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Parks Flooding Impacts Easing

Kansas state parks affected by high water conditions during the past two weeks have restored most of their facilities for public use, although some areas are still not available. Following is a summary of conditions, as of Friday, June 24th.

Cheney State Park: Current water releases from Cheney Reservoir are allowing the lake to go down about two inches per day. In the West Shore Area, the majority of campsites are open for use. Day use areas are open, although there are scattered pockets of water remaining on those areas. The lower area in Giefer Creek Day Use Area is not useable, although the rest of that area is in service. The County Line boat ramp is still unuseable, although the main west boat ramp is available. Some sites are not useable at Hobie Beach Campground. In the East Shore Area, both boat ramps are in use. Sites at M & M Point and at Wichita Point are about 25 percent useable. Mr. D's Day Use Area is still under water. The majority of other day use areas are reduced due to remaining high water, but portions can be used. At current release rates, all areas at Cheney State Park are expected to be useable by July 4th weekend.

El Dorado State Park: At current lake release rates, all campsites should be open and the majority of roads clear of water this weekend. Portions of some roadways may be closed until debris is removed.

Fall River State Park: The lake is still about 27 feet above conservation pool, but many camping areas have been reopened for use. Utility sites at Fredonia Bay are available, although patrons are advised to use the west row; the east row is not under water but is still drying out. Casner Creek Campground is still under water, but is expected to be open for July 4th. Gobbler's Knob primitive camping area is accessible now. Quarry Bay camping areas are still unuseable, some primitive camping is availalbe. Some launching off of designated roadways is available. All showerhouses in the park are available for use.

Cross Timbers State Park: Toronto Point campgrounds are available for use. Both boat ramps at Toronto Point can be used. Mann's Cove and Woodson Cove primitive camping is available. Holiday Hill utility sites are available for use, but primitive areas are still underwater. Boat ramps are partly submerged, but launching of boats off designated roadway approaches is possible. Boaters are advised to be aware of potential underwater hazards when launching. The lake is still about 18 feet above conservation pool and slowly receding. July 4th holiday weekend events are expected to proceed as planned, including the fireworks display on July 2nd.

Eisenhower State Park: Abilene and Blackjack campgrounds and most trail areas have been reopened. The only two areas that will be closed through the coming weekend are West boat ramp and Cowboy Campground.