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Hillsdale Wildlife Area News

Hillsdale Wildlife Area News


Large flocks (10 - 30 birds) with several poults have been seen near the wildlife area suggesting recruitment was good this year. Hunters should have a good opportunity (with a little scouting) to harvest a bird this fall.


**Non-Toxic Shot Only**

  • All wetlands have some water due to recent rains. Rainfall has maintained sufficient stream flow and reservoir level to permit pumping of the wetlands.
  • Low water levels in the reservoir earlier this summer allowed vegetation to germinate on mudflats particularly south of 231st Street near the waterfowl refuge. This vegetation provides quality waterfowl cover and forage.

Browns Wetland, upper (east) unit

Disked and seeded Japanese millet earlier this summer. Good plant cover – smartweed and millet. Expected to be excellent this fall. We pumped ~29 acre-feet into this unit in early September. Meager and sporadic waterfowl use.

Browns Wetland, lower (west) unit
Partially disked earlier this summer to set back trees and favor annuals. Large pool of water at lower end near the water-control structure due to rainfall. Have not yet pumped this unit. 

Antioch Wetland
Received limited disturbance in 2014 (mowing and noxious weed control). Currently pumping (~12 acre-feet pumped so far). Also, Antioch Wetland is near quality aquatic vegetation in the main reservoir.

Youth-Mentor Wetland
The Youth-Mentor Wetland was disked and seeded with Japanese millet earlier this summer. An excellent plant response followed and millet has produced many large seed heads. Some water near the water-control structure due to rainfall is sufficient to hold some waterfowl. New pump site needs to be created before this unit can be pumped.

Please contact Eric Kilburg with questions: 913-783-4507.