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State Parks Flooding Reported

Recent rains have created high water conditions at some Kansas lakes. While most state parks have not been significantly affected, some are experiencing temporary closures of some areas. Following is a summary of current conditions, as of Thursday, June 16th.

FALL RIVER STATE PARK: This park is not usable for this weekend; access is underwater.

EL DORADO STATE PARK: Reservoir is currently about 4 feet above conservation pool, slowly receding. Most of the park is open and not impacted by flooding.

In Bluestem Point Area, Fisherman's Point / Campground 4 most sites are unusable and water is over the road. This the only utility campground impacted so far.

In Bluestem Point Area, Goose Cove Campground / Area 3 Primitive camping, most sites are useable except for those on the western end of the campground. The water is over the road and the road is barricaded on the West end of the area but there are still useable sites if you enter from the East campground entrance.
In Boulder Bluff Area, Loop 3 Primitive Campground is closed and most of Boulder Bluff Loop 2 Primitive area is closed.
At the Rock Quarry Day use area, the entrance road is currently open but the road known as the DJ Road which goes south of the Rock Quarry has water across its southern end and is closed by barricades.
The boat ramps in the park are currently still useable except for the boat ramp at the west end of the dam, known as the Boulder Bluff Dam Boat Ramp, which is closed. Most courtesy docks are still useable but you might have to wade shallow water to reach the walkway.

CHENEY STATE PARK: The park is in good shape after the recent rains. Overall, 90 percent or more of the park is useable. The lake level is up 2.71 feet as Thursday, June 16th but it has not had a major impact on many facilities. Campgrounds have fared the best and are in good shape. With good weather forecast for the weekend, it should be great camping.

East Shore Area
-Mr. D's Day Use Area-Barricaded due to water over the roads and day use facilities.
-Wichita Point Campground-3 sites unusable.
-M & M Point-25 percent of parking pads are unusable and 75 percent of living areas are unusable.
-All other areas are useable.
- Limited access to most day use areas.
West Shore Area
-Co. Line Boat ramp us unusable.
-4 sites on Hobie Beach cannot be used.
-Far end of Giefer Creek Day use has been barricaded because of water over the road and sites.
-Some limited access to most day use areas.

GLEN ELDER STATE PARK: This park has actually benefited from recent rains, at this point. Recent storms have provided runoff and a recharge of our water level from 5.5 feet below conservation pool up to 3.7 feet below conservation pool. This 1.6 foot increase in elevation has been a positive effect for courtesy dock access and submerging some beneficial fish habitat. It has also helped submerge some potential obstructions. Although the storms have impacted angling success and access in a negative way on a temporary basis, the end result may be a stronger year class for numerous fish species.

ELK CITY STATE PARK: Water level is currently 812.74 with slight rain in the area last night the inflow has almost doubled today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The outflow however is 211 cfs higher than the inflow, as of June 16th.
Additional rains may require some facilities to be closed. As of June 16th, our shower buildings are still open. If additional rains occur, and the lake rises 4 or 5 more feet, the number one lift station may have to be shut down and motors and electrical box removed, affecting the full hook-up area, one dump station, main shower & restroom facility, and office/shop complex sewage system. Forty five of 95 utility sites are still available for use as of now, and 15 - 16 primitive sites are available, with the entire day use area covered with water.

EISENHOWER STATE PARK: Two of 4 camping areas are closed.