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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 3.27.15

Patrol in the cold finding nobody out.  Met with an individual, trip to Reg office, and had my truck serviced.  Picked up some NTA dispos and met with SO.  Completed my online Intox 8000 re-certification and watched a deer on the ice at reservoir.  Washed the truck and checked a few fishermen.  

Completed Racial/Biased based police training.  Met GW‘s and assisted them with the enforcement of a search warrant.  Search was successful in obtaining what we were looking for.  One individual at the residence had an active warrant out of County so he was arrested and then I transported him to the Sheriff's Office.  Drove to meet with KDWPT staff and had a meeting involvingANSregulations and commercial bait regulations.  Spoke with a Missouri warden regarding some trapping regulations.  Got enrolled in DUI training that will take place.

Submitted info for Boat Education course for department website announcement.  Met with high school senior with aspirations to become game warden, may work to assist in his senior project.  Extra day and half off of sick leave.

Sunday started to work coyote hunters when I received a call from Warden about subjects in the county Jail that might have been out spotlighting before committing other crimes.  I spent the afternoon interviewing the two subjects about their late night activities.  I was able to get enough information for a search warrant of the suspect’s residence.  Sunday evening was spent working on the application for a search warrant and approving time sheets and other administrative tasks.  Monday finished up the search warrant only to find out once I made it to County that the county attorney has a set format he likes search warrants completed on.  Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon switching everything over.  Finally got the search warrant signed and with the help of Wardens  we were able to seize a rifle, spotlight and two poached trophy class deer.  Tuesday worked on reports and took evidence to regional office.  Wednesday worked a short day due to overage earlier in the week.  Thursday and Friday I was off but ended up spending a little time with calls and other issues. Saturday worked Lake trout opener and worked on another trapping violation in my county.

Sunday received a call from a co deputy that had interviewed two subjects that indicated they had been spotlighting in one of my problem areas. I was off and busy, Warden was able to interview the subjects while they were still in jail and turned it into a great case. Helped him with search warrant for the case on Monday and re-interview one of the perps. Rest of the week spent looking for additional evidence and then checking several snow goose hunters and outfitters.  Finished the week with a late night trip to the hospital with my wife for the birth of my first born child.

This week I patrolled around Co. looking for people fishing and goose hunting.  I worked in my office some.  I met warden at Dyna Marine to go over details on a new air boat and on Saturday I  worked a trout selective at Lake.

On vacation leave this week but still answered calls and had an individual track me down at my part time job wanting his guns back.  

Checked anglers at the outlet. Met with the ADA about a turkey case. Met with Public Lands Supervisor  regarding the WA. Got the oil changed on the truck and spent time washing it. Assisted Warden with a hunting incident investigation on a CSA. Used some AL.

General office and patrol.  Assisted KHP with an arrest and transport to CO jail.  Completed active shooters schedule.  Got dispatched to city on a report of dumped animal parts in dumpster.  I found two hog heads and a full fawn deer carcass.  Taught Hunters ED for Internet based class .  Having an issue with power steering fluid leaking.

Worked some in the office and completed racial/bias-based policing training. Met at the city's ponds in an attempt to locate a transmitter once attached to a snow goose that last sent a signal from that location.....unable to locate it. Checking some "light" geese hunters in the counties. All kinds of geese in the area....snows, Canada, white-fronts.

Worked in the regional office of administrative tasks and with the new hires.  Gathered up honor guard supplies for Lt.  I had a tire repaired.  Regional meeting planning. Order and delivered dog food.  Went to Pratt for interview, blew a tire on the way home, nothing like changing a tire when the spare won’t come down, while in a class A uniform.

Last Monday had the day off. Tuesday I read e-mails and Region weekly staff. I attended a meeting at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve about the upcoming Symphony in the Flint Hills that will be held in Chase County this June. Patrolled up to Reservoir and looked for anglers. Back home and shorted hours for the day. Wednesday through Friday attended Field Training Officer class. Saturday patrolled State Fishing Lake then Reservoir then River for anglers. State Lake was starting to free up from ice but Reservoir was still locked up. Sunday checked good numbers of anglers on reservoir and a few vessels with Lt.  Investigated area where a report of gunshots were heard by an angler on Wildlife Area.  Recovered several fresh spent high power cartridges and four 12 gauge casings.  No one in the area as we missed them by minutes.  Discussed the Training Officer program and upcoming training for GWC.

Last week on Monday I spent the day in the office typing out affidavits for the CA and completing racial/ethnic profiling.  Tuesday and Wednesday patrolled only finding a few rabbit hunters on the  wildlife area.  Thursday patrolled and washed my pickup.  Looking forward to the warmer weather and fishing picking up.  Off on 4 day.

Worked in the office on paperwork, and completed the required racial profiling training.   Called by a local landowner about an injured eagle.  Located and caught the eagle that appeared to have an old wound to the right wing.  Delivered eagle to USFWS, who then delivered bird to rehab.  Took a sick day.  Worked around the county finding only a couple anglers who were not having any luck yet.  Most people found just seemed to want to be outside in the nice weather.  

On Monday I did general patrol and office work. On Tuesday I did fishing patrol in County, checked a couple of fishermen at the county lake and checked up on the crappie tournament they will have there on the 14th. Also conducted an interview for a lifetime fishing license investigation. On Wednesday I completed a report on a mock case and did general patrol. On Thursday I completed phase 1 training. I had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.

Worked in office turning in reports, BPC receipts, and on KLER reports.  Made a trip where I picked up my new phone and otter box. Cleared old information off old phone and sent it in the mail back to office.  Took online Intoxilyzer 8000 training and passed test.  Completed training report and submitted.  Worked on learning how to use my new smart phone and updating the calendar.   Used a day of sick leave.  Investigated a complaint of coyote carcasses laying in the front yard of a residence.  KLER report completed and submitted.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; PBT certification; processed KLER reports; worked on and submitted Request for Out-of-State Travel to attend ILEETA Conference; provided USFWS with info for Bald Eagle case; worked on getting the remaining quotes for the LE type gloves from contractor; sent out the District's Spring uniform order form; submitted final 28-day schedule; and interviewed for Captain's position at the Operations Office. Saturday had oil changed on spare vehicle I'm trying to mile out and checked trout anglers at reservoir. Sunday worked anglers at reservoir and reviewed TO forms with GW.

Monday patrolled, assisted KHP with an injury accident on a country road, office work which included constructing and submitting pelt tag spreadsheet.  Tuesday patrolled and met with Lt. about a LO/T case.  Wednesday patrolled and tried to locate a sick/aging deer on a person’s land with no luck.  Thursday and Friday off.  Saturday assisted in teaching hunter ed.

Returned patrol shotgun to regional office. Completed a falconry inspection. Completed a game breeder inspection on CSA wanting to start doing it for themselves. While there discussed some CSA issues they have (lack of signs) then was informed of hunting related shooting that took place on 2-22-15. Spent remainder of week getting reports from sheriff's dept. and tracking down witness'. Group got split up and victim ended up in line of fire hidden by thick brush. Stopped by internet assist hunter ed and introduced myself to the future hunters.

This week used some sick leave to get over a cold. I handled an injured goose call and other calls from the public. I have started getting a few calls on paddle fish season. I made a trip to reservoir to get hunter education supplies for Officer. Checked a few anglers over the weekend. The water is still cold and not much biting.

Monday office work, forwarded pics to Game Warden, forwarded  a "cool" facebook picture to Captain, completed Racial Profile Training, Tuesday picked up subpoena from County Attorney’s Office, picked up HE antlers, drove for evaluation, picked up printer, updated PBT. Called out by a deputy about a vehicle with lights on at the Wildlife Area Shop compound. Tried to contact public lands but no luck. Responded and found the lights very dim and the truck locked with keys in it. Found the spare set and opened the door and shut the lights off but battery was dead. Wednesday took antlers to research office, met Game Warden and got schooled in the art of cyber investigation. He taught me about software that recovers deleted data and we recovered numerous photos and videos of suspects in thefts and poaching from digital storage media recovered in search warrants last year. One photo showed the convicted felon illegally carrying a revolver. Several others were of the original owners of the stolen game cameras. Shuttled jaw bones back to research office. Spent the evening and most of Thursday morning sifting through recovered images and videos. Registered for upcoming training. Completed reports and wrote a boating news release for State Park. Off on four day. 

Called to assist local PD who had served a search warrant and found a whole deer at the residence. Was able to obtain an admission and another subsequent warrant for what was an untagged road kill deer. 1 NTA for possess untagged deer carcass to add to the vast pile of other pending charges on the prison-bound subject. KLER reports. Picked up a HIN inspection. Patrol for fishermen and snow goose hunters. Held a Hunter Ed class. Thanks to those who helped! My oddest HE experience so far was when just a few minutes into the class one of the students went unconscious and breathing for about a minute before coming to and vomiting, then after being checked out by EMS walked out of the class on his own power and headed to the hospital with his father to be further evaluated. No prior medical history and no known explanation. Investigated some dumped snow geese after a report from a landowner. 

This week I went to Wichita to train the new game warden candidates on firearms. Then the rest of the week, I had field training officer certification class. On the weekend I patrolled finding a few fisherman out trying their luck and had one case of a trapper that dumped carcasses on the side of a dirt road for everyone to see. This is why antihunters want to do away with hunting in general.

CRO, Monday minutes, time sheets, KLER reports, next schedule, met with National Park Ranger about archery program in June, went  and met with retiring Captain  to get information and equipment for Honor Guard, trapping a family of skunks (3 so far) that set up housekeeping under the neighbor’s house, taught archery chapter for hunter education, checking lots of fishermen with the nice weather, lots of cabin fever going around.

Collected Otter jaws. Dropped off witness statements at the CA's office. Tallied up stats since I will be K-9 training. Had oil changed in patrol truck. Dropped off BPC receipts and met up with Officers. Completed racial or other biased based policing course. Assisted Officer with a career day program at High School. Anna was able to make her first public appearance and she was well received. Picked up some wildlife to take to Indiana for detection training. Used a couple comp days and off to Indiana for the second session of K9 training.

Worked in the office on reports. Patrolled area on the nice days for fishermen and finding a couple of goose hunters. Attended the IAMI Boating Training. Catching up on phone calls. Getting ready for hunter ed field day this week.

This week went from a blizzard to start to 68 degrees and sunny this weekend. I had a couple injured deer calls that the SO took care of. I checked the lakes late in the week and despite the great weather this weekend there was very little fishing activity.  Enjoyed the windows down Sunday looking for anglers in Counties.

Retrieved evidence from Lt.  Assisted Warden on a search warrant. Assisted County Sheriff on a search warrant. Worked on investigations with Warden.

This week worked on program for career fair. Travelled to RO and assisted Game Warden with recovering erased data off evidence sd cards. Picked up equipment for program. Contacted area HE instructors about a class in April. Worked career fair for High school on what it takes to become a Game Warden as of now. Patrolled finding little to no activity. Returned a few calls on rabbit hunting questions. Off on 4-day.

Completed the racial policing on-line class. Checked on injured goose at LAke. Took truck to shop for front ball joints to be replaced. Finally got it back 3 days later! Helped around the office. Helped with the Hunter Ed class. Had a kid black out. Called for an ambulance to come check him out. All turned out okay but more adrenaline than one would expect at a Hunter Ed class. Had 2 complaints on dumped snow geese.  Patrolled WA and Co. pits. Checking several anglers and a couple of boaters. Far more shed hunters out than I ever remember in the past.

Early part of the week was spent on office work, and clearing out some old evidence.  Went to lake daily but inclement weather kept fishing activity to a minimum.  Had some out of state hunters call about some salvage tags on deer found at WA.  Worked on county investigation from deer season as well as county cases.

Met up with GW'S at Reservoir. Worked on some reports and KLER. Followed the snow geese around and checked some successful hunters. Found one that did not purchase a federal duck stamp. Checked fishermen over the weekend and issued a warning for no fishing license.

Last week was spent at firearms Training the two New Game Wardens, so they could get ready to head to the Academy, and then at FTO class.

Met with staff at reservoir; toured diversion dam & WA; met with federal staff at reservoir; call to injured deer; reviewed regulations; vehicle maintenance; met with game warden.

Picked up trainee and issued him his new equipment on first day of work.  Found the truck I was going to issue him had a break hanging up, thus causing heat buildup.  Ended up sending him in my patrol truck.  Took his truck to shop and spent time in office catching up and completing online training since I was without a vehicle.   Late in week picked up his truck and drove it to get his uniforms.  Found another issue, took it to the shop and got it fixed.  Delivered his uniforms and truck.   

Patrol and office work. Court Tuesday with Warden.  Pickup still in shop. Saturday got out and checked a few fishermen. Completed racial based policing training. Sunday under weather on sick leave.

Went to Topeka for negotiations and met with airboat manufacturer while in town. Set up Hunter Ed class and got flyers done. Patrolled for snow goose hunters rest of the week. Had a huge influx of hunters east of reservoir.

Week was spent patrolling reservoirs for fishermen.  On Tuesday I responded to an injured "crane" and injured eagle.  Crane was a dead blue heron and the eagle flew away before my arrival.  I completed my racial profiling on Tuesday afternoon.  On Wednesday I had some warranty work done on my patrol truck and sent out some news releases on upcoming hunter ed classes.  Over the weekend I checked a few fishermen and boaters at local lakes and FISH ponds along with a controlled shoot event.

Tire repair on truck. Court with Warden in county. Logged some evidence into regional office. Ordered gloves. Completed racial profiling online training. Checked fishermen. Checked report of dumped waterfowl. Enjoyed nice weather over weekend.

Bids for boat shed. Calls on CSA's. Calls about fishing and lake level.  Investigative reports.  Online training.  Helped kids on a CSA hunt.  Helped fisheries biologists, and bass club put in fish structures and fish habitat at reservoir.

Office. Court. Poisoning investigation. Patrol. Worked on boat. Checked anglers at SFLs.

Continued to train GWC covering various tasks. After many miles, was able to get a fishing license check in. Met with CA and Sheriff's Office. Got Hunter Ed course setup in May.

General office and patrol.  Worked on truck bumper, removing rust and repainting it.  Took truck to Ka-Comm to get lights fixed.  Had to replace about 2-3 feet of corroded wire leading to grill lights.  Spent weekend patrolling for goose/coyote hunters and the occasional angler.  Took calls about owl predation.

Checked on a possible illegal trap.  Turned out to be ok.  Checked a few trout fishermen and picked up K-9 equipment that came in.  Completed Bowhunter Ed. Survey.  Took Meg to vet appointment.  Completed Racial profile training.  Found a little time to complete a couple boat checks as well as some K-9 training. 

Patrol for fishermen.  Starting to see activity pick up due to nice weather.  Assisted county on multiple fires throughout the week.  Tagged a road kill deer in County.  Dealt with some individuals on Energy Center property that had not checked in.  Met with GW to go over Body Camera material for Regional meetings.  Patrol for more fishermen going into the weekend.  Lot of activity.

Followed a suspicious vehicle, that  Co put out on I-70, all the way into Co where a deputy and I made contact with him.  Driver just finished hauling a load of dope to KC and was headed back to CO.  We found three edible rice crispy treats on him that he forgot he had, and send him on his way. Received request for a kids fish clinic and cleaned out the truck. Met with Cpt to start a background check.  Took a partial day of annual leave with the weekend off.

Weather change over what seems a mere few days has people outdoors.  Violations encountered included fish cleaned on boat, target shooters, campers in no camping area, wore my "white hat" throughout and just asked for compliance in the future.  Water is cold but many enjoying fishing.  Assisted with I-70 accident that required life flight for two on Saturday.  Disposed of evidence, spirits, accumulated over a few years.  Met with group at range for competition day on Sunday

Checked a few fishermen through the week, picked up a dead bald eagle on Friday and will turn it over to FWS.  Checked blue cat fishermen on Saturday at reservoir, saw a few nice blue cats taken and checked several vessels.

Sunday worked trout anglers at Lake.  On my way home checked State Fishing Lake.  Place was a wreck, beer cans, shotgun shells and numerous burnt items were scattered around the property.  While there received a call in county over  90 minutes away.  I was the closest officer so responded and resolved the issue.  Monday worked in the office on Kler and narratives from my search warrant.  Tuesday checked on a pile of "poisoned" geese in County.  Reporting party was going to call KDHE if we didn't show up.  Located approximately 20 shot snow geese that someone had thrown in a ditch.  In the evening taught hunter education in County.  Wednesday and Thursday I was off.  Friday used a day of annual leave.  Saturday met up with warden in County while up there looked at the area for the upcoming hunter education class that I have set up.  I was contacted by county reference vehicles driving off road at State Fishing Lake.  I arrived on scene to find three vehicles parked off road. 

All week at baton handcuffing  recertification. Began background investigation on new hire.

Checked several anglers and a few boats around Lake. Investigated a report of someone keeping an owl at their residence. Helped post signs around the new Creek WA. Put down an injured coyote. Worked on a couple investigations. 

Not many geese around this week...blew out of here when the temps. warmed up and the southerly winds started blowing. Switched gears to fishing patrol, locating decent numbers of anglers trying their luck. Not a lot of success. Some are starting to pull some crappie out of the area lakes.

Sunday spent the day in the office trying to catch up.  Monday visited CA for some paperwork and patrolled not finding much.  Tuesday had court in Co, my guy finally showed up.  This was the fourth time I had been to court for the same case.  Traveled to visit with CA on a case and received a phone call from SO on the way back.  They supposedly had a reporting party tell them there was a red-tailed hawk tied to a tree on I-35.  Every time it went to fly off it would get yanked back down.  Went investigated but could not find anything.  SO told me that another reporting party wanted someone to pick up a road kill deer up on hwy (it was dead)  before someone did something to it!  Friday patrolled and returned some guns to individuals.  Saturday helped in Co with HE

Worked in the office confirming regional meeting speakers and lodging, went over Captain’s job duties and upcoming EM schedule, permits etc. to ensure someone takes care of it.  Picked up display from the Secretary’s office for the K9 handlers demo at Bass Pro in KC.

Last Monday I completed a KLERs contact report. Washed patrol truck then completed the part two of the Racial Biased Based training. Sent BPC receipts to the office. Picked up a rifle from evidence locker to return to owner. Reviewed upcoming training for Game Warden Candidate.  Came across a rollover car accident that had just occurred on highway. I pulled up just as a County Sheriff Deputy arrived. I administered first aid until the first of three ambulances arrived. Three persons were air lifted by two helicopters to hospitals and a fourth was transported to a hospital by ambulance.  

Tuesday I patrolled reservoirs for anglers.  Wednesday more angler patrol and worked a coyote dumping case.  Wednesday evening helped a motorist pulling cattle who broke down heading up the road by the dam.  Thursday through Sunday made the rounds looking and finding several anglers.  Crappie were biting pretty well during the week and I wore out my wrist with citations including a bass 10 inches to short almost dead in a bucket with the guy saying "I was going to let it go".

Called and dealt with another eagle issue.  This time the bird was dead, appeared to have a broken neck.  Transferred eagle to USFWS.  Worked in the office on paperwork, equipment, etc...  Worked around the county finding more people out enjoying the weather.  Some fishing, not many having any luck.  Did find one angler at city lake catching a few crappie in a secret spot.  Found some kids looking to go 4 wheeling on sand bar in river, but were planning to access the river by crossing our wildlife area.  They were advised to not or suffer the consequences.  They advised me I ruined their day.  Assisted a lady with a problem raccoon in her back yard.  Worked on time sheets, and other paperwork. 

I had Monday off. On Tuesday I was at the Regional Office completing training office work. On Wednesday I assisted  GW with a coyote case in County and patrolled  State Fishing Lakes. On that day I conducted several angler checks and vessel inspections.  On Friday I assisted TO with returning a rifle.  Also conducted angler checks on this day. On Saturday we checked the west side of  Reservoir for anglers and vessels, and attended the County Lake crappie tournament. On Sunday I patrolled State Fishing Lake,  refuge, and I cleaned my state truck. I also met with officer at City Lake to exchange information. I completed time sheets, training paperwork, and staff notes.

Got oil changed in patrol truck.  Meet up with Lt. and got a rifle out of evidence needed for a trial next week.  Assisted County with a construction accident in northeast side of  County.  I helped get the victim on a back board and then helped load victim on the life flight helicopter.  I got called out Monday to a poached prairie chicken.  While responding I hit a deer that left my patrol truck leaking transmission fluid.  I got my patrol truck towed and picked-up the temporary patrol truck on Tuesday.  I completed and submitted KLER report and estimate to get patrol truck fixed.  I spent the rest of the week working on the temporary patrol truck and answering phone calls/questions.

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; process KLER reports; worked in the Regional Office a couple days; reviewed the TO program for GWC first Lt. session; assisted GW  with a coyote investigation; patrolled State Fishing Lake with GWC; assisted GWC in getting his state vehicle to his temporary residence in County (retired GW  residence); patrolled the western half of County with GWC (so he would feel more at home). Weekend patrolled F.I.S.H. areas in Counties.   

This week patrolled for anglers.  Meet with landowner about problem neighbor shooting on his land.  Assisted with a hunter education field day.  Picked up an owl that was found dead after flying into the side of a house.  Caught two owls that entered into a house through a chimney.  Helped put out a grass fire that was called into 911 and where I happened to be driving by.  Assisted SO investigate a stolen john boat from state lake.  And normal office duties.  

Assisted Sheriff's Department with out of control grass fire. Patrolled State Lake. Finished up hunting accident report. Followed up on report of destroyed eagle nest, nest appeared to be too much for limb holding all the weight. Wiped down interior of the truck. Took a day of comp-time.

Monday and Tuesday were days off this week. Wednesday helped with hunter education class. Thursday helped the Corps with a person that had driven off road and gotten stuck on their property. Attended their open house meeting at the courthouse that night. Friday got some equipment ready for hunter education and patrolled. Saturday helped with hunter education.

Monday off. Tuesday and Wednesday ASP Baton Instructor school. Thursday ASP Handcuffing Instructor school. Friday ASP Tactical Flashlight Instructor school. Saturday off. Sunday took training gear to the trailer at the boat house. Backed deputies responding to a verbal 10-97. Patrolled through the state lake checking licenses and mostly bluegill being caught. 

Monday patrolled a little, got destruction order for the mussels in boathouse to get rid of them, and worked in the office. Off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday checked crappie anglers and then worked with other firearms instructors to get the 3rd quarter shoot finalized. Friday and Saturday had hunter education. Certified 15 thanks to the help of other officers. Ended the week patrolling counties for anglers finding a lot out and wrote one for no license.

Patrolled for fishermen. Attended storm spotter training for a refresher before tornado season arrives. Assisted County SO with a semi that lost steering, swerved and struck the median on the highway. Just earlier he had hit a deer in county so I even got to check his salvage tag. Bad day for him though. Luckily the damage was unbelievably very minor and no one was injured. Let public works into our boathouse to retrieve a piece of their old equipment for auction. Patrolled a problem area with Warden. Assisted with Hunter Ed field day. Took some comp time.

RO, Mondayminutes, approved KLER reports, completed Racial or Biased Based Policing Training, getting things together for hunter ed class, completing uniform orders, participated in KDEM table top exercise and have now caught 8 skunks.

Fishing season is here! Finding several fishermen out and enjoying the weather. Assisted Warden on a Criminal Trespassing complaint in County. Helped Warden at a Hunter Ed, then on my way home I stopped and directed traffic on a truck fire near the wildlife area. The truck was a complete loss but everyone got out safely. Worked a selective with Warden  in Counties, seeing several successful crappie fishermen. On Friday, found a MIP at Lake. We came to an understanding once the translator explained what was going on. 

Worked local fishing spots with the catfish and crappie starting. Worked or working on three stolen boat investigations. Worked a selective on local lakes for crappie fishermen. Helped with a Hunter Ed Class and field day at Middle School.

This week started with calls from local turkey producers who were being told to shoot all waterfowl and other avian species by their corporate field representatives due to the H5N2 influenza outbreak near the state line. Callers were informed that it would be illegal to take such measures. We now have a quarantine in a small portion of the county. Met with sheriff on upcoming training and other things. It looks like my county will finally be getting a fine schedule instead of everyone having to go to a mandatory court appearance. Worked selective with Game Warden checking 20+ people having a great time catching crappie at City Lake. We found a couple of NTA's. Worked with Game Warden finding 3 NTA's at State fishing Lake and City Lake. Lots of people out trying their luck.

Completed a couple of lifetime investigations.  Setup a boater education class in May in Olathe.  Coordinated Spring hunter education class dates with instructors.  Worked on a couple of other investigations.  Patrolled for anglers at some of the County Lakes.

Busy week with the warmer weather. The fishing has been slow with the smaller lakes turning over, which was a surprise. I finally got my truck washed and immediately hit the gravel again. I arrested two fellas on Tuesday that claimed to be looking for a landowner in a creek bottom for 3 hours, who they did not know, and just wanted permission to be there. All lies, and two sets of handcuffs later they were both booked in to the jail for criminal trespassing. These two are the most complained on and convicted trail camera thieves in the area. And after seizing 3 more from them another case is coming. Friday night I went out after dark intending to work a selective with Warden, but my first contact, 15 minutes after leaving the house was a MIP and a Furnishing Alcohol contact. On top of that they were limited out on channel cat and still trying to catch more. I sent them home beerless and with their limit of channel cat and citations. Saturday and Sunday (my day off) were spent fighting the computer systems and the portal to get everything done before Monday since I will be on AL all next week after the active shooter training.

Returned from vacation to a full voicemail box, tons of emails and other misc. things to deal with while I was gone. Worked on returning all those and then worked to finalize the set up for my Hunter Ed during the week and weekend. Worked on acquiring the necessary supplies for the class and setting up the class. Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were filled with Hunter Ed classes and a meeting for an upcoming program for a local conservation group. Spoke to some people about the upcoming turkey season and some youth hunts that are planned during it. Thank you Wardens for the help with Hunter Ed on Saturday.

Took the Hunter Ed Guns to a seamstress who repaired all the torn gun cases. Attended the Weather seminar. Attended the KDEM Earthquake tabletop exercise. Helped with the HE field day. Game Warden and I put together a bow hunter ed class for May 2


.  My low water dam simulator fell off the shelf. Had a couple of requests to show it so I’ve been trying to repair it. Checking several anglers this weekend. Wrote one for no license when he gave me a 2014 and tried his best to convince me that it was still good. His partner basically threw a pole on me and claimed he wasn’t fishing. While writing him a no license ticket I discovered he was 7 months too young to need one. Lying about things he didn’t even need too! Had several complaints on a deer dumped at Dam. Found the tag still attached so located the subject. He had left the carcass in the back of a closed truck.

Filed tickets, visited with Judge, KLER Report, general office work, hunting contacts, had truck towed to Ford Dealership after it shut off going 65 mph at night, picked up spare truck from Office, K-9 demo at local school, K-9 program at Bass Pro.

Worked on Oklahoma deer case.  Removed tool box and items of inventory for Officer.  Had a call of something breaking into a chicken coup and killing chickens, met with farmer and told him it was likely a raccoon based on scat left in the chicken coup.  Spent a fair amount of time checking fishermen, nice weather has increased fishing activity greatly.  Went through jon boat, and got on the lake over the weekend.

KACOMM to get radio wiring matched up. Later in the week I met up with an individual to get some deerheads tagged that were found while shed hunting. Worked a selective on reservoir for spawn fishermen and only found 3 kids that were giving it an early go. On Friday I assisted County with a search warrant.

Oil change. Checked decent numbers of fishermen over the week. Found 4 without licenses. Assisted SO with newer model sports car located shot up by old barn on deserted homestead. We expected the worst in the barn.  Turns out car broke down, owner left it over night at random barn, and someone shot it full of bullets!  That would make you sad. Patrolled for late night spring break parties and turned up TOC x3 and recreational spotlighting. Ran driver through tests but pbt only .064.

Monday I worked on cleaning and restocking the hunter ed trailer and putting up a goose nesting structure.  Thursday was spent getting the hunter ed trap refurbished.  Remainder of the week was spent checking fishermen at SFL, lake, and area rivers.  SL had a large burn on Thursday that led to a county wide burn ban that still is in effect.

Busy week worked goose hunters at Bottoms. Few are killing snow Geese most are pass shooting. Fishing for trout has picked up with nice weather, Followed up on injured owl. Flew off when I got there? Assisted Sheriff offices in Counties with Thefts and drug activity in area.

Spent the week at ASP baton, handcuffing and flashlight instructor training. Great training and workout at the same time.

Reports.  To Hays to pick up equipment, and training.  Calls on fishing and lake level questions, and if we are going to put out buoys in the bad spots.

General patrol, finished an investigation on individual taking Canada Geese in closed season and file tickets, picked up truck at shop and switched spare truck around to GW.

Worked on various office projects and equipment issues. Spent time at SL and reservoir. Assisted SO looking for an arsonist setting setting fires in the SW part of the County. Helped with live fire portion of a HE class.

Tuesday attended Glock Armorer class all day. Wednesday checked fishermen. Thursday K9 training.Saturday drove to Bass Pro for K9 program.  Sunday delt with non-residents antler hunting/trespass, and taught hunter ed. Checked local bridge where I have plot camera and ended up arresting subject for felon in possession of firearm. It was perfect timing, as I pulled up he shot last round and tried to hand it off to his buddy. He had been out of prison for 7 whole weeks for burglary/assault. Used K9 Ruby to locate all spent shell casings for evidence.  Sunday evening rode up the Ark River on a local's airboat. I had never been on one that didn't break down, was nice for a change.

Completed racial profiling training, training reports, overtime reports, and other paperwork.  Spent some time with new judge talking with him.  Attended Active shooter training/drill.  Spent a day and a half working on getting phone screen fixed.  Patrolled this weekend.

Patrol. Office. School shooting drill. Cleaned patrol vehicle and patrol boat. Nuisance beaver dealt with. Met with GW to discuss upcoming BWC training. Worked trout derby at SL.

Patrolled area, checked a few anglers enjoying the nice weather.  Took calls about beaver season and boating regulations.  Assisted individual with disabled vehicle.

Supervision.  Active shooter training.  Prepare for Hunter Ed.  Evals.  Took new officer to Hunter Ed.  Office. Finished up Global training PowerPoint presentation.