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Ferris Demonstration Wildlife Area


Windom, KS
GPS: N38 23.217 W97 54.952

Contact Information

Manager: Brent Theede,
Phone: (620) 241-7669


In 1993, the Department of Wildlife and Parks was approached by the Ferris family about a possible land donation. As part of the donation requirements, the family asked the Department to implement practicable land management and improvements geared toward wildlife and agriculture. In December of 1994, KDWP was given the deed to this property


Much of the Ferris Demonstration area is in agricultural production. This production consists of 129 acres of wheat and row crop production, which is leased out by competitive bid to local producers. However, three waterways, eight terraces, and a railroad right-of-way are located on the area. Shortly after accepting the deed to this property, the Department, along with cooperation from ASCS and SCS, derived a plan to demonstrate several conservation programs. These programs include field borders, wind breaks, proper terracing, and waterways, round field edges, grass strips to replace terraces, crop rotations, minimum tillage, and timing of tillage and crop residues. Along with these practices, the Department will incorporate what is beneficial for wildlife, including planting warm season grasses in waterways instead of cool season grass, properly planted wind breaks, scrub plantings, and planting of forbs within warm season grass communities.

Special Regulations:
  • All statewide public lands and fish and wildlife regulations apply.

Special Features:

  • Part of the agreement between the Ferris family and the Department was that the area would be used as an educational demonstration area for management geared toward wildlife and agriculture. This provides the public a place to observe different management techniques that may be applied to their own land.