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Recent Updates

This is a list of the last 75 updates to the website.

7/6/15 - Kansas Walleye Association Tournament
Fishing Tournament
(Glen Elder State Park)

6/6/15 - 11th Annual Youth Fishing Tournament
Youth Fishing Tournament
(Glen Elder State Park)

7/18/15 - 7/19/15: 5th Annual Wakonda Indian Festival
Indian Festival
(Glen Elder State Park)

3/25/15 - 4/25/15: Free Entrance Day & Open House at Glen Elder State Park
Enter the Park Free
(Glen Elder State Park)

3/7/15 - Lane Co. - Dighton
Hunter Ed Internet assisted field day and testing session
(S&T Building)

4/25/15 - Cedar Bluff State Park Open House
Open house
(Cedar Bluff State Park)

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