Isabel Wetland


Isabel, KS 67065
GPS: 37.49721007 -98.55584591

Contact Information

Manager: Todd Gatton
Phone:(620) 895-6446

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The 440 acre area was purchased in 2 parcels, 1989 and 1999, to preserve wetland habitat and provide recreational opportunities. Ducks Unlimited assisted in purchasing part of the area. An historic sod barn, originally built in 1942 and since restored, is located on the property.


Isabel Wetland is a small but excellent public hunting area for waterfowl, pheasant, quail, rabbits, doves, turkey, and deer. It is mostly grassland with a natural wetland that has been enlarged to 41 acres by the construction of 2 dams. There are 4 separate marshes of which 3 can be pumped. Because of the extensive use of the area by waterfowl, Isabel Wetland is a non-toxic shot only area. Lead shot may not be possessed while hunting on the area. Depending on fall migration, waterfowl hunting can be excellent, although the area is small and sometimes crowded.

Special Regulations:
  • Non-toxic shot only,
  • Daily Hunt Permits Required (Free in Parking Lots),
  • Camping is allowed in Parking lots only