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Mushroom Rock State Park

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Mushroom Rock Location Map


200 Horsethief Rd.
Marquette, KS 67464
GPS: N38 43.568' W098 01.783'

Contact Information

Park Office – (785) 546-2565

Regional Office – (316) 683-8069


This is a 5 acre park that was donated to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (Kansas Park and Resource Authority) by the Ellsworth County Historical Society, the property was dedicated on April 25, 1965.


Part of the Smoky Hill region in the north-central part of the state, the Dakota formations are the remains of beach sands and sediments of the Cretaceous Period, the interval of geologic time from about 144 to 66 million years ago. Sanstone and sedimentary rock, is held together by natural cement. The concreations that make up Mushroom Rocks are cemented calcium carbonate. The largest rock measures 27 feet in diameter. This area is managed by nearby Kanopolis State Park and is truly a site to see.