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Officer's Logbook

These excerpts have been edited to remove personal identifiers and locations for privacy reasons.

Hal K

Natural Resource Officers, Park Rangers and other personnel of our parks and wildlife areas rely on the citizens of our state to provide tips of crimes and violations being committed. These tips come in every day and most are reported anonymously. The majority of these tips lead to resolution and prosecution through investigation and our judicial system. Concerned citizens of our state utilize the Operation Game Thief link on our website to report these violations. If you see a crime or violation taking place, please try to obtain as much information as possible. Tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of violators and any other information you feel might aid in the apprehension of the violators.

Officer Logbook 2.23.15

Attended Wildlife Area meeting on Monday.  Met with Lt. regarding probation paperwork and training tasks for training program.  Almost finished with it all.  Tuesday took a call regarding a coyote that was caught in a snare.  Coyote ended up breaking the snare cable and another KDWPT employee had to put it down before I got there.  Trap was tagged but upon investigation individual did not have a 2015 license.  Myself and Lt. met with the individual that evening and citation issued for no license.  Wednesday filled out KLER paperwork and got case file for CA.  Assisted county trying to locate an individual.  2 days vacation and days off to finish out the week.

Tagged a few cats in the snow over the weekend, then assisted SO with a slide off.  Helped Parks at the Reg office, completed schedule and timesheets and sent off bpc receipts. Called to I70 for roadkill coyote with a radio collar on it, aKSUresearch project. Followed up on untagged traps near reservoir. Attended stakeholder meeting with KDHE speaking about blue-green algae, that was well attended including media. Checked some predator hunters on WA and tagged a cat for them. 

Snow and cold cleared the way for oil change and tire repair.  Completed another tour host training session, attended court for first appearance on rare antlered deer taken during extended season, met with locker to release evidence.  Checked on target shooter getting firearm back after paying fine.  Attended lake stake holders meeting.  Call about suspected trespass by Minnesota trapper in black 4dr truck, have not yet located suspect's vehicle.

Patrol on Sunday turned into mostly agency assist effort driving roads looking for slide offs etc.  Monday attended annual WA meeting. Reviewed GW status in theFTOprogram.   Assisted GW Tuesday evening with unlicensed trapper.  Spent some time reviewing KIBRs and KLER reporting.  A few goose hunters still using the Kansas River, fields too muddy to hunt.  Checked a few trout fishermen over the weekend – not catching much.  Tagged a few bobcats. 

Sunday worked in the office and watched it snow.  Monday completed weekly tasks and worked on hunting accidents.  Had guns armored.  Wednesday patrolled all day.  Snowy conditions even kept the trout anglers at home. Tried to stay close to highways in case the sheriff's office needed help, surprisingly very few accidents with the blowing snow.  Thursday more patrol seeing several flocks of geese in the area but unable to locate anyone hunting them.  Tagged a found buck that looked to have been dead for quite some time.  Fielded calls about sunk boat at Creek Lake that we already knew about and spoke with a warden about a boat accident at reservoir.  Friday started my weekend off.

Sunday worked in the office.  Monday worked reservoirs for anglers pretty slow.  Went and picked up a deer in Co that had been caught in the fence and cleaned guns.  Wednesday worked in the office, found information on a kid at a school, found a few anglers out and patrolled.  Thursday filed tickets, looked up dispositions on tickets, checked for anglers, sat in on BUI case and patrolled. 

Bad weather and bad roads kept activity slow this week.  Worked in the office and filed charges on an individual for felon in poss. of firearm.  Filed tickets.  Tried to track down a trapper that wasn't checking his traps, but still trying to locate him.  Recorded radio show. 

Routine patrol. Cleaned my handgun and rifle and had them armored, thanks to Wardens and Ranger. Met with PLM Supervisor regarding the WA. Checked coyote hunters on private land. Completed Intox 8000 online training. Checked raccoon hunters on Corps land. Washed the truck. Picked up a dead hawk. 

This week I patrolled some in Co.but the weather must have kept everyone home.  I worked in my office some getting my office organized, checking on dispositions, cleaning guns and getting paperwork filed away.  I used AL on Monday.  On Tues. I armored guns all day at the office.  I checked on a dead deer (hit by a vehicle, not shot) and conducted a rehabilitation inspection in Co.  Made some phone calls on behalf of KDWPT Honor Guard and had my work truck serviced.

Went to Topeka and had rifle and pistol armored. Checked area for goose hunters. Picked up a shotgun. Started a boat accident report for individual who suffered a seizure and fell overboard, subject removed from water and transported to hospital for hypothermia and seizure. Checked area of reported dead hawk. Checked more goose hunters out with nice temps, citing one for No State/Federal Waterfowl. Met up with Officer and interviewed person of interest in a facebook posting.

General office and patrol. Had guns armored at Regional Office.  Met with Captain on Body Camera Policy. Used a few hours sick leave. Replaced battery in battery pack. Investigated a dead goose with possible injured goose on pond. Goose flew away.

Still cleaning out files.   More phone calls to KPERS and retirement plans.  Worked out of the district Office.  Assisted a Trapper with a Deer caught in snare.  Patrolled local wildlife areas. 

Patrolled for anglers and last week Canada goose hunters. Visited with Area Manager.  Met with County Sheriff to discuss any ongoing issues. Checked State Lake for anglers then along River. Tuesday checked anglers at Reservoir then at County Lake. Then back to County for angler checks. Days off Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning washed truck and drove to KLETC for "Probie" Warden graduation from the 14 week program. Checked a couple of catfish anglers at SL. Saturday checked just a couple of anglers at Reservoir. Creeks and upper end of river still frozen. Checked a few anglers at Reservoir with two at Broken bridge having quite a few White Bass. Did see a few nice sized crappie caught also. Took a break in the afternoon and returned to work upper end and a problem trash area with lots of beer bottles and wine coolers found earlier in the day. No luck finding anyone having a good time after dark. Drove to SL to see if any activity was there and then called it a night. Sunday patrol SL and reservoir for anglers, but found just a few. Most people just out walking and enjoying the nice weather. Gathered evidence from a trespass complaint I received in December, as I was just given the exact location from the complainants in Texas. Back to SL and check a couple of local anglers. T&A reports Sunday evening.

Last week on Tuesday I worked in the office.  Wednesday I patrolled around the county looking for anybody doing anything wildlife related (no luck). Thursday I went to RO to drop off and pick up some evidence, patrolled and returned a gun from a past case.  Friday I patrolled reservoir and SL for anglers/hunters and returned another gun from a past case.  Saturday I patrolled SL and reservoir finding several people enjoying the weather.  Sunday patrolled finding one person with a short bass who also had a warrant.

Worked the county.  Was contacted by some county employees about a deer stuck in a fence.  Released it but both back legs were broken.  Salvaged tagged.  Tagged more bobcats.   Had some issues with some guys picking up a road kill deer without a tag.   Found a few fishing with nice weather, no luck.  Checked some goose hunters that had birds flying all around them, but none came into their decoys.  Found one person shed hunting. 

I arrived at the academy on Sunday. On Monday I took test number 9 and passed with an 84%. We then had classes on haz-mat, KIBRS, and active shooter. On Tuesday I had the morning off and then had courtroom testimony practicals that afternoon. On Wednesday I ran scenarios for officer survival. On Wednesday night I took the final and passed it with an 81%. On Thursday I had PT/DT. On Friday we had a mock trial and I graduated from the academy.  

Completed deer surveys and tagged bobcats.  Got estimate to get truck mirror repaired and got approval to get it fixed.   Got patrol truck 100 K maintenance new spark plugs and flush transmission.  Helped County Sheriffs office with a road kill deer call.  Worked in office on paper work, e-mails, and submitted KLER report.  Spent some time working on hunter education and submitted a face book story.  Charged boat batteries and added more rat bait.  Got pistol and rifle armored.   Helped teach hunter education most of the day on Saturday.  Sunday helped county with a pair of drug addicts one had overdosed in the Dollar General parking lot.  I stayed with the unconscious suspect until EMT officers could take over.  I also collected evidence from the Sheriffs office for US fish and wildlife agents case.  Later Sunday I inspected a Controlled shooting area Elk County.  It took some time to walk the 2.5 mile internal boundary to check the signs. 

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; submitted January Deer Survey, Non-resident & Deer Permit Survey, and Hemorrhagic Disease Survey; reviewed the TO handbook; called-up to County concerning a report of a dead Bald Eagle that appears to have been shot; conducted a couple of interviews concerning the Bald Eagle; tagged a bobcat in County, and attended GWC  KLETC graduation. 

This week, I patrolled, finding some crappie anglers out.  Took a call of a deer stuck on some ice, but it was gone when I arrived.  Taught hunter ed.  Worked a shift at the Tulsa boat show.  Normal office work and submitted my January deer count.Looked for injured Eagle was gone on arrival.

This week prepared for and had court one day. Worked on getting guns scheduled to be armored and then armoring. Checked a few anglers that were out with the nice weather. I helped the county with a couple calls. One was a 10-32 that started in County and the other was a barn that caught on fire. People seem to have spring fever! Tagged one cat this week.

Monday office work, talked with County Detective reference an investigation he was doing. Monday and Tuesday worked on 44 pages of four affidavits and finished them. Took them to the assistant county attorney and discussed these and other cases. Wednesday morning prepared for upcoming BUI trial and worked on training issues. Wednesday afternoon drove to the Regional Office and picked up printer cartridge. Thursday worked on cases and prepared for BUI bench trial. Thursday afternoon had trial.  County Attorney said that it probably would not go our way without the Intox and it didn't. Judge told the suspect he believed the suspect was operating impaired but he was going to find in his favor. They threw out the refusal to submit to chemical test charge too because we don't have a penalty statute for it so it is therefore not a crime. Off on four day. 

Office work. Took DUI reports to the county attorney's office. Planning for an upcoming Hunter Ed class. Patrolled for goose hunters. Submitted January deer survey. Enjoyed helping work the KDWPT booth at the Tulsa Boat Show. On the way to the boat show we came up on an injury accident and helped direct traffic at the request of a very thankful OHP trooper. Patrolled for crappie fishermen with Warden seeing some nice slabs getting caught and hearing reports of fishing picking up in a big way.

RO, Monday minutes, time sheets, KLER reports, Global, next schedule, armoring guns with NRO, took a day of sick leave, catching up on email, hunter education classes, called by PD about suspicious feather in a vehicle stop probably eagle feathers, forward info to SA, checked a couple squirrel hunters on CO WIHA land, worked at the Tulsa Boat Show KDWP&T booth.

This week filed ticket with the court. I had both my pistol and rifle yearly checked. I had new windshield put in patrol truck and had to have the visor light bar glued back up to the windshield. Patrolled finding a person that indicated they left their fishing license at home (code for did not get one). Signed him up. Patrolled finding a few out boating on Lake. Doubled up with Warden, not finding many fishing but did check some hunters on a controlled shooting area.

This week I worked on completing reports from the child endangerment case. Cleaned up the office a bit, and checked anglers almost every day. Made a trip to KBI and did other evidence work. Saturday I worked all day with Co. hosting Laser Shot training. Sunday I checked a lot of people out fishing.

Work in the office.  Picked up two dead eagles and one dead pelican. Spent one day with state park personnel. Transported hunter education orange guns to other personnel.  Met at WA to have guns armored.  Looked at dead deer.  Attended the Tulsa boat show lots of people.  Fishing activity picking up.   

Early part of this week spent work on investigations going through evidence and meeting with Officers. Fishing activity at reservoir beginning to pick up with nice weather.  Took a report and gave a live trap to a local farmer who is having issues with raccoons in a calving shed, as well as a report of deer damaging wheat.  Went to KLETC for graduation.  Patrolled lake again, fishermen active, fishing is fairly slow. 

Worked on investigation, K-9 Training, attended Turkey Committee meeting, attended new game warden graduation at KLETC, general patrol, received trespassing complaint from landowner, found shed hunters along river trespassing, wrote criminal trespass x 3.  

Looked for traps early in the week. A few littering and wanton waste citations on some goose carcasses dumped Tuesday. Typed up several reports for CA and KLER. KLETC Graduation Friday. Worked  Lake Saturday afternoon/evening checking several groups trout fishing, one cited for no fishing license.

Tagged some Bobcats and a swift fox. Met with County Attorney. Spent some time patrolling a problem area for coyote hunters. Went to KLETC graduation. Checked a decent number of people fishing at Res and Lake. Found one that was fishing with a month old 24 hr license.

Patrolled for goose hunters and tagged cats most of the week. Worked in the Office cleaning and organizing. Checked some fishermen over the weekend who are trying to catch some Crappie and Walleye since they had a boat ramp open up.

Finished Boys ranch hunt on Sunday. A very cold day but the kids still managed to get a few birds. Configured new phone.  Returned info to Pratt. Conducted interview on upcoming cases. Went to Hays and picked up 4-wheeler from maintenance. Few thousand geese showed up at the bottoms. A lot of hunters doing really well on harvest. Tagging cats.

Helped and elderly couple that were stuck in a deep ditch after their vehicle had slid off the road, they were ok, just a little shook up.  Fishermen were out big time with the warm temps., a few catching some skinny stripers, a few white bass, a few white perch and some channels.  A few goose hunters out, with some luck.  Checked a couple of trappers by the lake that were having good luck. Met with a guy to get garage door installed for boatshed.  Investigations and reports.  Took care of airbag bill, and had tire sensors looked at.

Busier week than most of last deer season. Numerous criminal trespass cases and investigations this week. All due to antler hunters tromping around wherever they like. One group even drove 4 hours from Oklahoma to shed hunt. Everyone came out of the woodwork over the weekend. Checked fishermen, goose hunters and boaters. Wrote some boating violations. Met with PD about possible poached deer and had to do some dumpster diving in a nasty dumpster for other suspicious items and personal effects in the bags of deer parts. Drew quite the audience from the patrons of the gas station. Looks like decent case but will have to do follow up. Would have sent a picture or youtube video of game warden in dumpster for the FBook page but figured it would be trademark infringement lawsuit from Sesame Street and oscar the grouch.  

Set cameras up on trespass complaint. Patrolled finding a few groups of coyote hunters out. Had report of snowmobiles chasing deer, found one of them, but didn't see any chasing. Went to graduation at KLETC. Off over the weekend.

Reviewed reports, completed the schedule and worked on various other office tasks. Attended supervisor training at KLETC. Worked area lakes over the weekend. Found a fair number of fishermen and a few hunters.

Still checking a few goose hunters and coyote hunters.   Working on a deer head found in a box along a road. Getting dates and information for fto training. Checking allot of fishermen catching trout with the warm weather.

Some office work and still tagging a few cats here and there. Truck was in shop for 2 days after it became possessed. Was turning completely off while driving down highway, locks clicked up and down repeatedly, strobes blew a fuse and radios turned off. Hopefully it's fixed.  Completed Intox. 8000 recert online test. Weekend tagged more cats, met with PD concerning an ongoing waterfowl dumping problem just south of town, set up plot camera.  Saturday checked 2 guys that shot 99 snow geese by Lake. Spent some time on K9 training.

This last week I tagged bobcats, finished  FTO training, patrolled the area and dealt with a trapping complaint.

K-9 Training.  Also did an interview / news release for the Newspaper on K-9 Anna (That is the town she was donated from) and also submitted some photos of her while training in Indiana to go along with the article.

Picked up dispositions at the courthouse.  Met with GW, Lts. and Cpt. at the Topeka office to go over training tasks involving boating material.  List is getting much smaller and the end is in sight for the training tasks.  Prepared material for instructing first hunter ed class of the year; had hunter ed on Wednesday.  Gather material for upcoming furharverster education/introduction class that is going to be held at State Park on the 21st.  Walked the boundaries of the new Wildlife area with Lt. Tagged some cats and took a report of possible illegal traps along highway.

Checked a few hunters and fishermen in the warm weather around.  Assisted with traffic control in Co during a multi-vehicle 10-48.  Completed some office duties.  Trip to meet with the Co CA's office on a past case.  Attended Honor Guard training in Salina.  Tagged some cats in Co.  Back to Salina the next day to pick up info on a background check, and begin working it, traveling a bit on days off.  Had part of a weekend off.  

Calendar adjustments made for training announced this week.  Reports from bobcat and fishing license cases finished, complaints filed.  Swans spotted at county lake.  Visited Secretary's office to get fancy new phone, ran into some of the "short timers".  Used new phone to call guide client back about trophy deer suspected to be taken illegally in December.  Coyote callers reported violation in wildlife area, hunters down range from target shooters and bullets whizzing by, complaint issued, rifle now evidence.  Assisted Public Lands division with trash dumping at river ramp.

Made trip to region office to meet with GW reference toFTOprogram and progress. Delivered another rifle to be sold at auction.  Completed the usual admin. chores, KLER etc.  Spent some time on the WA in County walking it’s boundaries.  Met with GW to review reports and select secure evidence space in Park.  Tagged a bobcat, not much happening in the great out-of-doors.

Sunday and Monday I was off.  Tuesday looked at a possible stolen boat and dug up some information for the property owner on what she could do to have it removed.  In the afternoon I tried to locate a coyote hunter so I could interview him on a criminal hunt case.  Wednesday morning had my evaluation.  Afterwards met up with GWs and went over a couple boat related sections for his FTO program.  Thursday spent the day in the office.  Friday patrolled checking six goose hunters five anglers and tagging four cats.  Saturday looked for goose hunters but all I was able to locate were more coyote hunters.  I did manage to locate the trespassing coyote hunters that I had been looking for.

Went or evaluation on Wednesday and tagged cats on the way home.  Thursday went all over tagging cats.  I was able to track down a trapper that had traps on public ground with coons that had died in them from not checking the traps and no trap tags.  Recorded the radio show.  Looked for goose hunters all weekend, but found none.  Received call on a possible poached deer, but ended up being a roadkill that a deputy had issued salvage tag for.  Checked coyote hunters.

This week I worked in my office some working on misc. paperwork.  I patrolled some in Co., not finding many people hunting or fishing. I attended Honor Guard training.  I checked on some animal calls and I ended up putting a deer down that was caught in a fence and was unable to catch an injured Canada Goose at a pond and I also tagged some cats.

Investigated a deer carcass found on private property.  Checked several goose hunters on private and public property with some success. Reminded some of the hunters that you need to keep a head or wing attached when transporting and about the tagging requirements regarding gifting geese.  Checked a few anglers and a couple boats on Lake.  Interviewed a subject involved in a turkey case.  Responded to a grass fire on WA. Met with USACE Rangers regarding a report of illegal tree stands on their property.  Assisted the Sheriff's office with a suspicious vehicle. 

Tuesday worked in the office,  then tried to find some anglers at reservoirs and state lakes.  Wednesday worked in the office, emptied jet ski trailer, picked up possible dead deer in a yard and patrolled.  Thursday helped GW in Co with the most unethical trapper I have ever heard or seen.  Tagged a bobcat.  Friday patrolled -- was called out by S.O. who had caught some spot lighters at midnight.  I guess it is a year round sport!  Saturday helped with unethical trapper.  Traps had not been checked in weeks, dead raccoons, opossums and skunks.

Tagged nine cats this week, doubling my total for the year so far. Hunting for goose hunters....not finding any. Nuisance critter calls addressed. Spring turkey questions answered or forwarded on to more appropriate staff.

This week was spent in the office working on various administrative tasks.  Scheduling issues, FTO concerns/training, met to go over D/T training and the timing of that training.  Tried to use a little leave.

Transported some evidence to regional office.  Patrolled for goose hunters.  Helped County Sheriff look for a burglary suspect who fled on foot into the Wildlife Area.  Worked on wildlife investigation. Tagged a bobcat for a trapper.

General office and patrol.  Completed and sent in deer survey.  Attempting to set up some active shooting training for the end of March. Picked up dead owl.  Patrolled SL. Had Officer assist me in attempting to serve an arrest warrant for FTA. Subject moved out of residence.  Slow week.  Snow beginning.

Met with PD reference someone setting stands and cameras on city property.  Passed info onto another officer regarding road hunting in his area.  Tagged some cats, nothing like waiting until last minute to get things done.  Patrolled for goose hunters not finding any out. Assisted Officer with attempting to serve a warrant on criminal trespass case.

Worked out of the Office,  Attended Honor Guard Training.  Patrolled area wildlife areas.  Came down with a head cold, off on sick leave. worked on time sheets.

Last Monday patrolled County in the morning. In the afternoon completed NCIC CJIS and  Intoxilyzer 8000 recertification. Tuesday morning met with County Court Clerk to see about any changes or issues with SOP's. In the afternoon patrolled County and around Reservoir and along River. Wednesday patrolled Reservoir and County Lake finding two furharvesters pulling sets on the Creek area from a boat. No other activity on the reservoir and only 1 anglers on County Lake. Days off Thursday and Friday. Used a day of sick leave on Saturday with of a cold and sore throat. Sunday patrolled for last day Canada Goose hunters and coyote wagons. Only 1 group hunting geese in eastern County. Called it a day in the afternoon to work on T&A, weekly staff and 28 day stat reports.

Last week on Monday I patrolled reservoir and state lake for anglers and opened a new investigation.  Off Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I researched info on the investigation and patrolled for awhile in the evening finding nobody.  Friday I visited the CA and Sheriff, patrolled SL for anglers, and traveled for an interview with a subject on my investigation.  Saturday I checked hunters at reservoir and closed my investigation after some interviews/confessions.  Thanks to GW for the extra hand with the interviews.  Spent a lot of time thinking about angles/tactics to show up and get a full confession with no effort, got to like that.  Sunday patrolled around the county looking for some last day goose hunters and salvage tagged a deer hit by a truck.

Worked in the office.  Went to regional office to retrieve some evidence to be returned.  Tagging more bobcats from time to time.  Assisted college security with some issues they were having with dead goose carcasses on campus.  Returned evidence to local resident.  County Attorney office to pick up disposition from dismissed case.  Tagging more bobcats.  Assisted GW a couple of different times with interviews on a turkey case from last year.  Got confessions.  Met with local troopers and talked about issues arising with SFST from area court.  They advise continue business as usual.  

I had Monday off and took comp time on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I began my training and LT. issued me my equipment. TO showed me the trout lakes within city and we completed training paper work. On Friday TO and I checked trout fishermen.  On Saturday TO and I checked goose hunters and went to Lake. We also met with warden to go over my upcoming training schedule. On Sunday TO and I went to County to patrol it and become more familiar with the area. We checked crappie fishermen at the heated dock at County Lake. We also went to the reservoir dam and broken bridge but did not encounter any fishermen at those locations.  Each day TO and I went over the various training material that was set for that day.

Completed turkey survey this week, tagged more bobcats, worked in office on paper work.  The city got me another Christmas tree from their burn pile to use as fish habitat.  I added the tree to their city lake by the North fishing dock.  Attended Honor Guard training this week and had a honor guard retirement lunch for officers.  Answered some boating questions. 

Weekdays: performed administrative duties; County Bald Eagle investigation; worked in the Regional Office a couple days; met with TO and GWC, and then issued GWC his patrol vehicle and the rest of his equipment; requested quotes for LE type gloves; and answered various questions. Saturday patrolled for and checked goose hunters in County, and met-up with GW in the afternoon. Sunday patrolled for and checked goose hunters at Counties; with the most successful group harvesting 11 Canada Geese. Violation encountered unplugged shotgun.

Attended K9 training in Indiana.

This week worked on investigations and general patrol, finding very few people out, other than a few local coon hunters. Taught hunter education at a local high school. Attended court for a case that was made back in the fall. Resulting in the suspension of his hunting and fishing privileges for a year, and the loss of his rifle. Drove to get guns armored. Assisted Co Sheriff's Offices and KHP on a man hunt in the Wildlife area.

Did two lifetime license investigations and looking into one that has already been issued for fraud. Had two dead deer reported as poached deer. Both deer turned out to have been hit by cars and crawled into the field one died and the other was still alive and had to be put down. Had a report of a sick coyote by a farmer. It turned out the coyote had been shot and got away. Worked fishermen on the nice days at the lakes and in the pits. Helped the bio on one afternoon moving Christmas trees to be put into a renovated lake. Attended a boating Water Smart meeting with COE, Coast Guard Aux, some new people involved in boating ed in other agency's on upcoming boating activity. Had 4 dead snow geese in a wheat field. No one saw anything and the landowner did not know who was hunting and thought that the geese were dumped there to shoot coyotes over or as decoys. Got a call to look at a mussel bed in  Creek. I went but I am not sure how anyone knows there were mussels there as I could not find them in the dark water. That is for a better day. 

Attended meeting regarding Hunter Ed program scheduling and logistics with the local chapter of NWTF. Worked on SMART. Attended the Honor Guard training. Received a report of trespassing trapper that was failing to check traps. Went to that and found numerous violations. Had to get Officer’s help and go back the next day to find more traps and animals. Met Cpt. to get potential new hire background investigation packet. Worked more on removing more illegal traps. Worked in the office scheduling and planning trip to Arkansas and Oklahoma. Internet researched my trapping suspect and called several local informants. Received info on additional areas the suspect might be trapping. Officer, myself and one of my informants located another line of illegal traps that turned into numerous properties with illegal traps on them. I have a lot of evidence to process now. Patrolled some around the reservoir and county looking for last chance goose hunters but could not locate any. 

The fishing has continued fair in the area and one caught a 50 fish limit mid-week. I worked on Swiftwater Rescue planning for the upcoming year and training. Took most of a sick day due to a sick kid at home. I have been tagging cats about every day this week. A few were out trout fishing Sunday before the weather turned white.

Helping out at the office. Approving field trial applications. Much of the week was spent researching guns that are in the office lockers. I believe I’m down to two, all the rest are now marked and entered into Global. Delivered fishing regs to a couple of places that requested them. Patrolling for goose hunters. Did get to see a banded Ross goose that was harvested.

Monday, I patrolled, took my truck in and got it serviced.  Returned a gun to an individual.  Tuesday, I was off, but took a call of an owl stuck in a chimney.  After much contorting of my body, I was able to remove the barn owl and after it got lose and flew around in my truck, returned it to the wild.  Wednesday, spent some time doing office work, which included the re-certification on the Intox 8000, and patrolled.  Thursday, had my guns armored and went into the RO to drop off some paperwork.  Off Friday.  Patrolled and assisted SO deputy at a car stop.  Driver had a no bond, full extradition warrant out of San Diego, CA, except that day, lucky for him.  Sunday, went up and looked for goose hunters in Co’s with warden, with no luck.  Afterwards, was able to track down a group of coyote wagons that I haven’t ran across before.  Finished the week with office work.

Worked on getting an upcoming Hunter Ed class advertised and looked for a better venue to use in the future. Backed up the sheriff on a suspicious person call. Investigated a supposed mountain lion track. Shared pictures with biologist and determined it to be a dog track. RP was friendly, but is still convinced it is a mountain lion. Issued salvage tags for dead bucks found while shed hunting. Called by a landowner who wanted me to come look at an area of poaching on his property. Met with the landowner who walked me back to his boundary fence and pointed at a tree stand 50 yards through the brush and trees on the neighbor's property. His entire cause for concern was he happened to notice the neighbor's tree stand. Tagged some cats. Patrolled for fishermen finding a few. Story of the week was a random lady who came up to me at the gas station and thanked me for what we do as game wardens. She proceeded to explain that we don't get anywhere near the appreciation we deserve and when she saw me she felt like sharing her gratitude and asked us to keep up the good work. It absolutely made my day to get a compliment like that from the public.