTA's. Contacted CA and advised her of the contact and NTA's issued. Patrolled rest of ay and washed truck. Friday had oil changed in truck and was advised front wheel bearing needs replaced. Patrolled for anglers as ice has left State lake and the catfish anglers are at it again. Saturday patrolled Counties for hunters and anglers. Sunday chased coyote hunters again finding the Fox Hunt Club having their Performance Trail in County. Watched them and made contact with several checking for hunting licenses. Only one I checked did not have a hunting license. Gave a verbal warning as she was on horseback but on the road and not in the pastures hunting yet. Assisted two separate motorists this week with jumps from my battery pack for dead vehicle batteries. 

Last week on Monday I met with the CA to talk about an upcoming case.  On Tuesday I attended DT training.  On Wednesday I patrolled around the county not finding anyone out. On Thursday I met Lt. to go over some training and patrolled some more.  Off on 4 day to end the week.

Worked around the county with little going on.  Worked in the office and on some equipment.  Attended custody and control training. Weekend off.  

Last week I spent a couple of days with Game Warden meeting with the County CA and going over a case, locating suspect, and filing charges, attended training, and enjoyed 4 day weekend.

This week I helped with a program at  High school.  I returned the NRA pellet range.  I mailed the patrol boat propeller off to be repaired.  I attended training.  I also checked the zero on my patrol rifle.  Worked on reports and general office duties.  Checked a few out fishing over the weekend as the warmer weather removed most of the ice.  Fisherman not catching much.  

Monday through Friday: performed administrative/clerical duties; attended defensive tactics, expandable baton, OC spray, and weapons retention training; worked in the Regional Office one day; worked on a couple more training outlines; processed KLER reports; reviewed some training with an officer; checked on ordering gloves for the District; and submitted 28-day schedule. Off over the weekend. 

Monday I was off.  Tuesday morning I picked up Hunter Ed guns at the  Middle School.  That afternoon, I sighted in rifles, and then finished the day out patrolling.  Wednesday general patrol during the day.  That evening I received a call from dispatch of a hawk in the middle of the road, so ran down and picked it up.  Thursday started out the day at the range and finished it up patrolling for anglers.  Friday went up to County District Court and talked to the DA and the court clerks about some cases.  Patrolled around a few lakes then went to my Hunter Ed class.  Thanks to all the guys that helped.  Sunday patrolled the water looking for anglers, found a few scattered about, won’t be long now till the lakes get busy.  

Tuesday, back to work after weekend off. I did vehicle log, followed up on trespass call and dead snow geese laying in the road. Wednesday worked around reservoir looking for hunters and anglers. Thursday went to range to zero rifle and then checked a few anglers. Friday did a HIN inspection and helped  with a search warrant. Saturday was hunter education in County. Sunday was day off.

Mon off. Tuesday catch up on reports, calls and e-mails. Worked on upcoming programs and training and scheduling. Wed worked on ongoing investigations. Wrote two more search warrants.Thursday finished warrants and took to CA for review. Attended KIA meeting.  Warrants were approved and took them to judge. He approved them and I served one seizing two stolen stands. The other was for electronic data and based on that and other information, I wrote a fifth warrant. Friday I took returns back to court on warrants 3 and 4 and took the fifth warrant to CA and judge and then served it seizing a trophy deer and a stolen game cam. Saturday attended the Outdoor Expo and also met with a victim of a game cam theft for ID of his stolen cam.  Sunday more investigation of electronic data and met with an outfitter who had cams, stands and feeders stolen over the last two years.  

Monday got called out to an area  for a possible injured Whooping Crane.  Ended up being non-injured tundra swans.  Patrolled the rest of the day with no one out.Tuesday and Wednesday off. Thursday held rifle practice at the range then got new battery for my truck. Friday helped shoot rifles and then helped with hunter ed. Helped again on Saturday. Ended the week driving for upcoming range. 

CRO, Monday minutes, complete my time and leave document, approve officer’s time sheets, submit vehicle logs, complete and submit next schedule for district, worked on NASP equipment, prepared for and taught NASP training at Education Center, worked on the boat installing a new Hummingbird depth/GPS/fish finder, went to the  range and sighted in my rifle, checked on the CO eagle nest -- there is an adult incubating eggs? Checked area lakes the fishermen are chomping at the bit.

Assisted county with a check welfare and found the subject at a bridge. While handcuffed he asked the Deputy if he could jump off the bridge and go for a swim.  He was escorted to the detention center.  Patrolled looking for fisherman and found a guy who did not have a license due to child support. With the amount he told me I don't believe he will have one anytime soon. With the low river level it's looking like the paddlefish opener will be slow. Assisted with hunter ed. 

Patrolled around the lakes checking a lot of fishermen. The crappie were biting pretty well mid week but slowed for the weekend. My reseroivr is one of the only lakes around with open boat ramps, so I had summer time boat traffic later in the week and on the weekend. Found one boater with over limit of short wipers. Citations issued. Checked some boats. Helped with an armed trespasser that was not cooperative with us. Almost got exciting. Signed up people for upcoming Hunter Ed. Wrote news release and created Hunter Ed flyer. Put those up around the county.

I worked on cases that were submitted and the courts needed more information. I returned evidence and got court orders to release or destroy more. I helped with the Hunter Ed. Weather could have cooperated a little more. Sunday I worked County lakes finding a few out. The transition to spring and summer sports has begun.

Worked in the office on next boating training and the phase V training info. Worked in the office on other info for the training. Hunter ed equipment and a hunter ed program. Court in county on a deer case.  Worked in district checking some fishermen. Worked in County on Sat and Sun. Did fishing selective on Sunday checking 33 boats.

This week worked on cases, vehicle log and other office duties. Patrolled some finding a few fishermen. Took day of leave. Checking into a deer rack that was found in a wrecked truck at near by salvage. Rack was sawed off and appeared to be from deer season. Owner of vehicle has no license or permits. Ordered HE material for upcoming class. Working on a case with an OK warden.

Finished returning borrowed item we used in the Bow Hunter Ed class. Updated my  MDT. Worked on the next schedule. Sighted in my M4 and helped at the range. Had Adobe installed in three computers. Attended Basic Archery Instructor class. Did a ride along checking several boats and anglers at lake. Thursday lots of fish were caught but not many fish being caught on Sunday.

I have zeroed my rifle, had my computer updated, been reviewed on the FTO Manual, processed special permits answered some bizarre questions as well as some that seemed very legitimate and continue to be amazed.

Attended firearms training, met with Lt. and went over evaluation, discussed FTO program and completed training tasks, took laptop to office, general patrol checking area lakes and reservoirs for anglers, assisted Officer with HE in county, violations dealt with No Fishing License X2.

Attended firearms training, started FTO training with new officer, stayed most of week working on completing training tasks, made trip to operations office and dropped off laptop for repairs, assisted Officer with HE in County, general patrol working area lakes.

Last week was spent with meetings, and preparing for the 6th Ann. North West Kansas Beginners Pheasant Hunt and Hunter Ed, in County, and dealing with suspected CWD Deer and Poached deer in Co. A BIG Thank You to Wardens for their efforts on Saturday helping out with the shooting Trailer at HE, they helped make the day the success it was.

Spent the week assisting with firearms training.

Attended firearms training; met with new officer; leave time and long weekend.

Finished up long weekend.  Completed office work and submitted NTA’s and reports.  Attended free KPA training.  Attended Lt. Interviews.  Made sure my rifle was sighted in.  Snow goose hunter success picked up a bit with more juvenile snow geese showing up at end of week.  I called a wildfire in to county dispatch Sat. evening.   Had it been a little further west a guide would have lost several thousand decoys.   

Helped with range Monday through Wednesday. Had Lt interview on Thursday. Congrats to Lt on getting the job. Ran the lasershot at the Pheasants Forever banquet on Friday. Filed tickets in  County.

Attended firearm shoot.  Worked trout fishing complaint at park on Friday.  Issued NTA. Warden issued the same guy a NTA on Sunday. Some guys are slow learners?  Gotta love it!  Worked fishing patrol on Saturday with two no fishing license cases and one tested for DUI.  He lucked out with a 0.07 on the PBT so had his wife take over for the drive home. Completed case paperwork to finish out the week. 

On Monday I checked trout fishermen and seized an illegal tree stand at state lake.  I attended the weapons qualification on Tuesday.  It was run very well and the instructors did a great job!  On Wednesday I contacted the bombing range to exchange old access keys for the new ones and confirmed hunter ed class dates for this fall.  On Friday I checked on an illegal dump of snow geese.  Weekend off.

Checked a few Snow Goose hunters early in the week having little luck. Worked in the office preparing for the Lt interview. Prepped for training the Game Warden Candidate.

Spent week on patrol checking fishermen mostly. Took call of pile of skulls. Investigated and found 44 buck deer skulls, antlers were cut off most right at the base with a few taking part of the skull to keep antlers attached. Also one elk skull in the pile with antlers cut off. Most still had wire wrapped where they had them attached to a tree. Looks like a collection of many years. Only one who lives close to area is rp. Investigation continues. Attended shoot, great shoot. Responded to alarm at COE building due their staff being at another reservoir and no parks or deputies in the area. Turns out the one COE employee at the park had cut himself and rushed out the door and tripped the alarm.

Had a complaint of a bobcat taking house cats. They had game cam photos of a bobcat carrying one of their barn cats. Loaned them a personal live trap so they could try to catch the perpetrator. Went to conduct final inventory of retiring officer’s equipment and then followed him to the Reg Office to drop of his vehicle and inventory. Picked up hunter education materials from operations office for upcoming course.

Checked a farm pond out for salinity for a landowner that was concerned and worried about his fish. Checked quite a few fishermen with some having a little luck with stripers, white perch and white bass and some with no luck.  Nobody trying the dam yet for walleye, but will start soon.

Attended 3rd quarter firearms training and helped with the shoot for the week. Completed travel voucher. Dropped off GPS unit to my Lieutenant. Had two deer poached in  County, back straps and hind quarters taken, not much more information. Worked on previous deer season investigations. Checked several fishermen on Saturday enjoying the weather but not many fish caught. General office work.

Busy with Snow Geese, had a few show back up and a few were out hunting. Allot of ducks in the bottoms and the cranes have attended the party as well. Had a report of people catching too many trout. Worked the area and checked 22 fishing no one was catching trout but a few were catching crappie. Worked on case from Jan., found out he has been suspended 7 times this might be 8. Should have just went in and paid the fines for poaching deer with light and green dot scope.... ect.

Working on case for next season...

Worked on the typical paper work projects including KLER and expense reports. Washed and cleaned out the truck. Picked up and delivered some equipment and ordered some long fish rulers. Met the commercial fisherman working at reservoir. He's catching lots of very large buffalo.  Attended firearms training. Found  fishermen at lakes but no fish.

Firearms training this week, next week, more firearms training.

Checked a few fishermen, dealt with a coyote problem, followed up on possible illegal deer from season, follow up on trespassing issues from season, office work, vehicle clean up and prepare for range day, sick leave with sick kids, more coyote vs calf problems, looked for the problem Wile E., checked a few more fishermen, met with a concerned landowner.

Indiana K9 training. Dog doing excellent at detection and area searches.  Completed 1 1/2 mile unknown track Friday morning.  2 weeks left even though we could certify now.

Worked on follow up checked a few fishing.  Enjoyed vacation.

Patrolled lake and checked several unsuccessful fishermen, issued NTA's for target practice on wildlife area and navigation light violation, KLER reports, attended shoot, met with C.A., picked up stray dog in state park and took in to shelter.

Selective for trout anglers.  Office.  Working through training manual preparing for new officer to start.  Checked anglers at state lake.  A few fish being caught.  The wind kept all but the hard core anglers away.  Got old boat on the water and ready to run until the new boat trailer gets repaired.  I definitely got spoiled running with the new boat last year.

Worked trout fisherman on Sunday, quite a few people out fishing but few violations found. Oil change in truck then off for the quarterly shoot. Worked trout fisherman at SFL, fishing pretty slow but was able to find someone fishing with one too many poles.

Assisted with trout fishing selective. Had maintenance done on patrol truck. Attended firearms shoot and very much enjoyed it! Checked a whole lot of fishermen and the first boat of the year at Lake this weekend.

Catch up after a week at training.  Hunter Ed.  Met with sportsmen club.  Lifetime license investigation.

Catch up after Vacation.  Inventory for new officer.  Cleanup Lt office.  Evidence cleanup.  Worked on program.  Returned evidence.  Met with CA about past case. Fishing patrol.  

This last week I attended firearms training, attended  in service training, assisted SO with missing person, K-9 training and worked fisherman at reservoir.

Tagged several found bucks found by shed hunters.  K-9 training.  Attended firearms training in.  Attended phase IV training.  Worked County for problems with trout fishermen.  Issued some paper to individuals over the weekend.  One of which just happened to get NTA from officer two days earlier at the exact same location. (Of course when I asked him about it he said he never got a ticket on Friday.  He suddenly remembered when I showed him text message I received from Officer containing his name and vehicle tag number)  Interesting folks that do not care about the laws or the resource at all.  Violations found.  Unattended / Untagged lines and Fish with 4 poles.  Lots of trout being taken home or picked up by family members  a few at a time as they continue to fish all day catching multiple limits.

Attended boat training. I attended retirement party.  Received evaluation and was briefed on new evaluation procedures.  Had long discussion with a non-resident hunter attempting to convince me that he qualifies for non-resident tenant permit.  He was not successful in convincing me after saying that the only reason he wants to come to KS is to kill big deer. Some things will never change. Had the weekend off. 

Checked a few fishermen with no luck.  Had truck serviced.  Attended Range and Phase IV training.  Met with Troopers and Sheriff. Completed monthly reports.  Picked up and stored airboat after work was completed.  Picked up two dead bald eagles and transferred to freezer.

Prepared for and attended annual meeting of Kansas Incident Management Team and exercise.  Caught up on routine paperwork and completed training report.  Sunday picked up bobcats that owner had failed to tag.  Hint of spring, ice gone.

KLER reports and filed an NTA.  Spoke with DA’s Office about disposition of evidence from a November case.  Attended boat training and Warden retirement gathering.  Checked a few fishermen through the week and found an individual Saturday that was going to jail for failing to understand the English language but ended up writing him a couple NTAs after a photo id was produced.  Had a report of individuals using a vehicle to running down a deer in fields.

This week I worked in the office.  I continued to check trout anglers around the area.  I picked up Range mags etc. from Captain.  I looked at a high fence area with Officer and then helped him in recovering a boat stolen back from 99. Attended boat stop training.

Mixed bag this week. Sat on "light" geese finally checking a couple groups at the end of the week having some success. Helped PLM burn the wildlife area. Attended firearms and Phase IV In-Service. C-cat anglers couldn't resist the 70 degree days.

Spent some time preparing for a trial in County. Attended the trial; subject was found guilty of taking a mule deer w/an invalid permit. Attended the high risk boat stop training. Used some Comp time. Patrolled around WA. Assisted the fisheries biologist with sauger netting. Issued a salvage tag for a roadkill deer.

Sunday patrolled around the county checking a few anglers, also spent some time getting paperwork done for the upcoming training.  Monday spent the finalizing plans and spent some time looking for anglers.  Tuesday made my rounds picking up boats for the training.  Wednesday training then returned boats to storage.  Thursday and Friday I was off, but still spent time returning emails for April's training.  Saturday worked a short day, checking a handful of trout anglers.

Sunday patrolled area Lakes, OGT in county, wash truck, skunk under house in Co. and called to lake during in evening hours for possible abandoned boat.  Monday office work, SO for paperwork, helped public lands pour concrete at State Lake and Reg office for batteries for range.  Wednesday patrolled and went for training. Saturday patrolled lakes and finding people that need to measure fish before keeping them.   

This week I spent 3 days helping with firearms training.  On Thurs. I returned some phone calls and worked some in my office.  Friday I received a phone call from an individual who bought a boat in MO two years ago and now wants to register the boat in KS but the boat's HIN is missing and the person he bought it from in MO didn't have the title for the boat.  Two huge red flags to cause anyone to run away from it but he bought it anyways (too good of a deal to turn down) and you guessed it the boat was stolen in MO back in 1999.  On Sat. I picked up some traps and had lent out and I went and confiscated the stolen boat.  Now I just need MO Water Patrol to find the initial theft report and for KBI to find an NCIC hit.

Still some snow goose hunters trying find birds to shoot.  Nice weather on Saturday brought out quite a few anglers.  At one point I had anglers on one end of SFL and goose hunters on the other end.  Attended the boat training on Wednesday.

Checked anglers at County Lakes and reservoir.  Disposed equipment in RO.  Attended retirement party Weekend off.

GENERAL OFFICE AND PATROL. Used two days of leave. Received a complaint about a subject at a restaurant in city keeping a hawk as a pet. Investigation to follow. Completed the Health Quest for the State. Stopped by the Reg office for supplies. Had Biologist assist me in cutting off antlers from deer that came from a deer dep permit out west. Attended phase VI training. Checked area lakes and interstate and the Kansas River on Saturday during the nice weather. Got a few vessel inspections completed. Stopped by County Lake for their Trout opener. Working on a questionable HIN inspection. 28 day stats and timesheets.

Scanned in Smart Receipts, Regular Monday Stuff.   Completed Vessel Inspection Forms. Visited with the CO Prosecutor on a case.   I was in the park Office and helped the Office assistant clean the floors, and answer counter questions.  Travelled to meet with Major and got two Lap Top Computers updated.  Attended CPR and Storm Spotter Training.   Rest of week had off or vacation leave.

Truck back to dealership last Monday for front wheel bearing replacement. Met with Battalion Chief for Fire Department on a request for information regarding my canoe and motor recommendations as they want to purchase a fast  deployment rescue vessel for city. Tuesday picked-up Warden and drove for rifle and pistol shoot. Wednesday morning patrolled for anglers and visited with Area Manager, then worked on Canada Goose nest structures at SL, relocated and repaired nests and placed Prairie Hay into nests. Days off Thursday and Friday. Saturday patrolled Sate Lakes, reservoir and City Lake with Lt. checking several boats and numerous fishing licenses. Sunday looked for anglers/coyote hunters but cloudy, cold and windy for most of the day. No activity found. In the afternoon finished required paperwork.

Last week on Tuesday I worked in the office.  On Wednesday and Thursday I patrolled lakes for anglers finding a few out.  On Friday I met with Lt. to go and look at a couple of bucks the LO was wanting salvage tags for.  LO did not get salvage tags since he had already removed the heads and there was nothing left of the carcass to determine cause of death.  Turned into an easy situation that originally did not appear to be.  On Saturday I patrolled reservoir finding several out with nobody having much luck except for a few people getting some nice crappie.  On Sunday patrolled finding nobody out.

Last week I attended firearms training, patrolled Counties, and the River for anglers finding several out especially at the county lake. Assisted the County sheriffs deputies looking for a suspect and did KLER reports.

K9 training.  Checked some shed hunter's permission.  Checked what anglers I could find.  Equipment maintenance.  Set up and delivered a program and K9 program to boy scouts.  Medical leave.  Attended retirement, humdinger of get together.  Hate to see him leave, wish him well with his future.  Did some casework on investigation.  Selective in counties.  Prepared for trip to the range and vacation.  Timesheet, stats, etc.

Monday office work and finished the return on a fifth search warrant and returned it to district court. Talked with two new equipment theft victims.  Continued connecting the dots on convicted felon licensed guide and putting it on paper.  Thursday and Friday off, but answered the phone several times and Friday took the National Archery in the Schools trailer to the National Wild Turkey Federation's Women in the Outdoors event and set it up. Saturday talked to the group and ran the NASP range. Great event. Sunday, worked on my computer that won’t connect well to the internet since installing Global. Checked a few anglers at the state lake and the reservoir. Crappie are biting slowly. Checked on reports of geese dumped in the country and in town and a deer head in a dumpster. 

Several bass tournaments in the last three weeks. Worked in the office on April training. Did a hunter ed class at Middle School. Checking fishermen at the local lakes and boats are coming out of storage. Had court on a deer case and they took a diversion. Attended the retirement get together. It was a great turn out and retiring officer really enjoyed it. He was really appreciative by everyone that came and he was very moved by the kind words and sentiments. I thank all of you that took the time to make that possible. His wife was very moved by the many friends and coworkers that came.

Had court for the fifth time in County for the same no fishing license case. Finally received an end result of the defendants changing their plea to no contest. Overheard one of the defendants speaking with his attorney and it sounded as if he was reading my report. So his attorney didn't understand what he was contesting. They could have saved some money if they had plead this way in the beginning. Called out to county after a deputy made a stop and observed a pickup with some Canada geese and a snow goose in the back. Spoke with the two about the geese and come to find out they had shot them with a .17 caliber rifle. The two are a part of a group in which we have interest in and USFWS decided they would like the case. I observed a gentleman drive by us at the park and he appeared to be having some sort of psychedelic issue. We followed him for awhile and after he made three stops he pulled into Casey's. SO and PD made contact and after watching him do his meth dance off routine he was arrested. He would have been a good just say no commercial. Have some reports for this week.