Region 3

This is a collection of all the Region 3 Waterfowl Report

CHEYENNE BOTTOMS - Last Updated: 4/24/2014

Waterfowl numbers  We estimate 80,000 total ducks, mostly blue-winged teal, but a good mix of species is present. No snow geese.
Water level Pools 1A is about 25 inches, 1B and 1C each are at 31 inches. Pool 2 is near 17 inches, Pools 3A is about 10 inches, 3B is about 8 inches, 4A, and 4B average 15 inches each and Pool 5 is about 12 inches.
Hunting conditions Kochia stands are in every Pool, but many openings were made and naturally occurred for hunting opportunities. Roads are in good shape, but snow covered. The roads should be clear by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.
Expected hunting success Goose hunting opportunity, for the most part, has moved to other properties to the north.
Comments Hunting pools will eventually be held from 16 to 20 inches. Pool 3A will be a primitive pool (no motorized watercraft) for the entire waterfowl season.

ISABEL - Last Updated: 1/22/2014

Waterfowl numbers 3 mallards observed 1/22. 90% Ice covered.
Water level The pool along Hwy. 42 is dry. The main lake is full. The pool south of the main lake is dry.
Hunting conditions  
Expected hunting success Regular duck season (low plains late zone) dates are Oct. 26 - Dec. 29, 2013 and Jan. 18 - Jan. 26, 2014.
Comments Daily Permit Required - free in each parking lot. Instructions are posted. Only non-toxic shot is allowed on Isabel Wetland Wildlife Area for all species.

TEXAS LAKE - Last Updated: 1/2/2014

Waterfowl numbers No waterfowl observed 1/2. 100% ice-covered
Water level Pool 9 is 30% full. Pool 6 is full. There are some small pools of water north and west of pool 6. Pool 8 has some water on the north end. Pool 2 is 75% full. Pool 3B is nearly full. Pool 1 is nearly full.
Hunting conditions Regular duck season (low plains early zone) is Oct. 5 - Dec. 1, 2013 and Dec. 21, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014.
Expected hunting success  
Comments Permit required (Free) - available in all parking lots. Remember that only non-toxic shot is allowed for all shotgun hunting at Texas Lake Wildlife Area.