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Registering Your Boat

All vessels powered by motor (gasoline, diesel, or electric), or sail, must be registered and numbered. The State of Kansas does not ,however, title watercraft nor does it register or title motors.

Nonresidents using motorboats and sailing boats that are properly registered in another state may use their boats for up to 60 consecutive days without registering their boats in Kansas. Both in-state and out-of-state boats must have their Certificate of Number on board at all times. Boats that are required to be registered must be properly registered before they are operated.

 New owners of a boat can register their boat in person at a State Park, a Regional Office or one of our Boat Registration Agents.

Registrations needing renewed and the owner of the boat has not changed can be renewed in person at a State Park, a Regional Office, or one of our Boat Registration Agents. A registration can be also be renewed by mail or phone through the Pratt office, or online.

NOTICE TO ALL BOAT OWNERS: To avoid personal property tax penalties, please be certain to list your watercraft each year with the county appraiser on or before March 15th.