Binger Wildlife Area


Raymond, KS
GPS: N38 17.718 W98 25.518

Contact Information

Manager: Brent Theede,
Phone: (620) 241-7669


The Binger Wildlife Area was acquired through a living estate. The Department leases the land for rights to allow public access to the area, mainly for hunting and wildlife viewing purposes.


The 160 acre area has 28 acres in agricultural production, and the remaining 132 acres are a combination of native grasses, cedar trees, and plum thickets. The agricultural acres are leased to a local producer, with the Department’s share left standing in the field. When the Department first obtained rights to this area, it was badly over grazed and taken over by cedar trees. Since this time, the Department has taken grazing off the area and native grass has made a good recovery. Prescribed burning is scheduled to try to reduce the amount of woody vegetation, specifically cedar trees, on the area.

Special Regulations:
  • A refuge is in place around the prairie dog town, and no hunting is allowed in this area.

Special Features

  • The area has good numbers of pheasant, quail, rabbits, deer, and furbearers , and provides good opportunity for area sportsmen. A prairie dog town is located in the southwest corner of the property and has been designated refuge.